How to Fix Spotify Not Showing as Status on Discord 2022

Spotify Not Showing as Status on Discord

Have you linked your Spotify account to Discord but you can’t see any listening to Spotify status? Are you are having trouble listening to songs from Spotify on Discord? When you connect both your Spotify and Discord together then you will see “listening to Spotify” on your Discord status. If you click on your username … Read more

How to Use Spotify Duo Mix 2022 [101 Tips]

Use Spotify Duo Mix

Are you planning to listen to Spotify music with your partner or roommate? Spotify launches the Premium Duo subscription for $12.99 per month which is less than the ‘Family plan which cost $14.99. It allows you to share your playlist and music tracks with other people in the same house. So, today we will talk … Read more

How to Accept Spotify Family Invite 2022 [Updated]

Accept Spotify Family Invite

Spotify offers premium plans for their users which they can buy for ad-free and offline music. The premium plan includes individual, duo, student, and family that comes with different features and subscription cost. If you have a large family who lives in the same house then a family plan is one for you. So, today … Read more

Why Spotify Family Invite Not Working 2022 [Fixed]

Spotify Family Invite Not Working

Spotify offers four premium plans that are Individual, duo, family, and student. If you use the premium subscription then you can listen to ad-free music and offline songs on your device. Each plan has its own feature that allows adding members from 1 to 6. But when it comes to a family plan then you … Read more

Why Spotify Says Offline Even Connected to Internet [Updated 2022]

Spotify Says Offline Even Connected to Internet

Do you know why Spotify says offline even connected to internet? You can listen or play music on Spotify when you have a Wi-Fi connection but for some reason, it won’t play music and shows a message “You are Offline”. Normally, you won’t face offline issues while having a proper internet network but can happen … Read more