How to Verify Your SoundCloud Account [Fixed] 2022

SoundCloud has rolled out the profile verification on November 17, 2022, just like on Instagram, Tiktok, or Twitter. It will help you to stand out on SoundCloud so that listeners will easily identify your music tracks. People will know that you are the real deal and you will gain the trust of the audience. So today you will learn to verify your SoundCloud account.

To get verified on SoundCloud you have to log in to your SoundCloud account on a PC. After that, access your profile settings and request for an account verification badge. When you submit for SoundCloud profile verification then wait for 15-20 days to know the result.

If you are eligible for the verification badge then your account will get verified otherwise, it will be failed. So, you must know how to apply for a SoundCloud verification profile and how to get verified properly.

What is SoundCloud Verification Badge?

The SoundCloud verification badge helps the artist to stand out from the crowd of other un-verified accounts. If SoundCloud verified your profile and you will see ‘Blue tick-mark icon next to your profile then it will assist you to gain trust.

Many people are looking for authentic music tracks or accounts that publish real songs rather than fake ones. There is a high chance that the imposter will steal the audio track from the original artist and upload to their account just doing a little bit of changes.

But if someone knows that music track belongs to you because you are verified on SoundCloud then people can catch the imposter.

In this way, you will gain more followers, likes, and plays in your SoundCloud account having a verified profile. Moreover, it will even help you to earn money because people will love to listen to your original songs rather than a mix or copy one.

What Are the Requirements for SoundCloud Profile Verification?

If you want to see a verification profile on SoundCloud then you must have to follow some of the requirements. When your account match all the criteria for the verification badge then there is a low chance that your account will get rejected.

So, here are the following requirements which you must have or your account belongs to for a verified account.

  • SoundCloud verifies those accounts that are well-searched or well-known in SoundCloud by people that can be either podcasts, DJ, curator, music artist, and more.
  • If you are running a fan-base account then it won’t get verified.
  • Your account should be unique that doesn’t contain any imposter information.
  • The information in your account should be valid and correct.
  • You must work or stay under the terms and conditions of SoundCloud.
  • Your account should have bio, profile image, and a few audio tracks.

If you pass all the above-mentioned criteria then it would be easier for you to get accepted for SoundCloud verified account.

Things to Remember Before Applying for SoundCloud Verification

If your Soundcloud meets all the requirements for the verification badge and you are ready to apply then at least note some of the following things at first. This will help to give a greater chance to get verified on SoundCloud easily at the first attempt.

  • Your profile picture should be clear and visible that doesn’t contain any blurry images or dots.
  • Don’t upload a mobile selfie as your SoundCloud profile picture.
  • If you have a bio then give it your best for an eye-catching description. It doesn’t mean to be 5-6 lines, a short and well-informative can do a job.
  • Your external linked social media accounts should be working and should have little content on it.
  • If you have good followers in your account who are original not copied or purchased one then it would be better.
  • Don’t publish any copyrighted content in your account.

How to Get Verified on SoundCloud?

To get verified on SoundCloud and audiomack you must follow the terms and conditions of SoundCloud. If your account is not banned or restricted before for any illegal or copyright content then there is a chance that you will get verified blue tick on SoundCloud.

Similarly, you also need to follow the requirements of SoundCloud for the verification badge. Once you think that your account is eligible then you have to fill out the ‘Request Verification’ form in your account.

After applying for the SoundCloud verification profile then wait for a couple of business days to check the result.

How to Verify Your SoundCloud Account for Free?

Till now you have learned on how artists can get verified on SoundCloud. But now it’s time for you to also verify your SoundCloud profile. You will be even more recognized because of the verified account that helps you to increase followers and likes.

Note: You can’t request the SoundCloud verification from the mobile app so you have to do it from the PC that is by visiting the official SoundCloud website.

Now, follow the steps to get verified on SoundCloud on PC.

Step 1: Open Your Browser

The first thing first, you have to open your browser on your PC or laptop which can be either Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, and more. But remember that some of the websites may block some websites and prevent you from accessing them.

Step 2: Open the Official SoundCloud Website

After opening the browser of your choice then go to the top search bar and type “” and hit enter. This will redirect you to the official website of SoundCloud from where you can receive a verification blue tick mark badge in your profile.

Step 3: Login to Your SoundCloud Account

Once you access the SoundCloud website then click on the “Sign In” button from the upper right header side. There you have to provide your account details such as username and password to access your account.

Step 4: Go to Your Account Settings

After accessing your SoundCloud account, you have to go to your account settings so that you can request for profile verification. So, simply click on the “Three dots” from the upper right corner of the home page. After that, select the “Settings” option from the drop-down menu to access your SoundCloud settings section.

Step 5: Click on ‘Request Verification’ Button

When you are on your account settings page then you have to select the “Account” tab from the upper left side. After that, scroll down and click on the “Request Verification” button under the ‘Verification badge’ section.

Step 6: Enter Your Profile Artist Name

After clicking on the request verification button then you will be redirected to the new page where you have to provide few information. So, scroll down to the end and enter your “Name of artist/band/group your profile represents”.

More, you can also give any additional links of your articles, websites, social media, and other online links.

Step 7: Click on ‘Submit’ Button

Once the required information is provided then simply click on the “Submit” button on the bottom right side.

Now, you have requested to verify your SoundCloud profile to their team. One thing you must remember is that submitting a request doesn’t guarantee for a verified account. You must have to be eligible for the verification badge at first. That’s why look after the ‘requirements or criteria for SoundCloud account verification’ and then only apply it.

So, it all depends on your account that how eligible is it under their terms and conditions.

Besides, if your SoundCloud declines your verification then you can re-apply anytime you want. But make sure that this time you must fulfill their recommended requirements.

How Long Does It Take to Get Verified on SoundCloud?

When you submit the ‘Request Verification form for the SoundCloud profile verification badge then it will take up to 30 days for the review. There is no exact time that SoundCloud will review your request and publish the result.

But it doesn’t mean that your account will take complete 30 days to review. If you are eligible and you’ve followed all the requirements for account verification then it can be done within 15 days.

So, SoundCloud account verification depends on users’ profiles and how well-managed their profiles is showing.

Benefits of Verified SoundCloud Account

Receiving a verified badge on SoundCloud gives you good benefits as well for your account. It is far better to have a verified account rather than running an un-verified profile on SoundCloud. Now, take a look at the perks.

  • Your account will be original and authentic.
  • People will trust your content because of the blue tick verified badge.
  • You will get more followers, likes, and plays in your content.
  • SoundCloud will give more priority to the verified profile.
  • If someone searches for a certain song then there is a chance your track will pop up at first.
  • You can earn more money.

How Hard Is It to Get Verified on SoundCloud?

To get verified on SoundCloud your profile must meet the requirements and terms of SoundCloud. If your account is eligible then you will easily get verified profile. However, if there is an issue in your account that is against the terms and doesn’t meet the requirements then it will be hard to get verified on SoundCloud.

That’s why we recommended artists to look at the requirements of the profile verification badges and then only apply for it. Most of the time, users skip the eligible process and get a rejection letter. It is better to read a book before giving an exam otherwise, it can lead you to failure.

Why SoundCloud Profile Verification Declined?

Your profile verification can be declined or failed because of not following its requirements. If you didn’t meet the criteria then your SoundCloud account will not be eligible for a profile verification badge.

Other than this, there are also other things that will result in profile verification rejection.

  • Changes in profile picture after submitting profile verification.
  • Changes in display name after submitting account verification.
  • Breaking the terms and conditions when your account is still under review.
  • Posting copyright content in your account and getting copyright fragmentation.
  • Your content doesn’t match your profile genres or what you are talking about.
  • Removing music tracks or other content while your account is still under review.

Why Can’t I Request for SoundCloud Profile Verification?

There can be an issue while applying for the SoundCloud verification for different reasons. So, if you can’t request to receive a verification badge on SoundCloud then try out the following solutions to fix it.

  • Check your internet connection
  • Use SoundCloud on a PC
  • Check the SoundCloud website server
  • Examine whether your account is blocked or restricted
  • Logout and Login into your account
  • Contact SoundCloud customer support

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Followers Do You Need to Get Verified on SoundCloud?

You need to have at least 26 followers in your account before requesting for a verification badge.

Can You Change Your SoundCloud Display Name After Verified?

No, you can change your SoundCloud display name after getting verified.

How Do I Remove My SoundCloud Verification Badge?

To remove SoundCloud verification badge you need to contact the SoundCloud support team.

Can You Reapply for SoundCloud Verification After Rejected?

Yes, you can reapply for SoundCloud verification after getting rejected.

How to Verify My Email on SoundCloud?

To verify your email on SoundCloud go to the settings page>confirm your linked email>receive a confirmation mail>accept it.

Can You Buy SoundCloud Verification?

You can’t buy SoundCloud verification but you can get verified instantly by using the ‘SoundCloud Pro Unlimited’ which will cost $144 per year.

How Many Plays Do You Need to Get Verified on SoundCloud?

There is no exact plays that you will need to get verified on SoundCloud but you must have at least 4 content in your account and they should have few listeners.

Final Word

Having a verified badge is the best thing that you can get on SoundCloud. It will increase the growth of your account slowly by bringing out the followers, plays, views, and likes in your audio tracks or podcast, or others. So, follow the above-mentioned steps to verify your SoundCloud account easily.

Did you get verified on SoundCloud?

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