How to Fix Kik Captcha Not Working 2022 [Updated]

Kik will use the captcha verification method when you are creating a new account. This allows Kik to verify whether you are a human or a bot that is opening a Kik account. When you can’t complete the Kik’s Funcaptcha process then you won’t be able to make your account. So, why Kik captcha not working?

Kik captcha verification won’t work because of an internal bug in the app, Kik cache data, Kik server is down, internet issue, corrupted Kik application, incompatible Kik version, and more.

Since there are many reasons why Kik captcha verification doesn’t work, you have to follow the different troubleshooting solutions to fix it. So, make sure to read the full article and fix Kik not working issue as soon as possible.

Why is Kik Captcha Not working?

While having a new Kik account it is compulsory to use the captcha verification. If you can’t use it for some reason then there might be internal or external issues lying in your device as well as in the app.

So, here is the common cause that will prevent you from using the Kik captcha verification.

Reason 1. Kik Server is Down

The first common issue which you can find in your Kik captcha verification is the server down. When the Kik server is down when you are creating an account then you won’t be able to complete your steps.

Kik doesn’t allow you to have a new account until the Funcaptcha is completed. And when you can’t complete the captcha due to a server error then you have to wait until the server is back online.

Reason 2. Lack of Storage in Your Device

Insufficient storage is another cause of the Kik captcha not working. When you already have low storage in your device and you have installed the Kik application and started creating it then it will give you trouble.

Although the size of Kik is under 100MB it will increase when you start using it. So, creating an account will also likely increase the Kik application size and then cause issues.

Reason 3. Kik Cache is Full

Are you creating another Kik account having your first one? If yes then you have to look after the cache data. When you are already using Kik for a while and try to create another new account using the same app then you have to clear the Kik chance first. After deleting the cache then you can be processed to have an account.

Reason 4. Bug in the Kik Application

There is a high chance that you have a bug in the Kik application. Like I said before, if you are using the same old app to create a new account on it then it can be struck with a bug. This will happen when you download the third-party apps on your device and also link your Kik account somewhere on the internet.

Reason 5. You are using the APK Version of Kik

If you are using the apk version of Kik instead of the official version then you will get into trouble. Most of the apk version apps that are available on the internet won’t work properly. And your device also doesn’t support them because it takes them as a virus or malware.

How to Fix Kik Captcha Verification Not Working?

You will have tons of solutions to fix the Kik captcha not working problem for your device. But choosing the right one for you is simply impossible since you don’t know what exactly causes the issue.

So, here is the list of troubleshooting methods that you can try to solve Kik not working or the fun captcha verification not working issue.

Solution 1: Examine Your Internet Connection

The first method which you have to try when you can’t create a Kik account properly is your internet connection. If you are connected to poor internet then it will take a lot of time to verify the fun captcha.

This is because the captcha which you see on Kik is extracted from the third-party tool. It will take a little bit more time to load based on your internet. So, if your Kik verification captcha doesn’t work then wait until it loads completely.

Solution 2: Refresh Kik Captcha Verification

Following the first method, if you have a slow Wi-Fi connection then you will find a little bit slower captcha. This is not because of the app issue but is more likely to be your internet. So, the best solution for that is to reload the captcha and try again.

For that, you don’t have to close the Kik application instead, use the wrong captcha, and then it will reload it again.

Solution 3: Restart Kik App

When Kik captcha not showing in the app then you have to reboot the app. In some cases when you load the Kik then it is not loaded completely because it can’t connect it to its server. In this way, when Kik can’t connect you to the server properly then you have to restart the application once again.

Solution 4: Force Stop Kik Application

If you reload the captcha and also refresh the app but you can’t pass Kik’s captcha then you have to force stop the Kik application. There can be an internal issue with your installed app on your device that is causing the trouble.

So, first force stops the app and then check whether you have the same problem or not. If yes, then you have to move to other solutions.

  1. Go to your device settings.
  2. Tap on “Apps” and then “Manage Apps”.
  3. Now, search and open the Kik application.
  4. Thereafter, tap on the “Force Stop” button from the bottom left side.
  5. Next, confirm the force stop action.
  6. After that, restart your mobile phone.

Solution 5: Clear Kik Cache

If force-stopping the app doesn’t help you out by fixing the issue then you can clear the cache. Your account store a lot of cache data that will help it to load faster when you access the same feature over and over again.

But if the cache is full and it no longer stores more then you have to delete it.

  1. Open your device settings.
  2. Now, access the “Apps” feature and then open the “Manage Apps”.
  3. After that, access the Kik app from the list.
  4. Next, tap on the “Clear Data” button at the bottom side.
  5. Now, select the “Clear Cache” option from the list.

If you are clearing the cache of Kik on your iPhone then you have to delete the app and then download a fresh version from the App store.

Solution 6: Update Kik App

How often did you update the Kik application? If you don’t have a  habit of updating the app on your device then you better start doing it. When you are creating a Kik account using the old app which was installed a year ago then it won’t work for you.

You need to give a new update so that the fun captcha verification will also update and you will fix the Kik captcha not working issue. So, simply go to the “Google Play Store” and update the Kik for Android. If you are an iPhone user then you better use the “App Store”.

Solution 7: Check Kik Server Status

I already mentioned earlier that using Kik while its server is down will create trouble for you. You better not use your account or make a new one when the Kik server is down.

If you don’t know whether the Kik server status is good or not then you can visit the “Downdetector” website and then find it out by yourself. It will show you the full information or data and performance of the current version of the Kik application.

Solution 8: Reinstall Kik Application

If none of the solutions helps you to pass through Kik’s captcha verification then you have to delete the app and download a fresh version. There is a chance that the app which you are currently using is corrupted or has a bug on it. It won’t go away until you get rid of Kik and start from the beginning.

Saying that you don’t have to make a new account, just an old account will do the job if you remember your sign-in details. But for the captcha issue, you need to create an account.

What is Captcha Verification?

Captcha verification is the process that is used to verify users that are not bots. In other words, if you are accessing the same online website or apps over and over again using the VPN or incognito then it will ask you to verify you.

For example, when you search for something on Google and it’s been like 1 hrs since you search a certain keyword then Google will place a captcha verification. This is because you are searching from the same IP address and there are multiple searches per minute or hour.

Similar to that, other apps, online tools, or software also use the captcha to verify you are not a scammer but instead a genuine person who is willing to access the service.

What is FunCaptcha on Kik App?

Kik uses the ‘Funcaptcha’ feature in the app to check whether a real person is creating an account, not a bot. The fun captcha looks like an image that consists of various wild animals, tools, vehicles, and other pictures which you have to manage in a correct position.

Saying that the captcha images will be spread in different positions or angles. You have to select the correct image and connect it to the right place to verify a captcha.

But when you failed to verify then it won’t allow you to have a new Kik account on your devices whether it’s Android or iPhone.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Why Can’t I Pass Kik’s Captcha?

If you can’t pass Kik’s captcha then simply contact Kik’s customer service and then appeal your issue.

2. Why is Kik Freezing?

Kik usually freezes when it is attacked by malware and has lots of duplicate cache data.

3. Why Do I Have to Verify on Kik?

You have to verify your Kik to ensure that you are a real person but not a bot.

4. Can People Find Me on Kik With my Email?

Yes, people can find you on Kik using your email address.

5. Can Someone Get Your Phone Number Off Kik?

No, nobody can reach out for your personal number which you’ve linked to your Kik account.

6. Is Kik Safe to Send Pictures?

Yes, Kik is quite safe to send pictures but don’t send them to strangers.

Final Word

Most of the Kik captcha not working or loading problem is because of the cache file, Kik server, and unstable internet. If you solve these things at first then you may get passed through fun captcha verification. And don’t ever use VPN while creating a Kik account because it will change your location as an IP address.

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