What Does ‘Oops, That Video Doesn’t Exist’ Mean on TikTok 2022

TikTok has become the most popular social media app in the world for sharing videos. You can upload a video from 1 minute up to 10 minutes after a recent new update. The content which you choose for Tiktok can be from your device gallery or a real-time one. All of this, but some users reported that Tiktok shows the error message ‘Oops, that video doesn’t exist.’

So, what does ‘oops, that video doesn’t exist’ mean on Tiktok. If you can’t find your recently posted video on Tiktok then Tiktok has removed your content for violating their policy and terms. If you go against Tiktok’s community guidelines then you won’t be able to properly use your account.

Other than this, there are also other various reasons why Tiktok deleted your video as soon as you post it in your account. So, today we will going to talk all about these things in this article and how to solve it properly.

Does TikTok Automatically Deletes Video?

Yes, Tiktok will delete your videos from your profile if you’ve violated their policy or community guidelines. It has auto-detects algorithms that review all the content which you have posted. If there is something unusual that is against their policy then it will remove it.

In the recent update, Tiktok makes a new system to reduce the number of violence, distressing, nudity, bullying, crime, and similar things from their database. This is all about for the safety for users and viewers who watch Tiktok videos every hour.

There is a simple example of this, if there is a policy for something and you work against that then you will obviously have to bear the consequences. Similar to that, if Tiktok finds someone is going above their terms then they will immediately take action of that account and their content.

Besides, Tiktok can delete both private videos as well as public videos as long as they violate their community guidelines. But if the condition is minor then Tiktok will first shadowbanned or block the content from appearing on the ‘For You’ page.

After that, if a user continuously does the same thing even after a warning then they will remove the content. The same thing also goes for the user’s account.

What Does ‘Oops, That Video Doesn’t Exist’ Mean on TikTok?

There is a clear explanation that I’ve mentioned above regarding the Tiktok policy center. If you work under the Tiktok community guidelines then it won’t delete your video and you will not receive an error message “Oops! That video doesn’t exist” whenever you open your recently posted content.

Apart from this, there are other things that make Tiktok to remove your video from your account profile.

1. You’ve Violated Tiktok Policy and Terms

The first thing which you need to remember if you can’t find your video in your Tiktok is about the community guidelines of Tiktok. If your published content violates the policy of Tiktok then it will instantly remove your video and show you the message ‘This video does not exist on Tiktok’.

But sometimes, the situation can be wrong and mistaken for something. In other words, if you think you didn’t break the rules of Tiktok and your content doesn’t violate their policy then you can always submit an appeal to their support team.

Simply request them to review your video once again from your account settings by accessing the ‘Repost a Problem’ option. There give a brief reason why Tiktok has to review your content that was removed earlier.

But before that make sure to read their guidelines at first.

2. You Are Connected to Poor Internet

If you are connected to the poor internet then you will see the message ‘oops, That video doesn’t exist’ in your profile. When you post content in your account and you try to open it afterward then you have to make sure that your internet is stable.

This moment happens when you recently publish a video and move to open it as soon as possible. You have to take your moment and refresh your profile page so that your posted video will appear on your display.

3. The Video Link Has Expired

Like I said earlier when you post a video and try to access it instantly or after some time the video link can be expired. There will be session time on Titktok for how long you can use the same link.

If you are taking a long time uploading a video then the session time will also expire. In this way, it will display the error message ‘oops, that video doesn’t exist’ on Tiktok.

Therefore, refresh your account profile instead of using the same posted video URL link. There, you will find your video located in your profile.

4. TikTok Server is Down

There can be a server down issue in the Tiktok whether you are using it website or mobile app. When the Tiktok system server is down then it can’t connect to your account which will show you the error while opening the chat message, loading the video of someone as well as accessing your own video.

It can be possible that the server is down after uploading the and try to open the link of your posted content. In that case, you the session will be expired because of the sever down and shows ‘Oops, that video doesn’t exist’ issue.

5. Your Video Has Copyright Issue

The copyright problem in Tiktok is a huge thing that you should always look after. If your content contains any outside music that was not in the Tiktok library then it will strike the copyright in your video and delete it instantly.

Similarly, you also don’t have to upload the video of someone from YouTube and other personal accounts that contains the copyright. If Tiktok finds out about it then it will affect your content.

Moreover, having multiple copyright strikes in your account will result in blocking or banning from Tiktok. You won’t be able to use your account and all your contents will be deleted.

6. TikTok Cache Data is Full or Malfunctioned

Tiktok stores the duplicate data of your account and the things you do in Tiktok. Suppose, if you use some of the features of Tiktok then it will instantly make a duplicate file of that and store it in its cache system.

This is all about loading the app and its feature to run faster and smoother when you use it again next time. But of cache data is full and can’t store anymore then it will cause the malfunction. So, this might be the reason why you are questioning ‘What does ‘oops, that video doesn’t exist’ mean on Tiktok.

7. Creator Has Deleted their Video

If you are a visitor and watching someone’s video in their account but receive a ‘this video does not exist on Tiktok’ then a creator might have deleted that video. There is a huge chance that a content creator remove his/her video from their account for some reason.

When you watched the video 1 hour earlier and going to watch the same video but receive an error then the video is deleted from the creator. User can remove their content anytime they want which is their choice.

8. Creator Has Made their Video Private

There is a feature on Tiktok that allows you to make your video private from the visitors and audience. If you’ve uploaded new content to your account but you don’t want to be viewed by people right now then you can change its settings from public to private.

In this way, your video will be still in your account but can be visible to only you but not others. This is the best way to show your content later on instead of deleting permanently. If you remove your video then you have to upload it once again. But if you make it private then you can make it public anytime you want.

9. You Are Using Outdated Version of TikTok

There is a chance that you are still using the outdated version of the Tiktok app. If there is a new update released from the developer and available in the store then you have to install it as soon as possible.

If not, then it will start giving you trouble later on and the perfect example can be the ‘this video doesn’t exist on Tiktok’ message.

How to Fix ‘That Video Doesn’t Exist’ on TikTok Issue?

After the possible causes that can happen in Tiktok when you can find and view someone’s video on Tiktok now it’s time to fix it. Since there is no exact methods for the above issue which I already said earlier then you have to go through all the possible solutions down below.

1. Check Your Internet Connection

The first thing which you need to do is examine your internet connection when you can’t locate your video after posting. Like I said earlier, you have to use the stable Wi-Fi connection in your device so that your content will be fully loaded but not shows you an error.

Check the router of your internet and troubleshoot it if possible. Unplug the router wire for like 12 seconds and plug back in. This will restart your router and helps to fix the internet issue.

You can also use your mobile data to check whether the issue was on your internet or other. If you can locate your video after publishing and doesn’t show you an error then you know what’s wrong with it.

2. Check Your TikTok Account Policy Center

You always have to follow the community guidelines and work under the policy of Tiktok. If you are posting a video in your account then make sure that the content doesn’t violate any guidelines of Tiktok.

If you don’t know what to post and what are the things you need to look after then check out the policy center of Tiktok. There you will find everything which you need to follow and remember before uploading content.

3. Update the TikTok App

As I mentioned earlier, update your Tiktok app if it is displaying ‘oops, that video doesn’t exist’. This issue you can get if you didn’t have updated your app for a long time even after there is one.

Now, go to the ‘Google Play Store’ for Android and ‘App Store’ for iPhone and download the latest version of Tiktok. After updating the Tiktok app then you have to restart your account so that you can see the changes.

4. Log Out and Log In to Your TikTok Account

If you are looking for answers of ‘what does ‘oops! That video doesn’t exist’ mean on Tiktok then you need to log out from your account and log back in. When you upload a video and see the error after trying to access it right after then there is a problem in your account.

  1. Open your Tiktok app on your device whether it’s Android or iPhone.
  2. Go to your profile section from the bottom right corner.
  3. Now, tap on ‘Three Lines’ from the upper right corner.
  4. In the drop-down menu, select the “Settings” option.
  5. After that, scroll down to the bottom and then choose the “Log Out” option.
  6. Once you are out of your account then use your login details to access your account.

5. Clear the TikTok Cache

There is a simple way to delete cache on Tiktok if you are an Android user or iPhone users. I already mentioned that ‘This video doesn’t exist on Tiktok’ can be caused by its cache. So until or unless you remove the Tiktok cache you will receive the same error message.

Now, follow the following steps to clear the Tiktok cache on iPhone and Android.

  1. Access your Tiktok account.
  2. Go to your account settings from your profile section.
  3. Tap on the “Free Up Space” option in your account settings under ‘Cache & cellular data’.
  4. Now, tap on the “Clear” button next to the ‘Cache’ option.

6. Re-Upload Your Content

In case you can’t solve your issue by any chance then you can re-upload a video. Maybe Tiktok remove your video for violating its guidelines. But remember to check and examine why Tiktok deletes your content before re-uploading.

If you are following the same mistake over and over again then it will risk your account. Breaking the policy of Tiktok multiple times can result is restricting and blocking the account both temporarily and permanently.

7. Re-install TikTok Application

You can also check whether the issue caused by the Tiktok app or not by reinstalling the app. If there is a bug in the app that is displaying the error every time then you can simply delete the app and download a fresh version.

After downloading the app then you can use your same login credentials to access your account later on. But remember deleting the Tiktok app may remove all your received notifications and chat messages. But you can still access your uploaded content without any harm.

7. Contact TikTok Customer Service

There is a support center of Tiktok where you can state your issue regarding the videos not showing on Tiktok. If you can access your recently posted video then you can report a problem to their customer service.

Simply state that you didn’t have violated any policy but still Tiktok deletes your content for no reason. After that, they will give you feedback based on your report. This may help you to solve the issue in time so that it won’t happen to other videos as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is My TikTok Not Working?

If Tiktok not working then check your internet, clear your account cache, restart your device, check the Tiktok server, log out from your account, use VPN service, update the Tiktok app, and update your device OS and reach out for Tiktok customer support.

What Does It Mean When a Video is Unavailable on TikTok?

If the video is not available on Tiktok then there is an ‘age-restricted’ enabled in the content or Tiktok has removed that video for violating their policy.

Why Is My TikTok Under Review?

Your Tiktok video is under review because of sensitive content, reflects violence, the video contains pornography, spam, bullying, you’ve violates Tiktok’s community guidelines, there is a copyright strike and your account is restricted by Tiktok.

How Do You Know If Someone’s Blocked Your on TikTok?

To know if someone has blocked you on Tiktok then simply check their Tiktok profile in the search bar. If a user account doesn’t appear in the search result then you are blocked by that person.

Why Did TikTok Video Disappear?

If your Tiktok video disappears out of nowhere suddenly then there is a glitch on the Tiktok app and its server is down.

Where Did My TikTok Draft Go?

When you delete your Tiktok account but later download it and access your account then it will remove all your draft videos.

Final Word

You can easily fix ‘oops, that video doesn’t exist’ on Tiktok by following the above-mentioned methods. One thing you always should remember is to follow the community guidelines of Tiktok while posting a video. If you work above it then it will start to give you trouble.

If you have any queries related to this article then let us know in the comment section.

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