Why My Tiktok Views Suddenly Dropping 2023 [10 Fixing Tips]

Tiktok is a popular social media platform among teenagers as well as adults. You can make a short video and slideshow photo within the app or you can upload your existing videos from your device gallery. If you can create creative content that can catch the eye of visitors then you will definitely gain lots of followers and likes. If your TikTok video views suddenly drop then you should focus on the videos according to the TikTok algorithm, you should make the content as your viewers prefer following the TikTok algorithm.

But have you ever wondered why your views on Tiktok suddenly drop even though you have good content? Well, if your Tiktok video views suddenly drop then maybe you are a new user on Tiktok or your video is sensitive and mature or your video length is longer than recommended or you are following outdated trends or your video is shadowbanned or your video is stuck in review or you post multiple videos at one single time or you copied a video and strategy of other or your video is delicate and not engaging.

As you can see there are lots of things that you need to look after if your Tiktok videos are not getting views. But don’t worry, I’ve listed some of the best solutions to fix why Tiktok views suddenly stop.

So make sure to read the whole article if you don’t want to lose your views on Tiktok or want to get more views on Tiktok.

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Why Is My TikTok Not Getting Views?

Sometimes even posting two different videos at the same time, TikTok views, and even posting the same video at a different time get low views on TikTok.

If you are getting low views problem on TikTok then you don’t have to worry because there are many reasons behind TikTok stops getting views after an hour.

Below we have mentioned some of the major points that might cause fewer views on your TikTok video.

  1. You are using a new account that has fewer followers.
  2. Your TikTok videos are too short to gain views.
  3. Even if you upload too many videos at a time, you won’t be able to collect more views on all videos.
  4. Post the TikTok video in perfect timing and post at least 3 videos in a day to make more views on your video.
  5. You are not making videos on the trending sound and not following TikTok trends in video.
  6. You might see the problem in TikTok views if you copy content.
  7. Sometimes due to changes in the TikTok algorithm, your videos might get low views.
  8.  Due to losing followers on TikTok, you are getting fewer views.
  9. If you are shadow-ban from TikTok then your TikTok views suddenly stop automatically.

So these are the nine possible reasons for beginners and old users to get fewer views on TikTok Videos in 2023.

Below you will find 13 reasons with a complete explanation and a complete guide to gain views on TikTok once more and fix low views on the TikTok problem.

Why Are My Views on Tiktok Suddenly Dropping or Stop 2023 [Reasons]

Your video is everything in Tiktok if you want to increase views, likes, and followers in your post. Plus, if you are thinking about becoming a Tiktok influencer then you must need a huge number of organic audiences that can actually trust your video and watch them every single day when you post.

However, if the ball is not in your court, which means instead of getting likes and views on your videos, your Tiktok content stops getting views then it’s time to think carefully.

Here are some of the reasons why Tiktok not getting views or your views disappear or stop on Tiktok. So take a closer look and find out your core issue regarding “Why do Tiktok Views suddenly stop” or “Why are Tiktok Views Going Down” or “Why do Tiktok Views Slow Down”.

#Reason 1: You’re New on Tiktok

If you just start using Tiktok and start to post a video then you should remember that you won’t get the many views and likes that you are expecting. It takes around 1-2 hrs for Tiktok to boost your video to the audience.

So just sit back and wait for the visitors to receive and view your content. If you have created a good video then you will definitely get more views.

#Reason 2: Mature or Sensitive Content

If you have posted sensitive, disturbing, or triggering videos on Tiktok then it will attract the attention of the visitors. That’s because Tiktok will use graphic content warning signs in the foreground of your video.

When a person sees that warning sign in your video then they can hesitate to open it; which will definitely lower the views.

#Reason 3: Posted a Shorter Video

When Tiktok was introduced in the market then it lets us create a 15-second long video or slideshow photo. But after a new decision, you can make 1 minute (60 seconds) long video in Tiktok.

Saying that, if you’ve published a shorter video that is even less than 15 seconds then it’s not good to increase more views on Tiktok. You need to work out a longer video than a shorter one to get views in your videos. I didn’t say you have to create a 1-minute long video, just make it longer than 15 seconds.

#Reason 4: Posted Multiple Videos

The most common mistake the new (rookie) user makes on Tiktok is by posting multiple videos at the same time. If you do so then it will affect your video views ratio.

You may wonder how?

Well, when you publish your first video and you again publish your second video after 15 minutes then people are not still done with your first video and they see another video popping in the feed. You should maintain a time gap (which is about 1-2 hours) if you are posting multiple videos on your Tiktok account on the same day.

#Reason 5: Shadow Banned

If your Tiktok stopped getting views then maybe your video is shadowbanned on Tiktok. It will hide your content from showing on Tiktok and to your followers or viewers.

When you got shadowban on Tiktok then you will never know that behavior unless visitors accidentally get into your video. That’s why your Tiktok videos stop getting views.

Tiktok usually Shadowban the video if you don’t follow their community guidelines. So, if your video is shadowban then you can’t do anything except sit back and wait until Tiktok will remove the shadowban from your video.

It usually takes around 14 days or even more to lift up the shadowban from the video which is based on the violated community guidelines.

#Reason 6: Selected Wrong Time for Post

You have to be very careful about your timing to posting Tiktok videos. As you can see you can have any visitors from anywhere around the world on Tiktok. So, if you post a video when your audiences are inactive then you will see a decreasing number of views and likes in your Tiktok video.

To prevent this thing, you can track the behavior or online activity of your visitors. And calculate the right time to post your videos on Tiktok.

#Reason 7: Outdated Video Trend

Tiktok is all about trending and engaging videos. If you follow one trending video one day then you will see another video trending the next day.

Saying that, if your Tiktok videos not getting views then maybe you are still following outdated trends. So, it is important to keep updated with the latest trends on Tiktok to get more views, likes, and followers. Create something that your audience is liking or follows the most in Tiktok.

#Reason 8: Your Video Stuck in Review

Another reason for the Tiktok views problem is that your video is stuck in review. When you post content are a long time or there is something wrong with your video then Tiktok will take time to properly examine it.

Besides, if there is a sensitive thing or words in your video then you will have trouble uploading it. Even though your content is uploaded successfully then there is a high chance that Tiktok will take your video out and pause it for the investigation.

#Reason 9: High Competitors

You can find lots of competitors on the Tiktok platform. If you are thinking about creating similar types of videos that another famous TikTok is creating then obviously you have to compete with them.

They already gained a huge number of followers and fans on their video and if you have a similar video then you will not receive enough views.

More, even though started a new trend and someone follows you (popular Tiktokers) then you gradually see dropping views in your videos.

#Reason 10: Change in Tiktok Terms and Policies

You have to follow the complete terms (community guidelines) of Tiktok whenever you are making videos. If you ever violate any terms then Tiktok can restrict your posted video from seeing in users’ feeds.

Besides if there is any change in guidelines then you have to publish the video according to it.

So, if you still haven’t read the community guidelines of Tiktok then make sure you first complete that process. Then only move to make your videos.

#Reason 11: Bad Impression in Your Profile

Have you ever criticized someone or posted something like that in Tiktok?

If so then you will lose a number of followers which will simply decrease your views ratio. If you have a negative impression from users in the last few days then it will affect your content views and likes.

So, think about it if you have done such things on your Tiktok videos.

#Reason 12: Copied Content or Video

It’s fine to copy the idea from someone else Tiktok video but if copy the whole thing line by line then your videos will not get enough views.

Why would people like to see the same content over and over again in Tiktok?

It needs to be something different and unique from the rest of the Tiktokers. Simply copy the little idea and create your own version of the creative video.

#Reason 13: Poor Content Idea

If Tiktok views and followers dropped significantly, out of a sudden then it can be because of your poor content idea.

As I already said above, you need to be extra careful about what you are adding to your video for Tiktok.

Does it need to be exactly the same as other creators or extraordinary compared to their video?

You obviously need to put your effort and idea to create a masterpiece and more engaging video than other Tiktokers. This way, you will get more views on your Tiktok video.

#Reason 14: Change In TikTok’s Algorithm

If you don’t know TikTok videos and sounds get viral due to the TikTok algorithm, sometimes your videos don’t meet the algorithm and you won’t get views and likes on your video.

It is not obvious TikTok has only one working algorithm but there are many algorithms that help your videos go viral on TikTok. When TikTok makes a change in the algorithms, it will affect your video if it doesn’t meet the requirement.

So the main reason you are not getting views and likes on your TikTok video and views suddenly dropping is due to the change in the TikTok algorithm.

How to Fix Tiktok Views Suddenly Dropped Issue 2023 [Solutions]

If you can relate your mistake or problem to the above-mentioned reasons then you might already know what to do right?

But there are still other techniques or tips to increase your Tiktok video views if it’s significantly dropping from time to time.

That’s why start following these tips and help your videos or photos to get more views as well as likes on Tiktok.

So, if your views disappear on Tiktok suddenly or Tiktok views are so inconsistent then,

Here are the solutions to fix the drop in Tiktok views.

#Solution 1: Choose Trending Content

Tiktok is all about trending videos. You have to follow up on what is trending in the social media world right now. Once you find the best possible trending things or ideas then start making videos on them.

But it doesn’t mean that you have to copy the exact same thing that other Tiktokers are doing. Simply copy the trending idea and flow with it like a river.

#Solution 2: Engage With Your Followers

Your followers are an essential component for you to become popular and get famous on Tiktok. When you gain lots of followers on your Tiktok account then your posted video views will automatically increase.

That’s why sometimes talk with your followers and engage with them whether they are liking your videos or not. If you can attract your followers towards you like a magnet then it will help you to get more likes on Tiktok videos.

#Solution 3: Think Creative

Creative thinking is another important part of the Tiktok that every creator should have.

What do you think is why Charli D’Amelio or Zach King are popular in Tiktok?

That’s because their content is different from the rest of the Tiktokers which catches the eyes of their followers as well as other viewers. I didn’t say that you should follow similar content like those two Tiktokers are doing, just think creatively and try to create even better content.

It will take time but will be worth it in the future.

#Solution 4: Go With Tiktok Duet

If you are only creating regular Tiktok videos then you can try out making videos with a Tiktok duet.

Duet is a feature from Tiktok where you can place your own video on one side and use other Tiktokers’ videos on another side to create one single piece of content. You can follow up with funny, creative, or informative videos of others and add your own twist to your video.

Recently, Tiktok also introduces the green screen effect in duet where users can use any Tiktokers video in the background and put their whole body or face in the foreground of the video. So, you can try out those features too in order to get more views, likes, and followers in your Tiktok video.

#Solution 5: Don’t Over-Customize Your Content

Making a unique video for Tiktok is good but if you over-customize it then it won’t be effective to increase views.

If you add a filter, effects, text, sounds, stickers, emojis, voice effect on your Tiktok video then your content will look messy rather than creative. Just think outside the box and try to use lower customization features as possible.

#Solution 6: Share Your Content

There are lots of Social media apps out there except Tiktok such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and more. So, if you share your Tiktok videos on those platforms then you can increase your traffic on Tiktok if your content is interesting and engaging.

In fact, you will also increase the followers and views of your other social media apps as well as of Tiktok. Plus, Your Tiktok videos won’t have fewer views.

#Solution 7: Use Hashtags

A hashtag is also important to recognize your content topic in Tiktok. It helps to identify your video on a specific topic so when someone searches for that keyword in Tiktok then they can find your videos.

So use the related “#hashtag” of your content topic each time to get Tiktok views more and faster.

#Solution 8: Connect With Other Tiktokers

You can also build a network with other Tiktokers to gain views and followers in your Tiktok. When you merge your video with other famous Tiktokers then you can also attract their followers to yours.

It can be a little bit difficult to console other Tiktokers but if you do then trust me it’s worth a shot.

#Solution 9: Find a Niche Topic

Finding a niche topic means choosing only a specific topic for your content.

For example, if you love to play games then you can make a short Tiktok video of you playing games. You can cut out an interesting scene or part from your game and upload it on Tiktok to catch others’ attention.

There are lots of game lovers out there so your videos can get popular.

#Solution 10: Don’t Give Up

The last thing is to not give up even though your Tiktok views suddenly dropping. You can lift yourself and start creating engaging, creative, and exciting videos to get the attention of people on Tiktok.

If you just sit down and do nothing then it will be hard for you to get more followers, likes, and views as well as to become popular on Tiktok.

Why Does My Tiktok Stop Getting Views After an Hour?

If your Tiktok video stop getting views after an hour of posting then maybe

  • You’ve posted at the wrong time.
  • Your video is out of trend.
  • The video and sound quality are not good.
  • Random content.
  • The account is shadowban because of not follow “Tiktok community guidelines.”

So while making content you should focus on the TikTok video quality, loud sound, and proper timing to get more views on TikTok videos.

Why am I losing followers on TikTok 2023?

There might be many reasons why you are losing followers from your account on TikTok. Some of the reasons are stated below

  • You are not following your followers.
  • Your content quality has decreased.
  • Your content is no more interesting.
  • You have stopped post videos on TikTok.
  • TikTok video sound is not loud or clear.
  • Your followers simply unfollow you, due to personal interest.

So these are the main five reasons why you are losing followers on TikTok.

To fix TikTok followers going down, you should follow your followers and focus on your content to make it the best and the tending sounds and you will be able to gain more followers and views on your TikTok videos.

Are There TikTok Views Increase Hack or Generator Available?

The short answer – No.

There is no hack or generator available till now that helps you to get more followers or likes or views on your Tiktok videos. If you saw something on the internet that says to get “1000 followers or likes in just 1 hrs” then it’s all fraud and scam.

The likes and views which you receive on your video all depend on the creativity of your content. If you manage to catch the attention of an audience through your exclusive and engaging content then you will definitely get more likes or views as well as followers on your account.

The point is that you can get 1000 or 10,000 views or likes overnight on your Tiktok videos but it should be different and eye-catching from the rest of the Tiktokers out there.

How do you think that Khaby Lame become a Tiktok star in such a short period of time? It’s all because of his creative thinking which is unique from others.

So, you can also increase more likes or views on your video but you have to think outside of the box. That’s is to create your own original content which was never created before in Tiktok.

How Long Does It Take for a Tiktok to Get Views?

The views that you get on Tiktok all depend on your video quality and creativity. If your Tiktok content is good and engaging then people will love to watch it and also share it with friends. In this way, you will get tons of views and likes within a short period of time.

Besides, if you have already maintained a good profile on Tiktok then it is, even more, easier to get views faster. People will follow your profile so that they can watch your latest content.

In fact, Tiktok will boost your video for the first time to motivate you to create exclusive content in the future.

However, if your video is boring, doesn’t have any creativity, and can’t catch the attention of people (Not you) then you will not get views.

So, eye-catching content is a must if you want to increase the views on Tiktok fast. It doesn’t matter what your content is all about, if you can get the attention of users either by providing happy or sad, angry or romantic or funny then you will rock.

Can You Buy Tiktok Views and Likes?

Yes, you can buy real Tiktok views and likes from some of the best websites or companies such as “Toksocial“, “Tokcaptain” or “Tokupgrade“.

The above sites allow you to purchase the likes or views which you want to get on your Tiktok videos. If you are creating the best quality content but still don’t get many likes and views then you can boost your content for a short period of time.

In this way, your video will be recognized even more by a large audience which also helps you to boost views on your other videos, but only if your content is engaging.

But remember it’s not always a good idea to buy views or likes on your Tiktok videos. That’s because Tiktok is quite concerned regarding fake views or likes. If you constantly boost the views on your content through fake service then there is a chance that Tiktok will block your account.

Other than this, if you have 10,000 likes or views on your video but it’s not engaging or eye-catching at all then it will have a large impact on your profile. People can easily know that you are using a black hat technique to boost views on your content.

So, the tip for buying views or likes for your Tiktok content is to first create an amazing video that gets the attention of an audience. After that, select a few specific contents that have higher views or getting better day by day. The final step is to boost that content (buy views or likes) so that people can also check out your other content from your profile.

Frequently Asked Questions

#Why Am I Losing Followers on Tiktok?

If your followers are decreasing on TikTok then maybe your video is not interesting or you are following the same thing as other Tiktokers do or you haven’t posted a video for a long time or you have a bad impression in your profile or you’ve fake followers.

#How Does Clearing Tiktok Cache Do?

When you clear a Tiktok cache then it will remove duplicate data from the app which is consuming more space in your device.

#Is 500 Viewsw on Tiktok Good?

If you want to get popular on Tiktok and earn some money then 500 views is not a good thing. Well, it’s good for a beginner but you have to get more views or likes to get featured in “For You” and earn real money.

#How Long Does a Shadowban Last on Tiktok?

When Tiktok shadowban your video then it will last up to 14 days or even more based on your video.

#Why is Tiktok Not Putting Me on FYP?

If you see your video on Tiktok FYP (For You Page) then your video is not engaging or creative or your video length is too short or your video is sensitive.

Last Word

Tiktok is all about short, creative, and interesting videos. If you can create such a video that can get the attention of people as well as Tiktok then you will definitely get more views, followers, and likes in your video.

So, if your Tiktok video views suddenly dropping then don’t freak out easily, just follow the above-mentioned solutions or tips. It will definitely help you to get back more views and followers in Tiktok.

Remember creative thinking will lead you to success.

If you have any suggestions or queries then don’t hesitate to ask, you can visit Fixing Guides for more Tiktok-related articles.

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