How Much Does SoundCloud Pay for 1 Million Streams [101] 2022

Soundcloud allows the artist to make money by monetizing their account in ‘SoundCloud Premier program. They can earn a good sum of money if their music has tons of plays, views and meet the requiremts and terms of SoundCloud. All you have to do is upload music or stream and start making money. So, today we will talk on how much does SoundCloud pay for 1 million streams?

The money you can make on SoundCloud depends on the location, country, and stream track. In general, SoundCloud pays $0.0025 to $0.004 per stream. But if you have 1000 plays and monetized streams then you can earn between $3 to $4. So, SoundCloud pays $2500 to $4000 for 1 million streams.

However, your revenue is also gets affected by the location of listeners and how your account is working in the monetization system. Therefore, you have to look after various factors if you want to monetize your SoundCloud account and earn money through streams, plays, and views.

For that, we will talk in-depth about earning money on SoundCloud and how to monetize your account properly.

How Does SoundCloud Work?

SoundCloud started as the audio or music sharing platform where creators or artist can share their tracks. People can simply log in to SoundCloud and listen to the music that the artist has uploaded for free.

But later on, SoundCloud creates a program called “SoundCloud Premier” in 2014 where the artist can promote their music to fans and earn money per play and stream. If artists can share or upload a large number of music tracks then they can make more money through it.

Slowly SoundCloud also start to monetize artist accounts based on the plays, views, likes, and streams. But in October 2018, SoundCloud announce that they will have one direct monetization program for a music artist.

In this way, it will be even more easier to earn money by sharing your tracks to the public without worrying about the number of views, plays, and streams.

So now the creators on SoundCloud can use the ‘SoundCloud Premier Program’ to monetize their account and earn money directly.

How to Make Money on SoundCloud?

SoundCloud makes it easier for the creator and music artist to earn money with their tracks. Not only their music will become popular but it can be the source of their income too. But the quality matters so that listeners will love your songs or audio tracks.

Now, if you have a great quality of music track or you can produce one then there are several ways to make money on SoundCloud.

1. Upgrade to SoundCloud Pro Unlimited

The SoundCloud pro unlimited is the direct monetization program that allows you to monetize your content once you fulfill the requirements of SoundCloud. After upgrading to the pro unlimited then you can view the full analytics and insight of your account along with the ratio of views, plays, and likes.

Once you examine your monetized account analytics then it can be easier for you to make a decision about what types of tracks are giving you benefits and what to remove or skip. If you are a starter in SoundCloud for making money then you must check your analytics from time to time.

2. Use SoundCloud Premier Program

Another way to make money on SoundCloud is from the ‘SoundCloud Premier Program’. It allows the musician and artist to directly monetize your account and helps to earn money. However, getting into the premier program is not simple as you think.

You need to first have a ‘SoundCloud Pro’ or ‘SoundCloud Pro Unlimited’ subscription in order to be eligible for the SoundCloud premier program. Other than this, there are also other basic requiremts and things which you need to have in your account as well as follow them.

Since the premier program helps you to earn money in the right way based on the plays, streams, and views, applying for it a little bit harsh process.

3. Promote Your Tracks and Music

If you are a beginner music artist and using SoundCloud to share your tracks then you must know to promote as well. Only uploading the audio tracks is not enough for you to monetize your account and earn money from it.

First, you must learn to promote your music on various social media platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and Facebook. Promoting your music will assist you to grow your account or playlist faster which will definitely take you to that place where you can start earning.

4. Add Buy Link on Your Track

If you can’t afford the ‘SoundCloud pro unlimited’ or ‘SoundCloud premier program’ in the beginning then you can also add ‘Buy Link’ in your tracks. If your content is unique and good enough to catch the attention of listeners then there is a chance that they will purchase it.

But you don’t have to add a buy link in all of your uploaded music tracks. Listeners will lose interest in your playlist if every track needs to be purchased before listening.

5. Sell Your Music on Sellfy

You can also make money on SoundCloud through a third-party advertising tool such as ‘Sellfy’. It is an e-commerce platform on which you can sell your music tracks and albums in a simple way. You can even sell the sample of your songs so that people will come to your SoundCloud account and purchase a full-length one and increase the plays.

6. Start Doing Podcast on SoundCloud

Apart from the music tracks, SoundCloud is also an emerging platform for podcasts. Recently, there are tons of people who have recorded their podcast and uploaded it to SoundCloud. So, if you can create an interesting podcast then people will love to listen to it.

7. Activate Ads on SoundCloud

There is a section where you can add ads to your music tracks. If someone plays your music and listens to the audio ads then you will earn money from it. Creators can even embed ads at the beginning of the track to increase the revenue ratio.

How to Monetize SoundCloud Account with SoundCloud Premier?

Like is said earlier, you can monetize your SoundCloud account with the ‘SoundCloud Premier Program’. It is the best monetization tool that you can find on SoundCloud to earn money through streams, plays, and viewes.

You can earn up to $3,250 for 1 million streams on SoundCloud which is $325 per 100k streams or plays. But the ratio of revenue can determine by the listener’s location and the cost that was in their region.

Similarly, you can’t simply use the SoundCloud premier program without having the SoundCloud pro unlimited or pro. Besides, you also need to be eligible for the premier program before enrolling for it.

So, here are the requirements for the SoundCloud premier program monetization.

  • You must be 18 years old to monetize your account.
  • You must have original content in your account rather than copyright.
  • If SoundCloud strikes your account for any copyrighted content before then you can’t monetize it through the premier program.
  • Free users can’t apply for premier program monetization because they will need SoundCloud pro unlimited or pro subscription.
  • You must have 500+ streams or plays in the past month only from the eligible countries for monetization.
  • If your music tracks are listened to by bots then it won’t help you to monetize your SoundCloud.
  • You shouldn’t break the terms and conditions for the SoundCloud monetization program.

How to Enable Monetization on Your SoundCloud Track?

You can enable the monetization of your SoundCloud if you get approved for the SoundCloud premier program. If you account isn’t approved or you are not eligible for premier monetization then you can’t enable it from your account.

So follow the following steps down below to activate the monetization program in SoundCloud if you have been approved for the premier program.

Step 1: Launch Your SoundCloud Account

First thing first, open the SoundCloud app on your device and access your account with a login detail such as username and password.

Step 2: Open the Track Page

After accessing your SoundCloud account then go to the “Track” section that is from the bottom side.

Step 3: Choose the Track for Monetization

Now, you will see the list of tracks that you have uploaded to your SoundCloud account. So, after being approved for the premier program then you have to select the track that you want to monetize.

You can’t select multiple tracks at once for monetization so better to choose manually that is one by one.

Step 4: Select the Monetization Feature

After selecting the track or music which you want to monetize on SoundCloud then you have to tap on the “Monetization” option. This is where you can enable SoundCloud monetization for your tracks.

Step 5: Click on Monetization Button

Finally, tap on the “Monetization” button so that SoundCloud will start to monetize it. From now on, you will see the changes in your revenue based on the stream or plays. The more listeners will play your music the more revenue will increase.

How Much Does SoundCloud Pay for 1 Million Streams?

SoundCloud will pay around $2,800 to $4,000 for million streams based on their track listeners’ location. If your music tracks are played in the eligible countries then you will earn even more money.

But you need to be approved for the SoundCloud premier program. If you are not eligible for the premier program then it will be difficult for you to earn money. Not only that, it will take a lot of time to monetize your account. You have to gain tons of play, stream, original listeners, and viewers.

So, the best way to make money on SoundCloud to apply for the ‘SoundCloud Premier Program’ and earn money per stream and play.

How Much Money Can You Earn on SoundCloud?

The money you can earn on SoundCloud is based on your stream, plays, and views after a monetization. If you have been approved for the premier program and you also have SoundCloud pro unlimited and pro then you can easily make money.

Likewise, you can make $0.0025 to $0.004 per stream and plays on SoundCloud. For the 1000 streams, you can make $3.27 and for 100k plays you can make around $327.

The one thing you always should remember is that you won’t receive the full amount which you’ve earned. SoundCloud will cut around 45% from your revenue and you will get only 55%. So, if you make $2000 on SoundCloud then you will receive $1,100.

What Happens When You Get a Million Plays on SoundCloud?

When you get a million plays on SoundCloud then you will earn $3,250 only if you have been approved for SoundCloud’s premier program. If you are a free artist and don’t have SoundCloud pro unlimited or pro or premier then it will be hard for you to earn money from your tracks.

The only option for free music artists to make money is to sell your track on ‘Sellfy’, add a ‘Buy link’ in your tracks and share your tracks on an online platform.

Besides, you will earn money with a million streams and plays but not like having a premier program subscription.

How to Boost Your SoundCloud Streaming?

There are several ways to boot your SoundCloud streaming so that you can earn a decent amount of money. SoundCloud is not only for listening music but also to make tons of money by uploading your music tracks that are original and unique from others.

So, here are the following things which you can do to boost your streaming and plays on SoundCloud for free.

  • Build your own brand or album
  • Upload new different types of music tracks consistently
  • Get engaged with audiences
  • Share your tracks to social media accounts
  • Create different types of track playlist
  • Get feedback from your subscribers or listeners

SoundCloud Pay Per Stream Calculator

You can calculate your total SoundCloud streaming revenue using ‘SoundCloud Royalties Calculator’. Simply enter the stream count in the calculator and find out the estimated revenue or earnings.

One thing you should remember is that using the SoundCloud stream calculator doesn’t show the exact earnings. Your revenue varies from the listener’s region, location, and the account type whether it’s free or paid.

But somehow it will give you the total estimated amount that helps you to determine how much can you make per stream or play on SoundCloud.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do SoundCloud Artists Get Paid?

Yes, SoundCloud artists will earn money through their tracks based on streams and plays.

How Much is SoundCloud Revenue Per Play?

SoundCloud pays $0.0025 to $0.004 per play.

How Much Does SoundCloud Pay Per Stream?

SoundCloud pays $0.0025 to $0.004 per stream.

Can I Get Paid for Getting 100k Plays on SoundCloud?

Yes, you will get paid around $327 for 100k plays on SoundCloud.

How to Download from SoundCloud?

You can download the music or tracks from SoundCloud by selecting the track>copy link>open online music downloader>paste copied link>download your music of SoundCloud.

How Much is 1 Million Stream on SoundCloud?

The 1 million stream on SoundCloud is around $3,250 to $4,000.

Final Word

The ideal way to earn on SoundCloud is to keep pushing the best original content that everybody likes to listen to. If your music can attract the attention of people then you will definitely make money. Now you get your answer regarding ‘How much does SoundCloud pay for 1 million streams’.

Did you start earning on SoundCloud?

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