Best SoundCloud Auto Follow App 2022

SoundCloud is the best platform to listen to your favorite music and earn money through your tracks. If you are an artist who is willing to make money on SoundCloud then you will need a huge amount to followers, plays, and likes for your music track. But for newcomers, it would be difficult to get such plays or followers in their accounts. So, you can use auto-like or auto-follow SoundCloud bots to generate free followers and likes.

The best SoundCloud auto-follow app or bot is “Somiibo”. It is all in one tool that helps you to generate organic followers and plays for SoundCloud. You can also use Somiibo for the automatic followers and likes in Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, AddMeFast, and more.

Other than this, there are also other best and most effective SoundCloud Bots to generate organic followers, likes, and plays for SoundCloud in an easy way. So, stay with us, and let’s explore the available top SoundCloud follower generators.

7 Best SoundCloud Bots to Generate Follows, Plays and Likes

Like is said earlier, you can find tons of SoundCloud generator bots in the internet but selecting a good one is a difficult part. You don’t want to let the audience think that you are using auto-follow, auto-like, and auto-views bots.

This is why we have listed someone of the best SoundCloud bots and sites to buy and generate SoundCloud plays and followers.

Note: The below-listed sites, bots, and tools are based on our research and what we think it would be a better choice for SoundCloud followers and likes. You can also go after other tools that are mentioned below but look after the genuine one.

1. SCHelper

SCHelper is the first best SoundCloud auto-follow app and tool that will help you to grow SoundCloud on autopilot. It means that the bot will generate followers and likes for you every month in just multiple clicks.

You can gain 200, 1000, or 2000+ real followers every month for new artists, growing artists, and well-established artists or labels. All you need to do is sign in to SCHelper, choose an artist that has a similar target audience to yours and get ready to grow.

In this way, you just have to sit back and watch your growing followers and likes every month with the help of bots. All the followers will be organic but not the fake ones that anyone can catch it up. No one will ever know that you’ve used the SCHelper to grow your audience.

The best part about SCHelper is that you can download the app on mobile devices (Android and iPhone), Windows PC, Mac, and Linux.

The only drawback of SCHelper is that you need a monthly subscription based on how many followers you want to increase. But you can use the 7-days free trial to test the app.

2. Somiibo

Somiibo is another best SoundCloud auto-follow app or tool for free automation of followers and likes. It is probably the best SoundCloud followers generate for free which you can use on Windows PC, Mac, and Linux.

There are thousands of users that are using the Somiibo generator every month. It has a 4.5 rating out of 5 stars from the reviewers who are happy with the service of Somiibo.

All you have to do is download the Somiibo browser on your PC and start generating followers and likes right away for free. The most important part about this tool is it won’t use the fake followers but go in an organic way. You will find your online presence far better and more effective after using Somiibo.

Besides that, Somiboo is also useful for social media apps such as Tiktok, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube along with Spotify, Web traffic, YouLikeHits, and more.

3. Media Mister

Media Mister is basically useful to generate SoundCloud plays rather than followers and likes. It is a good bot that is around for a long time and provides the best service to the users.

The tool is safe and looks after the privacy of its customers so that it won’t affect its users. If you start using the generator and find any difficulties then there is also a great customer support team in the back.

However, Media Mister is not free to use but requires money to buy SoundCloud plays, likes, and followers. The starting rate is from $2 which you use to get more organic followers on SoundCloud. Besides, if you don’t the service then there is also a 100% money-back guarantee scheme.

4. SidesMedia

If you are looking for the best bot for the SoundCloud followers generator then you can go after SidesMedia. It will help you to increase your audience by giving you a load of followers for your account.

Likewise, you can watch how the traffic is increasing day by day with the help of the SlidesMedia growth engine. You can stand out from the crowd by having 10x times growth, engagement, and retention compared to normal growth. The entire process will be organic so that it won’t affect your account in the future.

However, the generator is not free to use so you have to buy the followers, likes, and plays for SoundCloud.

5. SoundCloud Manager

SoundCloud Manager is the easiest way to get the right people into your account with the help of a bot. the automation bot is simple but fast enough to connect with the right people on the internet.

The tool also available for promotion and boosting status for SoundCloud. The overall process can be a little bit slow but it will do the work at last. So, give it a try and engage with the mass audience.

6. Soundbolt

Soundbolt is a powerful tool and bot for the SoundCloud play. It delivers quality plays to any type of your SoundCloud songs and music tracks. If you are looking to increase the plays in your SoundCloud then you can definitely go after Soundbolt.

The starting price of Soundbolt is $15 where you will get unlimited plays, all features, 24/7 support, and free hugs. So, you can give it a try of its service and if you don’t like it then simply ask for a refund.

7. UseViral

UseViral is the organically growing tool that helps you to increase the followers, plays, and likes on SoundCloud. It offers high-quality service and support for its all customer so that they won’t feel any disturbance while using UseViral bot.

Simply select the platform and what types of audience you want such as followers, likes, views, plays or comments. After that, provide your profile details and choose the content. Finally, grow your users after making a payment.

Saying that the cost varies on the types of platform and its content. For example, if you going after SoundCloud then the starting price is $2.99.

Other services of UseViral is for Tiktok, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Linkedin, Facebook, Twitch, Clubhouse, Pinterest, Spotify, and Discord.

What is the Best SoundCloud Auto-Follow App?

There are tons of SoundCloud app that will help you get auto followers, likes, and plays without any trouble. But the main thing which you need to look after is for reliability, accuracy, and a fake one.

Therefore, Somiibo is the most effective tool that is a premium social media automation and growth service. It will assist you to generate organic followers, likes, and more in an easy way.

Simply download Somiibo in your Windows, Mac, and Linux as a browser and start increasing likes, followers, and views on Tiktok, SoundCloud, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and more.

You don’t need to get the premium version of Somiibo since the free version is more than enough to increase organic followers, likes, and views for free.

Besides, you don’t have to rely on fake followers that can create issues in the future. When you establish the real followers and likes then you will have to engage less with your audience.

But the one thing you should always remember is to create top-notch or good-quality content. If you only gain tons of followers, likes, and views on SoundCloud or other social media but don’t have engaging and eye-catching content then people can surely tell you are using the fake followers and likes bots.

This is why content always comes in first and you give your most focus. After that, you can start using the auto-follow, auto-likes, and auto-views generator bots.

Should I Use Auto-Follow Apps on SoundCloud?

If you are using the auto-follow or auto-likes or auto-views generator apps or bots in SoundCloud then you should know is it ok to use it or not.

The decision you made will be your consequence of what comes next.

If you are a new artist and you are creating perfect quality content then you can use the follow and likes generator bots. It will help you to boost your image to the audience.

But if you want to get engaged with your audience and want to receive feedback so that you can improve the quality of your content then it’s not good to use auto-follow generator apps. You will only get a mass number of unknown followers who don’t even know you and your tracks.

It can be interesting at first to see a large number of followers but it can be boring if your aim is to create better content and aware of your brand. Even though the traffics are organic but it will be considered as fake because they don’t know you.

If someone doesn’t listen to your music tracks and doesn’t give feedback on whether they like it or not then it can be a disappointment for you.

However, if you don’t care about people but only want to increase the followers and likes then go after SoundCloud auto-follow, auto- likes apps, and generator bots.

Best Ways to Increase Followers and Plays on SoundCloud

There are some of the best ways to generate followers and plays on SoundCloud without the help of any automatic fake bots and apps.

1. Make Original Content

The first thing to earn organic traffic into your SoundCloud without the generator is to create original content. If your music track quality is top-notch and wants people to listen to them then you will definitely increase followers, likes, and traffic.

Most of the time, people upload music that is only good to them but bad for the audience. If the track is good for you doesn’t mean that other people will also like it. You have to get feedback from the audience on whether you are making good music or not.

2. Create a Better Album Cover

The album cover also attracts an audience towards your music. If someone sees your album art as attractive and unique from others then there is a chance that they will also look after your music one time.

And if you have great music taste then it’s a win-win situation. You attract people with your album cover and people also love your audio tracks a lot. In this way, it will increase the followers, and likes, and plays a lot faster.

3. Share Your Content to Social Media

Social media is the best platform to share your content rather than only talking to new people. You can post your SoundCloud album cover art, short audio clip, and other things that will convert the traffic to your SoundCloud account.

For example, create a Tiktok account and post a short music track with an eye-catching album cover. If someone actually likes your music then you will want to listen to the full version. This will drive traffic from Tiktok to SoundCloud.

But don’t forget to provide the link of your SoundCloud full music cover in the description or bio.

4. Add Tags in Your Music Track

The tag will helps people to find your content easily. If your music is all about hip-hop and use can use the tag related to the hip-hop category. When someone searches for the hip-hop category in SoundCloud then there is a chance that your music will also pop up in the result.

5. Make an Attractive Profile

Your SoundCloud profile needs to be attractive so that people can look at your soundtrack. This is called catching the attention of the audience with your profile rather than your actual content. Add some eye-catching bio, profile picture, links, and other things to your SoundCloud profile.

6. Publish Regular Content

If you publish your content one time and take a break for 3-4 days then it won’t be good. As a beginner, you need to keep pushing the content so that people will actually wait for your music to listen. But for that, you must have unique quality content.

7. Engage With SoundCloud Community

There is a SoundCloud community where you can share your thoughts about music and also read of others. You can find tons of musicians where they have shared about their life stories about music as well as their track library. So, you can also share your recent publish track and keep it engaging. But don’t share your entire track and ask people to please support me or listen to my tracks. It’s like begging which is not a good thing.

Can SoundCloud Detect Fake Plays and Followers?

SoundCloud is looking for fake accounts all the time so that they can take action against them. When people go against the terms and conditions of SoundCloud then their account will get deleted or blocked.

In terms of fake plays and followers, SoundCloud looks for other accounts but there is less chance that they will completely detect it. When you use the fake followers and plays then it looks completely organic. So it’s hard to determine SoundCloud for fake followers, likes, views, and plays.

But it doesn’t mean that you always us fake followers and plays. In case SoundCloud detects your account then it will remove it permanently from their system which you can never recover and access it next time.

Is It Safe to Use Fake Follower and Plays Bots on SoundCloud?

SoundCloud doesn’t actually like the generator bots in their system. They are trying to find those accounts that has violated their terms and policy so that they can eliminate them.

However, if you have such websites or bots that generate organic followers and plays then it can be possible that you won’t get caught. But the tool needs to be well-known on the internet and has a good reputation.

Even though the bots are smart and outstand anything but it still not safe and good to use fake followers and play bots on SoundCloud.

What Are the Benefits of SoundCloud Followers and Plays Bot?

There are some benefits of the best SoundCloud auto-follow app if you use them.

  • Music Tracks Growth
  • Save Your Time
  • Boost Up Your Performance
  • Increase the Traffic
  • Less Work
  • Reach your goal in a short period of time.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Get SoundCloud Followers Fast?

To get SoundCloud followers fast then you need to create quality content that is different from others, share your content to social media platforms like Tiktok, Instagram, and Twitter, don’t use the copyright content, and be original.

How Much Do People Get 1000 Plays on SoundCloud?

SoundCloud pays $5 to $10 for 1000 plays if you are using the SoundCloud Premier Program.

What are the Best SoundCloud Followers Generators?

The top best SoundCloud followers generators are AIOStream, Rhythm, Followersup, FredBoat, and Somiibo.

Can You Buy SoundCloud Followers?

Yes, you can easily buy SoundCloud followers.

Can SoundCloud Detect Fake Plays and Followers?

No, SoundCloud can’t detect fake plays and followers can there is a chance.

How Much 100k Plays on SoundCloud?

SoundCloud pays $327 to $400 for 100k plays if they are using SoundCloud Premier Program.

Will SoundCloud Followers Bots Keep Your Account Safe?

There is no guarantee that SoundCloud follower’s bots will keep your account safe.

Final Word

There is a simple thing to increase followers and play on SoundCloud is by pushing the unique content and sharing it. But if you don’t have time for that then you can use best SoundCloud auto-follow app to generate organic followers, plays, and likes.

But remember sometimes it’s good to use generator bots and other times you will have to pay the price.

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