How to See Someone’s Hidden Friends on Facebook 2022

See Someone's Hidden Friends on Facebook

Do you want to see someone’s hidden friends on Facebook? Your boyfriend or girlfriend might be hiding friends for someone’s reason that can be inappropriate for you. You can view someone’s hidden friend list on Facebook through mutual friends,  ask your friend, use social revealer or friend mapper extension, and search using Facebook graph search. … Read more

How to Report Facebook Login Issues 2022 [Updated]

Report Facebook Login Issues

Are you troubled accessing your Facebook account and want to report Facebook login issues? Sometimes we will be locked out from our Facebook for hacking, invalid login attempts, unusual activity, server down, forgotten password, or technical issues. To report login issues to Facebook, go to your account settings and select the “Help & Support” option. … Read more

How To Poke Someone On Facebook in 2022 [Mobile and PC]

Poke Someone On Facebook 2021

Facebook is one of the most popular social media messaging applications, founded by Mark Zuckerberg along with his fellow. From the beginning, Facebook had many features to give to its users. Similarly, the poke page feature is not a new feature that we still get in 2022. To poke someone on Facebook, first, open your … Read more

Where to Find Your Browsing History on Facebook App? [Fixed] 2022

Where to Find Your Browsing History on Facebook App

Do you want to find your browsing history on Facebook App? On Facebook, you can check your Activity Log and browsing history. Facebook saves all the activities you perform from your Facebook account, you can find Your Posts, Activity You’re Tagged In, Interactions, Groups and Events, Profile information, Connections, Logged Actions, and Other Activities from … Read more

Fix “You Cannot Use Facebook Because Your Linked Instagram Account Is Disabled”

Fix You Cannot Use Facebook Because Your Linked Instagram Account Is Disabled

If you have linked your Facebook account to your Instagram account then you might see the error message on Facebook “You cannot use Facebook because your linked Instagram account is disabled” then it is because your Instagram has been temporarily or permanently blocked. Your Facebook account might also get disabled. Sometimes on Instagram, your account … Read more

Why Is “Add Friend” Button Not Showing on Facebook 2022 [Fixed Solutions]

Add Friend Button Not Showing on Facebook 2021

Are you just worried because you want to add someone you know but the add friend button not showing on Facebook and you can’t send a friend request to someone? Some people think that there is something wrong with the Facebook application that’s why the add button has disappeared or is missing from their profile. … Read more