How to Become a Professional Graphic Designer in 2022

The profession of graphic designer is extremely popular these days. It’s a creative job that allows people to bring the hottest ideas to life and work remotely from wherever whenever they want. The main goal of a professional graphic designer is to be a visual storyteller.

They combine various images, words, and graphics to engage the audience. Overall, this person designs an array of things ranging from simple posters to company logos. Moreover, graphic design is a compulsory component of any marketing campaign.

However, if you want to get a decent income, you need to become a professional in this niche. How can you do this? Follow our insightful pieces of advice and you’ll learn how to get the most out of this profession.

1. Make Sure You Understand Principles of Graphic Design

If you are eager to become a professional designer, then you need to learn the basic principles of graphic design. And this task usually involves planning. Plus, you need to understand how to apply design principles and theory.

1. Contrast

To craft an effective design, you need to wisely maintain contrast between the elements that can be found within it. This helps a designer to draw their viewers’ attention to the areas that might be of particular interest by emphasizing the difference between visual elements.

2. Balance

Balance is vital for establishing a strong focal point in your design and strategically arranging the elements that carry different visual weights.

3. Lines

As with any type of visual art, it’s important that you use your lines wisely. Lines serve as a basic element of any design and are essential for dividing your space, separating pieces of content, and creating visually appealing patterns.

What’s more, professional designers must understand how to apply сolor names and hex codes, texture, shape, space, harmony, etc. All these elements are of utmost importance as they shape how your target audience feels.

2. Take a Graphic Design Course

Of course, there’s a massive collection of free tutorial videos on YouTube. However, it would be more effective if you take a course from professionals in this niche. It will surely teach you the fundamentals of this theme and help you find out more about the main tips and tricks on how to make cool designs.

Plus, it might help you build your own style. At this very moment, there are many online courses available. Among the most popular and effective options are:

  • Udemy: Introduction to Graphic Design
  • OpenCourseWare by Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Veerle’s Graphic Design Blog
  • Canva Design Courses
  • Envato Illustration and Design Courses
  • Coursera Graphic Design Course

These are only some places to look if you decide to polish your current graphic design skills or want to acquire new ones. Keep on exploring different options to find the tool that will be the best fit for you.

3. Learn the Basic Graphic Design Tools

When browsing the web, you’ll find a massive collection of graphic design tools. Some of them are professional programs that are really hard to master whereas others are easier solutions and even inexperienced users can master them. Adobe Creative Suite is the most popular tool.

Moreover, it’s the standard for most designers. InDesign, PhotoShop, Illustrator – you need to master these programs as the majority of design work is created with the help of these tools.

Of course, if you are a newbie in this niche, it may be challenging for you to understand how it all works. However, there are many user guides and training resources online.

You need to find some time and learn them all. Adobe has a series of detailed tutorials that might help you understand how it all works.

4. Develop Your Graphic Skills

When you finally get some knowledge of graphic design, it’s high time to move to practice. The theory is definitely good but you need to understand that you can’t start working to improve your skills and get an edge on your competitors.

1. Practice

The most effective way to become a better specialist in any area is to work on your own projects. You can create various logos or ads for real companies. This is where you can take the existing design of a company and create a new one, just as you see it.

2. Apprenticeship and Volunteering

Don’t expect to get a well-paid job from the get-go. If you’re just starting out on your graphic design journey. Taking an apprenticeship is a great way to learn the ropes of a chosen profession and get valuable experience that will let you further develop your skills. Alternatively, you can volunteer with local brands. Just offer your services for free. In doing so, you’ll practice your skills and be able to add these works to your portfolio.

3. Stay Inspired

Inspiration is that thing that can save you from occupational burnout and motivate you to grow professionally. Subscribe to other designers’ blogs, follow Instagram influencers you believe are worthy of emulating, etc. Find mentors who can instruct you and help overcome possible difficulties that are bound to happen during your career journey. Stay ambitious and strive to upskill yourself to keep your interest and motivation alive.

11 Quick steps to become a Graphic Designer in 2022

  • Research and Understand the basics of Graphic Design from the base.
  • Take free or paid Online and offline Courses.
  • Learn the Basic Graphic Designing Tools
  • Be keen to learn, and focus on every detail.
  • Try Try and Try your best to bring out the final result.
  • Improve your mistakes and focus on your design ‘work’
  • Follow and check the work of well-known Graphic Designers.
  • Create your work Portfolio.
  • Get Some Work Experience as an Intern.
  • Learn Professional Copywriting.
  • Start working on projects or offices.
  • Stay updated with design trends and tools.

Final Word

Overall, after you follow all these recommendations, you’ll surely find a job as a designer. One of the greatest benefits of this profession is that you can work as a freelancer and deal with various projects simultaneously. Make sure you have a strong portfolio, this will surely help you find a decent job!

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