How to Make TikTok Stories in 2023 [Android and iPhone]

Tiktok is now testing a new “Tiktok Stories” feature on their app.

The news was shared by the well-known social media consultant Matt Navarra on his Twitter account. You will see similar story features, just like on Snapchat and Instagram.

The Tiktok stories feature will be located in the left sidebar on the screen, where you can simply swipe right from left to create a Tiktok story. You can also view other Tiktokers’ stories in the same left-collapsible section.

Matt also states that stories featured on Tiktok will disappear after 24 hours. So, you will no longer be able to access or view Tiktok stories after 24 hours.

If Tiktok launches the stories feature and it becomes live to use, then how can you make one? We will cover that topic in this article.

The Launch of a New Tiktok Stories Feature

The new TikTok stories feature is being tested on the app, allowing you to create stories similar to those found on Instagram, Snapchat, or Facebook.

It’s been so long since Tiktok hasn’t updated new features on their app, and people are waiting for something new to try.

And if they actually bring the stories, then it will attract lots of users and also provide value to increase the user experience on the app.

So, what’s new in the Tiktok Story feature?

#Option 1: New UI Design

The stories featured on Tiktok look completely different from the rest of the stories on Instagram and Snapchat.

Instead of finding the stories on the topmost section or bar, you will find Tiktok stories on the left collapsible bar.

You have to swipe left from right to open the Tiktok story and also watch others as well.

Because of the UI design of stories, you find it less comfortable to use them for the first time. But you will get used to it after using it several times.

#Option 2: Editing Mode

As you can make Tiktok stories just like creating a new Tiktok video, you can also have a customizing option (somehow similar to Instagram). The editing tools will be quite different than the current ones in Tiktok, where you can add sound, use voice-over and voice effects, filter and beautify, and more.

Instead, you can draw a line or something on your stories’ added pictures or videos.Plus, you can also add text, stickers, and music to it.

But remember, stories are just in the testing phase, so the editing features may change. You may find more of the editing tools that I’ve mentioned or something completely different.

#Option 3: Comment Section

The stories featured on Instagram can only allow you to view who has viewed your stories. But in the case of Tiktok, you can also view and replay a comment that you have received on your story.

You can see how many people or users have commented on your Tiktok stories. After that, you can use text to replay a Tiktok comment.

It is a good opportunity to interact with your fans and friends on Tiktok to keep them engaged with your videos as well as your stories.

#Option 4: Add New People

When you post a story on Tiktok, you can access the comment section too. There you will see all the thoughts from people or visitors about your story. So, not only your followers but other people can also view your posted stories.

Stating that you can also follow back and add more people to your Tiktok account from the comment section within the story feature.

If you find someone commenting positively every time you post a new story, then you can follow that person back.

How Do I Post Stories On Tiktok?

Now if the testing phase gives a positive result and Tiktok actually rolls out its “Tiktok Stories” feature, then you might want to create one, right?

According to the Verge, Tiktok also confirmed that it will bring a new “Tiktok Stories” feature to the app, which is currently being tested. As a result, Tiktok will soon have a hands-on story feature.

Therefore, follow the steps to post the Tiktok stories on Android and iOS.

Note: Tiktok hasn’t yet added the stories feature to the app, so the steps are just for the idea based on the Matt Navarra Twitter post regarding the new story feature.

Step 1: Launch the Tiktok application.

First of all, open the Tiktok app on your Android or iOS device.

After that, log in to your account using your username and password, if required.

Step 2. Tap on the “+” icon

After logging into your Tiktok account, click the “+” icon in the bottom middle.

This is where you can record a new video or take a picture and share it on your story or as a post.

Step 3. Create a Story

Next, record your story, whether it’s a short video or a picture. To record a video, simply select the “Video” tab, and for the image, select the “Photo” tab.

Step 4: Select the “Post to Story” option.

Once you have created your story according to your preference, tap on the “Post to Story” button from the bottom left corner of the screen.

This will post your Tikto story and be available for 24 hours.

In this way, your stories will be live on Tiktok, and your followers and friends can actually watch your story from the top left corner by tapping on the “Tiktok” icon.

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How to View Someone’s Tiktok Story?

You can also view someone’s Tiktok story when they post it on their account. There is no section where you can view other Tiktok accounts directly. So, when someone posts a story, then it will be available in the “For You” section that looks like a post. But the story will disappear after 24 hours of posting.

Final Verdict

Lots of Tiktok users are getting tired of creating long videos and posting them on their accounts. That’s why stories can become the sensational thing for every Tiktok user, enhancing their creativity even more.

A new story feature on TikTok can add even more life and value to the overall TikTok community.

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