Can You See Who Views Your SoundCloud Profile [Tips] 2022

If you are a music enthusiast and creator but don’t know whether people will love your music or not then use SoundCloud. It is a music streaming platform to listen to music tracks as well as upload one of yours. You can add audio tracks to your Soundcloud account and know who has liked or viewed your music. But can you see who views your SoundCloud profile?

No, you can’t know who has visited your profile on SoundCloud just like on TikTok. But you can see your top listeners by going to your SoundCloud insight or analytics. There, you can find out how many people have viewed your music based on the tracks.

Based on the listeners and views you can later update your content or audio tracks to gain views on Soundcloud. So, today you will learn on how to view your SoundCloud analytics, top listeners, get real views on track, and more.

Can You See Who Views Your SoundCloud Profile?

Like I already said earlier, you can’t know who views your SoundCloud profile. SoundCloud is quite strict about its user’s privacy to protect and secure their data. They will not disclose any of their user’s personal data to outsiders even to their own other users.

In this way, you will feel safe and secure in using your account on SoundCloud. It would be inappropriate for you to know that people can view your profile and where they have land. So, SoundCloud always minimizes your privacy.

But you can view the SoundCloud account insight to know who has viewed your music track and the top listeners. Along with that, you can also view your SoundCloud top plays, audio likes, and comments.

How to See Your SoundCloud Top Listeners?

As we mentioned above, you can upload music on SoundCloud and earn money through it. But you must have an audience and views and plays in your audio track. If someone didn’t listen to your public SoundCloud music then it will not help you to earn money.

You can see who listens to your music on SoundCloud by analyzing your account analytics and insight. There it will show you the complete report of likes, plays, views, comments, and other things.

So, follow the following steps and see who listens to your music the most on SoundCloud on Android and iPhone.

Note: If you are still using the outdated version of SoundCloud then update it real quick.

Step 1: Open Your SoundCloud App

First of all, open the SoundCloud app on your device whether it’s Android or iPhone.

Step 2: Login to Your SoundCloud Account

After that, you may have to log in to your account if you are using it after a while. But in some cases, you don’t have to log in.

Step 3: Go to Your Account Library

Once you are on the home screen of your SoundCloud account then simply tap on the “Library” icon from the bottom right corner of the screen. This is where you can view your likes tracks, SoundCloud playlists, albums, following, and stations.

Step 4: Tap on Your Profile Picture

When you are in the SoundCloud library then you have to tap on your “Profile” icon from the upper right corner. It will take you to the new page where you can customize your account as well as your profile.

Step 5: Select the Insights Option

Finally, tap on the “Insights” option so that you can view the analytics of your SoundCloud account and uploaded audio tracks.

Can You See Who Views Your Music on SoundCloud?

Yes, you can see who has visited your uploaded music track on SoundCloud. For that, you need to check your account “Insights” from the library section. You can calculate the number of views on each track and the plays so that it will help you to determine whether to post track in the future or not.

If your one track has lots of plays and views and the other doesn’t then you have to create tracks similar to your first one. You have to change the genres of music and make different one so that audience will love to listen.

Besides, you can also do a little survey on what types of genres or music tracks are most listened to or viewed on SoundCloud. In this way, it will be easier for you to create similar types of music for SoundCloud.

How to Get More Views on SoundCloud for Free?

If you want to make your music popular on the SoundCloud platform then you have you stream your music or upload a creative one. Everybody wants to listen to relaxing songs that can touch their heart, entertain them, or make them dance.

So, here are some tips to get more followers and likes on SoundCloud.

1. Create Engaging Music Content

The first thing which you always remember is to create quality content. You must know that content is in every sector whether it’s marketing, videography, movies, or music. If you can think outside the box and make such content that only a few people have done before then it would be beneficial for you.

Your content should be unique but not that much unique that people will find it weird to listen. Just do the research at first that what types of music genres people are listening in SoundCloud and who has the most views and plays.

Once you find out what to produce then you can win the heart of people day after day.

2. Promote to SoundCloud Communities

SoundCloud community is an active platform where thousands of creators constantly share their thoughts about music. They also share about the music they produced earlier and how it can be beneficial for them.

So, join the community of SoundCloud and you can also share your music tracks to a mass audience or members. There is a chance they people will check out your track at one time or another.

3. Follow the Trends

You also need to follow the trend that is going on on SoundCloud. There are lots of things that people want that also include the new trend. User wants to listen to new music rather than following up on the same old tracks.

So, if you can able to understand what is trending in the music world and what types of tracks people like to listen then it will certainly help you out. It doesn’t mean that you should completely change your music tracks by following the trend just take a certain portion from it.

4. Share Your Music to Social Media Platforms

Social media is a great marketing platform where you can share your music tracks of SoundCloud. Every single hour there are millions of active users who are using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Tiktok. If you can create your profile to one of them and helps to grow out your account then it will certainly also helps in getting views on SoundCloud.

For example, you can upload a portion of your music track on Tiktok every single time to lure people to listen to your full track. But your music should be good enough to attract the listeners.

5. Use an Engaging Album Art

When you add an audio track to your SoundCloud album then it should be memorable to others. For example, if someone listens to your music then a person also be able to remember to your album by looking at its picture or art. In this way, if a person likes your music and wants others to listen to it or in the future then your album cover should strike their brain that this music belongs to that music artist.

But if your album doesn’t have any pictures or cover profile then it would be hard for someone to remember you. Sometimes, people tend to forget the name of the music artist when they are not popular but have great taste in music-making.

6. Add Buy Link

Another tip to grow your SoundCloud is to add a buy link. Suppose you have good followers in your social media account that is converting people into your SoundCloud. If you only provide free music then it would be a little bit difficult for you to earn money. But if you sell your music on SoundCloud to iTunes, Beatport, Juno, or more then it would be beneficial for you.

When there is an option to get your music on different platforms besides SoundCloud then people will love that.

7. Write a Story Telling Description

Whenever you are uploading music on SoundCloud then add an eye-catching description. People tend to read the description that what is your song is all about when you are new on SoundCloud and you are just starting uploading music.

Tell them why you have created the music track and your passion for your music. It doesn’t need to be overdramatic just good enough to believe it.

How to Find Out Which Songs My Friends Listen on SoundCloud?

You can also see which songs or music track your friend is playing or listening to in two ways.

1. Become a Pro Member

The easiest way to see what someone is listening to on SoundCloud is to become a pro member. You can purchase a subscription of SoundCloud and look at what types of music your friend is playing.

When you are following someone or have friends on SoundCloud and they play the song then you can easily view it. They will never know that you’ve stalked their profile and viewed what they are listening to.

2. Check Your Friend Profile

Another way to secretly listen to your crush’s songs on SoundCloud is to visit their profile. When you are friends with that person and follow them then you can know whether they are playing a song or not. However, it method doesn’t always work but at least you can give it try.

Why did SoundCloud Stop Playing Music?

There can be various reasons why SoundCloud stop playing music, insight not working or app not opening and freezing. Since there is no exact reason for the issue so the best way is to try out all the possible methods to fix it.

1. Check Your Internet Connection

The most common reason when SoundCloud music isn’t playing is an unstable internet connection. When you are playing music and your device is receiving slow internet then it will start to buffer.

Besides that, there is also a chance that you are not even connected to the internet or it disconnected at some point. So, do check for that at first.

2. Clear SoundCloud Cache

The cache of SoundCloud also causes trouble for you and prevents you from playing music or giving you access to its settings. So, the best way is to clear the cache on SoundCloud and fix the problem. More, clearing the SoundCloud cache data also frees up memory on your device and provides you with extra space.

Here are the following steps to clear the SoundCloud cache.

  1. Launch the SoundCloud app on your device.
  2. Go to the Library section from the bottom right corner of the screen.
  3. Tap on your “Profile” icon from the upper right corner.
  4. Now, select the “Settings” option under the record section.
  5. After that, tap on the “Basic Settings” available option.
  6. Next, tap on the “Clear application cache” option.
  7. Finally, tap on the “Yes” button.

3. Check the Availability of Music

Every songs are not available on SoundCloud because of the selected regions. When a music artist or a creator uploads music on SoundCloud then they sometime don’t allow their music globally. Only the selected region or location or country can able to play and listen to their songs. So, do check the availability of songs in your region. You will see a “Not available in your country” message below the song if it’s not available in your location.

4. Logout and Login

You can also try out to log out from your SoundCloud account and then log back in. There can be an issue with your account because of an internal bug or patches. At that time, when the server can’t connect to your account then you won’t be able to listen to or play a song.

5. Update SoundCloud App

The SoundCloud app needs an update from time to time. When there is a new update available and won’t do it then it will start causing issues for you. You may not able to play a song, or access your account insight or analytics, your app will freeze or doesn’t work. So, download a fresh version of the SoundCloud app when there is an update available.

6. Reinstall SoundCloud

If nothing is wrong from your side but the issue was in the app itself then you have to delete the app from your device. After removing the SoundCloud app you have to download the latest version. So, simply reinstall SoundCloud and check whether it solved the issue or not.

7. Contact SoundCloud Customer Support

You can also reach for the helpline of SoundCloud if you can’t fix the issue by yourself. Simple contact their support team and state your problem clearly. They will send you feedback that may help you out to fix the issue.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to See Your SoundCloud Analytics?

To check your SoundCloud analytics open your SoundCloud account on your PC. There click on the “Three dots” ad then select the “Settings” option. Now click on the “Analytics” tab from the top header side.

How to Listen Anonymously on SoundCloud?

To listen songs or audio tracks anonymously on SoundCloud you can use the incognito mode and use SoundCloud without creating an account.

Can Soundcloud Users See Who Listened?

Yes, SoundCloud creators can see their account insight which allows them to know who has listened to their songs or tracks.

Can Someone See If You Listen to their SoundCloud Music?

Yes, you can see who views your SoundCloud music from your account insight and analytics.

Can I Find Out Who Visited My Profile on SoundCloud?

No, you can’t find out who has visited your SoundCloud profile.

Does SoundCloud Tell You Who Views Your Profile?

No, SoundCloud doesn’t tell your who has viewed your account profile.

Can someone see if you look at their Soundcloud?

No, nobody will know when you stalk to someone’s profile on SoundCloud.

Final Word

When you are bored or having a bad time then SoundCloud is always there for you by providing thousands of various music tracks. You can listen to your favorite music whenever you want and wherever you want. So, now you already received your answer to ‘Can you see who view your SoundCloud profile’ by going through the above article.

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