What Does a Temporary Post Ban on TikTok Mean 2022 [Fixed]

Tiktok can ban your account if you violate their community guidelines. They can either temporarily or permanently ban your account based on the violation you break in your account. You will get the proper reason why your Tiktok account is banned but all the things are related to their terms.

When Tiktok temporarily ban your account then you will see the ‘-‘ sign in your account followers and following section. All the previous data will be replaced by a null symbol which you can’t access at any cost during the ban.

Besides, you will also get a notification when there is a temporary post ban on Tiktok. This will let you know that you can’t post videos or do anything with your account until further notice.

So, today you will learn on what does a temporary post ban on Tiktok means and how to remove the ban from your Tiktok account with different methods.

Why is My TikTok Account Banned?

Tiktok will ban your account when you violate their policy and community guidelines. You will have to understand Tiktok prohibition and what things will cause ban in your account.

You will face an account banned or suspension by Tiktok issue if there is any bullying, illegal activities, hate speech, graphic content, NSFW content, harassment, or animal cruelty in your published video.

Moreover, your Tiktok account will also get banned temporary from posting if someone reports your content or account. As you must know that there are tons of people out there who may not like your video and the content on it. If you like your video doesn’t mean that everyone on Tiktok will like it.

Besides, Tiktok also looking for such content that breaks their policy and terms. This is why they want their platform neat, clean, and safe for every user. If your content disturbs the users then it won’t be good for them.

Even though your content is good doesn’t violate the policy and doesn’t contain such harassing things then Tiktok can block your account or post for copyright. When there are tons of copyrighted videos in your account and someone claims to be copyrighted then your account will be a temporary ban.

What Does a Temporary Post Ban on TikTok Mean?

If your Tiktok account is a temporary ban for posting then cannot upload any video until the ban is lifted. Your account will get banned or suspended for not following the terms and conditions of Tiktok.

You always have to stay under the Tiktok policy so that you won’t violate any rules of their system. The platform is for submitting short videos so that the users will enjoy watching it. But if you start to post unrelated content then how do you expect Tiktok will accept your video.

But you can remove the temporary post ban easily if your account is not banned permanently.

How Do You Know If the TikTok Ban is Permanent or Temporary?

There are different types of Tiktok bans which you could face in your account. One can be with the video of your post and the other can be with your whole account. So, here we have mentioned the types of Tiktok ban ain the following categories.

1. Temporary Ban

When your account got temporarily banned by Tiktok then there will be certain restrictions on your account. You can still access your account and watch the video as well as post your own but there will be limitations under your content.

For example, your video will not get likes and views and the Tiktok algorithm will not work in your published content. Similar to that, you will also face other minor limitations in your account.

You can know whether your account got temporarily banned or not from your profile section. If there is a ‘-‘ sign in your ‘following’ and ‘followers’ then your account is banned temporarily. You can still view your content but it will be frozen during the ban. This means they will get bosted or viewed over time.

2. Permanent Ban

When you get permanently banned on Tiktok then you will see a message saying ‘Your account is permanently suspended for multiple violations of our community guidelines in your account. The permanent ban will cause for not following the guidelines of Tiktok or misusing it.

Moreover, if your account has been reported by multiple users then Tiktok will also suspend your account. This is why you need to focus on your content whether it will disturb the viewers or not.

The permanent ban can be removed or lifted if your appel the ban to Tiktok. However, there is less chance then you will free your account from a permanent ban.

3. Shadow Ban

Shadowban is the process when your account will be blocked as well as the content. This is because of posting copyright content along with inappropriate, fake news, violence, drugs, spam behavior, hate speech, and more.

When Tiktok applies a shadowban on your account then you will see a drastic drop in the views and like of your published video. Your content will also not be visible on the ‘For You’ page or in the search result.

Even though you managed to upload content then it will go under review for a long time before publishing. In this way, you will know that your account is shadow-banned by Tiktok.

Your Tiktok shadow ban will last for up to two weeks and even months. It depends on what types of content are shadowbanned. During that process, you can still post a new video but there is a high chance then you will not get more views and likes than you’ve expected.

To remove the Tiktok shadowban, you can remove your flagged content, avoid any spammy behavior and follow the community guidelines of Tiktok. We will not make sure that it will completely remove the shadowban but it will somehow help you out.

4. Ban from Commenting and Livestreaming

You can go live on Tiktok when you have 1000 followers in your account. It will help you to earn money from the gifts and diamonds you receive during your Livestream. Similarly, you can also join someone’s live on Tiktok. So, if you post any offensive, misleading, harmful, violent, or threatening comment on live then your account may get banned on Tiktok.

There is a policy on Tiktok that you can read before going live and joining someone’s live. If you work under those guidelines then it will be good for you as well as for your account.

How Long Does a TikTok Ban Last?

There are different things on how long does a Tiktok ban last. It depends on the type of ban and the content in your account. If Tiktok temporarily ban your account then it will last for up to 10 days or even more. But if it’s a permanent ban then it all depends on Tiktok itself.

So, take a look at Tiktok ban types, and it’s time.

1. Temporary Suspension

If there is a temporary ban on your Tiktok account then it will last from 10 days to 2 weeks. At that time, you can still upload a video but you have to follow the guidelines. Your account is already on temporary ban so if you again break the policy then it can suspend your account for life.

2. Permanent Suspension

But in terms of the permanent ban on your Tiktok account, it depends on Tiktok. There will be no time when will your account will recover from a permanent ban. It can take up 1 week, 2 weeks,s or even months. All you have to make sure is that you don’t do anything with your banned account. If Tiktok again finds out about any suspicious behavior in your account then it will become even more difficult for you to lift a permanent ban.

How to Unban Your TikTok Account?

Now, you have an idea of what does a temporary post ban on Tiktok means until now. So, if want to get around a Tiktok ban then there few methods which you can try out.

But remember this is not a permanent solution to remove a temporary ban from your account but to aware you from doing such things in the future. And, it can also somehow solve the issue if you are lucky enough. So, why not give it a try.

Procedure 1: Don’t Try To Access Your Same Account from Other Source

If you know that your account is already temporary ban and you try to access it from other third-party sources then it will make an even hard situation for you. Your account is already going under review and when Tiktok detects another suspicious activity then the review time will increase.

So, just sit down and wait for your account to be lifted from a ban. If there is a minor restriction then it won’t take a long time.

Procedure 2: Don’t Publish Further Any Content in Your Account

When your account is banned or suspended on Tiktok temporarily then it would be better if you don’t post any content. Since you don’t know whether your account is shadowbanned or gone other types of the temporary ban, publishing a new video is not a good thing.

If there is a content-related issue in your account then you are making even more difficult to remove a ban. You are just injecting harmful content rather than waiting for a full recovery. So, analyze why your account got banned from the analytics, views, likes, and search results then wait.

In the meantime, you can work on solving the issue by appealing a ban to Tiktok customer support.

Procedure 3: Contact TikTok About Banned Account

Like I said earlier, you can file an appeal with Tiktok about the ban and get feedback. When your account got banned then you will receive a message in your inbox section. From there you can contact Tiktok customer support and report regarding a ban. Just inform the changes you made in your account so that they can review it.

Follow the following steps to submit an appeal on Tiktok for a banned account.

Note: Don’t remove the banned content from your account before and after submitting an appeal. It won’t help to review your account properly that will not remove the ban or violation.

  1. Open the Tiktok app on your Android and iPhone devices.
  2. Login to your account if needed.
  3. Tap on the “Inbox” icon from the bottom right side.
  4. Tap on the ban message or notification from Tiktok.
  5. After that, tap on the “Submit an Appeal” option from the bottom right side.
  6. Finally, follow the further instruction and submit your appeal.

In this way, you can submit an appeal to Tiktok regarding the restriction. But remember, don’t submit the appeal over and over again if you don’t get a reply from Tiktok. This will lead to a permanent ban.

Procedure 4: Log Out from Your Banned TikTok Account

After submitting an appeal to Tiktok about the ban then you have to log out from your account. It will not be worth it to use your Tiktok account more than there is still a ban. So, it would be better if you don’t use your account for a while and let Tiktok review your account.

In the meantime, you can still watch other videos without an account. So, enjoy your moment for a while, and do check the notification from Tiktok in your account from time to time.

Procedure 5: Bypass a TikTok Ban through a VPN

There is a way to use your Tiktok account even after a ban and without hurting your account. If Tiktok rejected your appeal which you’ve previously submitted then you can use the VPN to get around the Tiktok ban.

You need to change and connect to the server that is located in a different location rather than your original one. If Tiktok can’t identify your true identity because of the hidden IP address then it may remove the ban.

The NordVPN is a trustworthy, fast, and secures VPN service which you can use on your device. Simply download the app from the Google Play Store for Android devices and App Store for iPhones. After that, change the server location and connect the Tiktok app.

Note: We are not 100% sure whether this will work for you or not. But you can still give it a try and check for a ban in your account.

  1. Open NordVPN on your device after downloading.
  2. Create a new account for free.
  3. Tap on connect icon and choose the location or country.

How Long Does TikTok Temporarily Block You from Posting?

Tiktok can block you from posting after the temporary ban from 1 week to 2 weeks. It won’t actually specify the time duration when your account will recover from the block or suspend. So, the best suggestion for you is to not post anything when there is still a temporary block in your account. Simply wait and when the block is over then you can continue publishing a video.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is My Account Temporarily Suspended?

Your Tiktok account will be suspended temporarily if you publish too many videos at once in a short period of time. More, if you use the third-party app to increase likes, views, and followers in your account then Tiktok can ban your account for 24 hours.

How to Get In Touch with TikTok?

If you have anything to ask or report an issue regarding your account to Tiktok then you can always get in touch with their customer service line. Simply state your issue and get feedback from it as soon as possible.

How Long Does a Tiktok Appeal Take?

The Tiktok appeal review usually takes up to 24 hrs from the time you submit it.

How Long Will I Be Temporarily Blocked from Posting on TikTok?

The temporary block on Tiktok will prevent you from posting from 1 week to 2 weeks depending on the violation in your account.

How Many Community Guidelines Strike TikTok to Get Banned?

If you violate multiple community guidelines of Tiktok at a single time then Tiktok will suspend or ban your account instantly.

Final Word

Now you have your answer on ‘What does a temporary post ban on Tiktok mean”. So, follow the above-mentioned methods and help your account to get rid of a temporary and permanent ban. And don’t forget to always follow the Tiktok community guidelines so that your video won’t be shadowbanned and your account won’t get suspended or banned.

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