Why WhatsApp Status Not Loading 2022 [Fixed]

WhatsApp Status Not Loading

If you make WhatsApp your default online messaging app then you can talk with anyone from your contacts list. Simply sync your device contacts then it will be added to your WhatsApp contacts. Later on, you can receive their text message, and calls, and also view their status. But some users reported that ‘WhatsApp status … Read more

How to Share Playlists on Spotify Duo 2022 [Steps]

Share Playlists on Spotify Duo

You can listen to music on Spotify using the free or premium account easily. The premium subscription offers you the ad-free and offline music feature whereas the free version doesn’t have those features. If you keep playing the Spotify music then there will be lots of music stored in your playlist one way or another. … Read more

How to Use Spotify Duo Mix 2022 [101 Tips]

Use Spotify Duo Mix

Are you planning to listen to Spotify music with your partner or roommate? Spotify launches the ‘Premium Duo’ subscription for $12.99 per month which is less than the ‘Family plan which cost $14.99. It allows you to share your playlist and music tracks with other people in the same house. So, today we will talk … Read more