How Long Does A Temporary Post Ban On TikTok Last [Updated 2022]

Due to many reasons your account gets a permanent or temporary ban on TikTok. Did your TikTok account get a temporary post ban on TikTok? You don’t have to worry because if your account has been temporarily ban then your account will be automatically reactive. Somehow you can also appeal your account and bypass the TikTok ban using a VPN.

Normally, temporarily suspension on TikTok last for 24 hours to 72 hours. Depending on the Temporary ban reason your account might gets locked for 2 weeks. You won’t be able to use some features or your account while temporarily blocked.

If you want to know about the temporary ban on TikTok then below we have mentioned everything you should know related to the TikTok ban with tips and easy guides. So, stay with us and read the full article.

Why Does TikTok Ban You?

On TikTok you are under TikTok moderator, if you go against TikTok privacy policies and terms and conditions then there is high chance of getting your account permanently or a temporary ban.

If you post content related sexually explicit, depict substance abuse or illegal activity, dangerous acts and violence, and Bully Or Harass video then your account might get permanent or temporary blocked.

Besides TikTok ban you if you spam, impersonate, misinformation, abuse in live streaming video, and violate the community guideline.

So while posting content and using TikTok you should be careful what you publish and avoid activities that consider banning your TikTok account.

How TikTok Ban Works?

Since TikTok has its own community guidelines and policies, if you go against TikTok community guidelines, Terms, and conditions, and policies then your account gets a temporary or permanent ban.

Depending on the community guideline you exploit your account gets a temporary or permanent ban.

There are different types of permanent and temporary blocks on TikTok, account to the block reason your account might get suspended for 24hours – to 72hours, a temporary ban for 1days – to 2 weeks or your account might get permanently banned from TikTok.

If your account has been temporary locked then you can use your account once your account has been activated and if your TikTok account has been permanently blocked then you can either file an appeal with TikTok or create a new account to use TikTok again.

Be careful and keep in mind you don’t go against TikTok terms and conditions and community guidelines.

7 Things that will Get You Banned From TikTok

Below are the 7 activities that can get your account banned from TikTok. Before using TikTok, posting or sharing any content on TikTok please go through the 7 things you should stay away from.

1. Posting Content That Depicts or Glorifies Self-Harm

If your video contains depicts and self-harm content then your account will get ban from TikTok.

On TikTok, you can find different types of people and different types of content. Some users create a unique and interesting videos, and other users copy the video concept.

Similarly, if you post content that depicts or glorifies self-harm then another user will also harm to create content. So don’t post content that reflects self-harm.

Once TikTok detects your content, your video might get deleted for the first time after that your account might get temporarily or permanently blocked from TikTok.

So be careful while posting a TikTok video, make sure your video doesn’t contain any depict or glorify self-harm.

2. Sharing Violent or Graphic Content

On TikTok you might see some users sharing and posting the footage and short clips from the horror movies.

But everyone is not strong, some people might get scared and some users might have heart problems in such cases your sharing violent or graphic content may hamper other users.

So while sharing the video make sure you don’t use “gratuitously shocking,” “suffering, or “glorifies extreme violence” content in your video.

3. Sharing Content That Threatens Public Safety

While creating the video make sure your video doesn’t contain any threats to public safety.

To make content people are going to different places, while recording video make sure you don’t capture suicide, murder, accidents, fights, or rubbery.

It is clearly mentioned in the TikTok community guidelines that “When there is a threat to public safety or an account is used to promote or glorify off-platform violence, we may suspend or ban the account.”

So be careful while capturing, posting, and sharing the video on TikTok.

4. Posting Content That Promotes Illegal Activities

Don’t promote illegal activities or support illegal activities through the content on TikTok.

While making TikTok videos make sure you don’t make videos related to the illegal trade of wildlife, breaking the law, selling illegal products, or drinking and smoking illegal products.

If your video contains such activities there is a high chance that your video will be removed from TikTok and your account might also get a temporary ban on TikTok.

So avoid illegal activities on your TikTok video.

5. Blackmail Threats

If TikTok finds your content or comment reflects blackmail and threats of hack to any user you account might get permanently blocked from the TikTok.

While speaking in the live video, commenting on the video, or posting the video make sure you don’t upload the video that reflects to blackmail and threats.

Don’t share users’ personal information like their residential address, email address, private phone number, social security number, or bank statements.

6. Spam, Impersonation, and Misinformation

Don’t do fake engagement or fake someone on TikTok, if your account is found to be fake your account will be blocked permanently.

Spam: If you spam in other comment sections or live video then your account will get permanent or temporary locked on TikTok.

Impersonation: Don’t open a fake account with other users’ profile photos, information, email, or phone number.

Misinformation: Don’t make videos that give misinformation. Video likes fake engagement like buying or selling of views, likes, followers, shares promotion.

7. Sharing Sexually Explicit Content

Don’t make content that dominates male & female, black & white, small & tall, or fat & thin.

If your account is detected to have content that contains sexually explicit then your video will be removed from your TikTok account and your account might get temporary or permanently blocked.

So don’t dominate any humans & or animals in your video.

How to Know Whether Your Account got a Temporary or Permanent Ban?

There are different types of ban on TikTok, “Temporary Ban, Permanent Ban, and Account Suspended.”

So, if you want to know whether your account has been temporary locked, permanently blocked, or account suspended then go through the types of ban mentioned below.

1. Temporary Ban On TikTok

There are different types of temporary ban on TikTok that might lead your account to a temporary lock. Below are the types and tips to avoid the temporary ban.

Ban 1: Shadow-Banning On TikTok

Shadow-Banning is a type of suspension on TikTok, while shadow-banning the visibility of your account will be less. Only your friends/followers will be able to see your content on the “ForYou” page.

You can use your account while shadow banning, but engagement and reach of your content will be less. In other words, we can also say “Account Freeze.’

To avoid getting shadowbanned on TikTok don’t use copyright Music/sound, don’t play the background music while going live, and avoid comments that directly or indirectly affect other users.

Shadowban lasts 14 days on the TikTok and if you violate the community guidelines your account can get blocked again and again.

Ban 2: Live Stream Ban On TikTok

Live stream ban is related to the live streaming on TikTok, while going live on TikTok, joining others’ live video, or as a viewer, if you speak or type any abusive words, spam the live comment box then your account will get temporarily locked.

Even your background, playback music, content you talk about or display may result to temporary ban on TikTok.

To avoid getting Live stream banned on TikTok don’t display others video, or personal information, don’t use abusive words or spam during the live streaming, keep the clean and white background, and don’t play music while going live.

Live stream ban normally lasts from 1days to 14days. During the Live stream ban, you won’t be able to start a  Live Streaming or comment on others’ Livestreaming video.

Ban 3: Temporary Post Ban On TikTok

If you post any content that goes against community guidelines then your TikTok account might get temporarily locked.

Usually, for the first time, TikTok deletes your video from your account but if you repeat the same mistake your account will lead to a temporary ban and sometimes permanently blocked.

So on TikTok, you should be careful and focused while uploading videos on your TikTok account.

To avoid getting Live stream ban on TikTok don’t post video against community guidelines, upload natural and self-made content that influence other TikTokers to make such video related to “Showing Talent, Creative works, and Supportive.”

A temporary post ban on TikTok can last depending on the violation you have made. Normally, it starts from 24 hours – to 1 month.

2. Permanent Ban On TikTok

Generally, when you keep violating the community guidelines on TikTok your TikTok account gets permanently blocked.

Besides, your account can directly get a permanent ban from TikTok depending on your video content.

Once your account is permanently blocked you won be able to log in to your account, you have to create a new account to use TikTok.

Somehow if you think your account has been mistakenly blocked then you can appeal unban with TikTok.

How To Get A Banned Account Back On TikTok?

On TikTok, there are two ways to get back your banned account back.

Option 1:  Wait until your temporary ban period finishes

If your account has been temporary banned on TikTok then while logging in to your account or while using the feature you will get detailed information about why it is blocked and when it will be unbanned.

You can wait till the time mentioned in the error displayed message. Once you suspend your account makes the mentioned time you account will be automatically unbanned from the TikTok.

Option 2: You can Appeal with TikTok

Even after the mentioned time your account didn’t activate or somehow your account has been permanently blocked without reason then you can contact TikTok customer service to reactivate your blocked TikTok account.

To can contact customer service by appealing a report to TikTok.

TikTok help center will help you out to get back your banned TikTok account.

How to File an Appeal with TikTok?

To file an appeal with TikTok to get your lost or blocked account to follow the steps mentioned below.

  1. Open the TikTok application.
  2. Login to your TikTok account.
  3. Now you will see pop-up message and options. “Your account was permanently banned.”
  4. After that, tap on the Appeal button.
  5. Now, you will be redirected to the Appeal form.
  6. Enter the information required in the form.
  7. Upload a TikTok profile screenshot.
  8. After that, tap on the Submit button.
  9. Done.

If you are not able to see the appeal button in the TikTok application instead you just have the OK button then don’t worry go to the link” “[email protected]” to get access to the appeal form and send mail to TikTok Customer care.

How to Bypass TikTok ban by using a VPN in 3 easy steps

Even after appealing your ban on TikTok you have got no solution to get back your account then you can use trustworthy VPN “Virtual Private Network” service.

If you are not able to use any feature on your ban TikTok account then VPN is the best way to solve your problem.

But first of all you should know how to use VPN to bypass your TikTok ban account and hide your actual IP location from TikTok.

To bypass TikTok ban by using a VPN in 3  easy steps follow the steps mentioned below.

1. Download the VPN application

First of all, download the secure VPN application on your device.

You can go to the “Google Play Store on Android” and “App Store on iPhone” to download VPN.

Search the best-secured VPN application and Install/Get it on your device. For example: ExpressVPN: VPN for Privacy

2. Change/Hide the actual IP address

To hide the actual IP address, open the VPN application on your device.

Now, change the location using the VPN application.

You can find on-screen instructions to change your location using the VPN.

Once you change the location, you real IP address will be hidden and the VPN location IP will be display on from your device.

Make sure you don’t turn off the VPN application unless you finish using TikTok.

3. Login to your TikTok account

Once you have hide your real location IP address, go to the TikTok application.

Now, login to your TikTok account.

Enter username and password or login using Gmail or Continue with Facebook.

Now, if you account feature has been temporarily locked then you will be able to use the feature.

Make sure you don’t close the VPN application while using the TikTok application otherwise your feature will not be opened and you will see temporary banned message.

Tips to Stay Away from Getting Banned Again on TikTok

Here are 5 tips you should follow to stop and stay away from getting banned again on TikTok.

1. Avoid posting sexually explicit contents on TikTok

Make sure you avoid sexually explicit content on TikTok like comparison between males and females, gender, height, weight, skin color, and appearance.

2. Do Not Depict Substance Abuse on TikTok

Don’t abuse in the comment section, live streaming or in the chatbox otherwise, this will result to ban on TikTok.

3. Avoid Sharing Violent or Graphic Content On TikTok

Don’t share violent or graphic content like “gratuitously shocking,” “suffering, or “glorifies extreme violence” content in your video.

4. Do Not Bully or Harass others on TikTok

You are not allowed to bully or harass someone on TikTok. If your account is suspected to bullying others or harassing someone in the comment section, live streaming, or in the private message then your account will be blocked from TikTok.

5. Avoid Posting Content that Promotes Illegal Activities

If you are a content creator then avoid making videos that reflects to illegal activities. Make sure you check your video before uploading the video on TikTok.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

How long does a TikTok ban last?

It depends on the reason why your TikTok account has been banned. Normally your TikTok account can get banned for 1days to 14 days.

Will TikTok reverse the decision if I’m permanently banned?

Yes, if you have appealed the permanently banned on TikTok then your account will be reviewed once. And if it was mistakenly blocked then TikTok will reverse the decision and unbanned your TikTok account

How Long Does A TikTok Appeal Take?

Normally, TikTok appeal takes 24 hours to review your account but in some cases, it might take up to 1 week to review your account and send us the mail.

Can I get my banned account back with these methods?

Yes, appealing your banned account there is a high chance you can get your account back.

Last Word

If your TikTok account has been temporarily block then don’t panic just wait for the mentioned time and you will be able to use your locked account again. You can know the reason why your TikTok account has been locked. Moreover, your features will be locked when your account is temporary ban somehow while using the feature you will know why it is blocked and when it will be unblocked.

If your account is permanently banned then you can appeal with TikTok and get back your account, if it was a mistake.

In the above article, we have mentioned all the tips and guides to get back your account. Hope you have fixed your problem.

If you have any problems regarding this article you can leave us a comment. We try to fix it as soon as possible.

Thank You for reading this article.

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