Why YouTube TV Not Working on Amazon Firestick TV 2022 [Fixed]

YouTube has become a sensational thing nowadays. You can watch every category of videos on YouTube either for entertainment purposes or for information. If you are using YouTube on Amazon Fire TV Stick then sometimes you might have trouble loading it. It also might get a freeze, crashing, buffering, or even not loading videos. So, why YouTube TV not working on Firestick?

One of the common reasons for YouTube not working on Amazon Firestick TV is because of poor internet connection, outdated YouTube app or YouTube stores too many cache or your Firestick is slow or you have incorrect time on Fire TVor YouTube TV server is down or corrupted Fire TV.

Now, we will be looking at the solutions to fix YouTube is not working, loading, crashing, buffering, or freezing on Amazon Fire TV Stick. I have also provided a proper guide to install/add YouTube on your Firestick. So, make sure to read the complete article.

Let’s get started

Is YouTube TV Compatible with Amazon Fire TV?

YouTube TV is fully compatible with Amazon Firestick TV. It means you can watch your favorite shows or YouTube videos as well as the top 85 streaming channels without a cable network. Simply download the YouTube TV in your  Fire TV and you are good to go.

Moreover, the YouTube TV is supported by Fire TV (2ns Gen), Fire TV Stick (2nd Gen), Fire TV (3rd Gen -pendant design), and Fire TV Cube (1st Gen). Besides, All-new Fire TV Cube devices also run YouTube TV easily.

Why YouTube TV is Not Working on Fire TV?

There are lots of reasons why Youtube TV not working on Amazon Fire TV. The issue can differ from device to device as well as their solutions.

So, let’s have a moment for the issue of firestick YouTube not working.

Poor internet connection

There might be a weak signal coming from your router that is causing the issue. If Fire TV is not properly connected to the internet then YouTuve TV won’t load properly.

So, if YouTube TV not loading then there is an interference between the Wi-Fi network and the Fire device.

Bugs in Fire TV

When you update the Fire TV device software then it can bring some internal bugs. There are no clear things regarding the malfunction of the device but bugs can be an issue.

Corrupted Amazon Firestick TV

Fire Stick not working problem can be caused by corrupted software in the device. It won’t usually happen most of the time but can occur in rare scenarios.

Using an Outdated Version of YouTube TV

You must update the Fire TV device from time to time, otherwise, it won’t respond properly. An outdated version of the software is not good to run the latest apps in the device.

Firestick is full of cache

Cache helps to load the device’s feature fast but when it’s full then it will start to malfunction. Just remember the fewer cache device stores, the less problem it will face.

YouTube TV is Not Installed Properly

If you have installed the Youtube TV for the first time on your Fire TV then it may not be installed properly. So, once again check for that thing.

Issue with Internal Software

Sometimes, there can be an internal issue with the device that won’t leave the exact cause. In that case, you have to try out every possible solution for that.

Now, let’s get into the solutions of amazon fire stick youtube problem 2022 down below.

How to Fix YouTube TV Not Working on Amazon Firestick TV?

When you download YouTube on your Amazon Fire TV Stick then it will automatically install YouTube for you as long as you have a good internet connection. After that, you only have to sign in on the YouTube app in order to watch videos/content or start streaming.

But if YouTube starts to act weird or won’t play videos or crashes or stuck on loading on Firestick after a successful download then there are many reasons behind this behavior. Some of them can be serious and others can be normal.

So, take a look at the following troubleshooting methods to fix Youtube not working on Fire TV.

Fix 1: Check Your Internet Connection

One thing you always should remember is that YouTube needs a stable and fast internet connection to load videos for you. If you are connected to poor Wi-Fi then YouTube will respond based on your internet speed. So, it will take time to load your command content.

Other than this, if YouTube keeps buffering, won’t play, or load any videos then it is also because of a slow internet connection. That’s why first fix your home Wi-Fi connection either by calling your ISP (Internet service provider) or cut off all the other connected devices from your Wi-Fi.

Moreover, you can also place your Wi-Fi router and Amazon Fire Stick closer so that it can use full Wi-Fi strength or signal. In case that’s not possible for you then put your router at a higher place.

Fix 2: Restart Your Router

If the above method doesn’t work for you then you can restart your home router to fix small bugs on the internet as well as for good internet speed. This will also help you to load YouTube videos faster on Amazon Firestick.

Simply unplug your router cable for like 15 seconds and re-plug back in. You can also switch of the router. Remember, you may have to repeat the process multiple times.

Fix 3: Unplug and Re-plug Fire TV Stick

If YouTube not working on Firestick then you can also soft restart Fire Stick. This means unplug your Fire TV Stick box and leave it for like 30 seconds. After that, re-plug the cable back in. If there is a minor problem with the Firestick device itself then this process can do the job.

Now launch the YouTube app on your Firestick device whether it’s working or not. In case it’s not working the move to the next method.

Fix 4: Restart Fire TV Stick

If the soft restart doesn’t work to solve YouTube is not working on Fires Stick issues then hard restart the Firestick device. Maybe there is a cut-off link between Firestick and YouTube that prevents Amazon Fire Stick to recognize the YouTube app. Plus, it will also fix other Youtube app crashes or won’t load on Fire TV device.

Now to restart the Amazon Fire Stick device, follow the following few steps.

  1. Long-press in Home button on Firestick remote.
  2. Next, select Settings.
  3. Select My Fire TV option. If you can’t find My Fire TV option then select either Device or System.
  4. Now, select the Restart option.
  5. Wait for few minutes and complete the restart process.

Now, go back and try to open the YouTube app. This time, YouTube will load in your Amazon Fire TV Stick.

Fix 5: Switch to Guest Account on Youtube App

If you are sharing your YouTube account with others on Amazon Fire Stick then you may also face trouble connecting to YouTube. This is just like a Netflix where you can share your ID with multiple people but if it finds out then they can block you out from accessing the service.

To be said, open the YouTube app on Amazon Firestick as a Guest Mode. Don’t use another Google account to add a new user. It will help you to fix Youtube issues on Amazon Fire TV device.

Fix 6: Clear Youtube TV Cache

Cache helps to load the YouTube faster in Firestick. But, sometimes it causes some error that prevents you to access YouTube on Amazon Firestick. So, if Amazon fire TV won’t play Youtube videos then you can clear the YouTube app cache data or files.

To clear YouTube cache on Fire TV Stick, simply,

  1. Open your Firestick.
  2. Long-press home button on Firestick remote.
  3. Select the Settings option.
  4. Scroll right and select Applications.
  5. Next, open Manage Installed Application.
  6. Scroll down and select YouTube.
  7. Select Clear cache.
  8. Finally, restart the Fire TV Stick device.

So, clearing the cache of YouTube TV cache can fix Youtube on firestick not working issue.

Fix 7: Use Correct Time on Fire Stick TV

If you have changed the time of Amazon Firestick then it will be hard for the device to gather exact information of the current time. Plus, it will be also difficult for Firestick to locate your exact time location. Remember, some countries may not support YouTube on Firestick. So, it will stop YouTube as well as other installed apps to work on Fire TV Stick. That’s why set the correct time on Amazon Firestick.

To set the correct time zone on Amazon Fire Stick, follow the following steps.

  1. Long-press on the home button on firestick remote.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Next, select Preferences.
  4. Now, select Time Zone.
  5. Finally, choose your correct Region.

Now this will automatically set your selected time zone/region on Amazon Fire Stick.

Fix 8: Check Whether Youtube Server is Down

If YouTube is not working on Fire Stick then maybe the issue is from Google. If there is too much traffic on the YouTube server then it won’t load or work on any devices including Fire TV Stick.

You can check whether the YouTube server is down or not with the help of Down Detector. There, you can find the current status of YouTube and its overall outrage issues. In case, there is an issue from Google’s side then you can’t do anything except sit back and wait for the YouTube server to back online.

Fix 9: Update Youtube App

YouTube app also needs a new update in order to perfectly work on Amazon Fire Stick. If there is a new version of the update from the YouTube side and you are still using an outdated version then you will find crashing, lagging problems on Firestick. So, update the YouTube app on Fire TV Stick and fix the issue.

Note: You can also follow the above same process to update YouTube TV on Amazon Firestick.

To update the YouTube app on Firestick, simply,

  1. Go to Firestick main home screen.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Next, select Notifications.
  4. After that, search for YouTube app updates.
  5. Finally, update YouTube if there is a new version available.

So, update the Youtube if Youtube TV freezing on Firestick.

Fix 10: Reinstall YouTube App

Next method which you can try to fix YouTube not working on Fire TV stick or crashing or playback error on Amazon fire stick is by Re-installing YouTube on Fire Stick. Follow the following procedure to re-install YouTube on Amazon Fire TV Stick.

  1. Long-press on the home button.
  2. Choose Settings menu.
  3. Next, select the Applications option.
  4. Select Manage Installed Applications.
  5. Scroll down and choose the YouTube app.
  6. Now, select Uninstall and confirm to make a change.
  7. Next, go to the search bar and download YouTube.

Fix 11: Deregister and Re-register Your Firestick

If you want to access content on Fire Stick then you have to link your Amazon account to it. You can’t enjoy live streaming TV, videos, online games, or various apps on your Fire TV Stick without an Amazon account. So, when you are linking your Amazon account to Firestick then make sure it was properly connected. If not, then it can’t run apps and content on it.

Note: When you deregister a Firestick then it will delete all the content and apps related to your Amazon account.

Now, to deregister and register your Amazon Fire TV Stick, simply,

  1. Go to the Firestick Settings.
  2. Select My Account option.
  3. Next, select Amazon Account.
  4. Now select your Amazon account and select Deregister option.
  5. After that, choose the Register option.
  6. Finally, use your Amazon login credentials to access Firestick.

Fix 12: Factory Reset Firestick TV

Resetting Amazon Fire TV Stick can also sometimes fix minor errors and bugs on the device. It is also just like deregistering the Firestick device. So, give it a try and fix your Firestick YouTube issues.

Note: You will lose your entire installed apps and login details from Fire Stick.

To reset Fire TV Stick, follow the following procedure down below.

  1. Open Fire Stick Settings.
  2. Select System menu.
  3. Now, select the Reset option.
  4. Provide your Fire Stick PIN to factory reset Amazon Fire TV Stick.

So, restart the Firestick TV if the Youtube app not working on Firestick.

How to Add YouTube TV on Amazon Fire Stick TV Device?

Are you confused to download YouTube on your Amazon Fire Stick?

If so then don’t worry. You can easily get a YouTube app and YouTube TV on Fire Stick just by following few steps.

Take a closer look.

  1. Open Fire TV Stick.
  2. Go to the Search bar from the left sidebar.
  3. Type YouTube and hit enter.
  4. Next, select the official YouTube app.
  5. Click on Get or downward face arrow with yellow color.
  6. Wait and finish the download.
  7. Select Open option and sign in with your Google account to access YouTube.

Why Can’t I Find YouTube TV on My Fire Stick TV?

Firestick TV (1st Gen) doesn’t support YouTube TV. That’s because of a legal dispute between Amazon and Google that results in removing the app from the Amazon app store. On the other side, the app is now available for other Fire TV devices.

What is the Amazon Fire TV Internet Speed Requirement?

There is no particular internet speed which you will require or need to load any apps on Fire stick TV. But, there are some recommendations from the developer regarding the internet speed.

If you are watching high-quality videos then you will need at least 5 megabits per second of internet speed. And if you are streaming online then you will need only 3 megabits per second of internet speed.

So, the requirement of internet speed on Firestick TV depends on what you are trying to watch or do on Firestick. If you load the heavy apps or something else then you will definitely need a good internet connection. Otherwise, a stable internet can also do the job to run Amazon Fire TV.

How to Fix When My Fire Stick Won’t Connect to the Internet?

If you can’t connect your Fire TV device to the internet then examine the device’s Wi-Fi connection whether it’s working or not. In case, it’s not showing up then restart your network hardware (router) or reset it.

However, if Wi-Fi still not connecting then use Ethernet cable and directly connect to Fire TV from the router. But remember don’t use any VPN whenever you are facing these types of issues.

How to Tell If YouTube TV is Down?

Most of the time YouTube TV will work properly but if it’s not then it can be from the YouTube end. So, don’t worry if YouTube TV is down on Fire TV, simply wait for a moment when it’s start to work.

f you can’t wait for that long then you can check the current YouTube TV server status on “Google Workspace“. There you can see every detail things about the app.

Frequently Asked Questions

New Youtube App Not Working on FireTV?

If your new Youtube app not working on Fire TV stick then reset the Amazon Firestick TV device to factory default and download the Youtube TV app once again.

Can You Get Youtube TV on Firestick?

Yes, you can get YouTube TV on Firestick.

Ho Do You Get Help With the Faulty Fire Stick?

You can contact the Amazon Firestick customer support team if your Fire stick device is faulty or not working completely.

Is YouTube TV Free on Amazon Firestick?

Yes, you can download YouTube on Amazon Firestick for free.

How Much is Youtube TV on Firestick?

If you are using a YouTube TV to watch channels then you have to pay $49.99 per month for one membership.

Can You Stream Youtube TV on Firestick?

You can watch live streaming through YouTube TV.

Last Word

It’s a good idea to watch videos on YouTube to get rid of boring situations or time. You will never know when time passes so easily when you are addicted to YouTube. So, whenever YouTube not working on Firestick then do remember to follow the above methods.

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Till then see you in the next article.

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