12 Best Free Resume Builder Apps for Android in 2022 [Updated]

Searching for a job is a stressful thing but making a resume for a job is more stressful. You have to include your real talent and qualification including other things that are strong enough to get you a new job. You can easily create a resume or CV in Microsoft word but it will take a lot of time. In this case, you can make a CV with the help of the resume builder app.

The best resume builder apps for Android are Aristoz Resume Builder, CV Engineer, Free Resume Builder, Professional Resume Builder, Resumaker, Top Resume, Resume Builder App, and Linkedin.

Since there are tons of top resume-making apps that you can find on Android devices so you can choose anyone according to your desire. Now, let’s see the feature, pros, cons, and ratings of the free CV maker apps for Android.

What Are the Benefits of Resume Builder App?

There are a few benefits of using the resume or CV maker app on your devices. It is better than making a manual CV while applying for a new job or post in somewhere online.

Simple and Fast

The first thing is the simple process while choosing the CV maker app. If you are going to create a resume or CV in Microsoft word then you have to start from the beginning to completely finish the job. But the resume builder makes it easy to make a perfect CV each and every time.

Time Saving

As I already said, you can save a lot of time with the resume maker app. All you have to do is simply put your personal information, qualification, strength, and more. After that, it will automatically create a CV for you. It will be just a matter of time for building a new resume.

Better Result

If you manually start to make a CV then you have to align a proper design and layout of the CV. At some point, your created resume may look good for you but not for the receiver. But if you use the CV maker app then it will manage all the design and the layout to create a perfect resume for you.

12 Best Free Resume Builder Apps for Android

Selecting the right resume maker for you is the important part as it determines the first impression while applying for a job. The first thing that every job vacancy companies look for is your CV. So, if it won’t impress them at first glance then it can be hard for you to get an interview.

Now, here are the top CV/resume makers which you can download for free on Android devices. All of the following CV makers have great design and layout that will help you to create a perfect job resume every time.

1. Aristoz Resume Builder

Aristoz Resume Builder is our first best free resume builder app for Android. It is completely free to download and create a perfect-looking CV for your job vacancy. The app has over 75 different templates which you can choose for various kinds of jobs or online vacancies.

The user interface of Aristoz is simple and fast. All you have to do is select the template that you like the most and fill out the information which you want for your CV. After that, download the final product in PDF format and check whether it’s good or not.

Besides, you may not find your created resume in the app sometimes. So, if that happens then simply watch the ads and you will find your resume for free.


  • 75 resume templates
  • User-friendly
  • Simple interface
  • Preview feature

Rating: 4.4

2. CV Engineer

With the help of a CV engineer, you can get job interviews easily. The app is completely free to download and use on your Android devices. If you are simply looking for a PDF resume builder where you don’t have to hustle more then go after CV engineer.

There are tons of professional CV templates which are designed by the recruiter to ensure that your CV impresses the manager. The overall formats are simple and easy for the job hiring manager to examine and read.

Similarly, you will also get the editing options so that you can customize your own fonts, size, design, layout, margin, and text for your resume. More, you can also use the numbering and bullets to show your special talent in your CV.

Besides, if you are new to the CV maker app and don’t know how to use or make one for yourself then CV engineer also has a section where they provide guidelines on how to write each resume. You can also get ideas from tons of CV examples within the app in various categories or fields.

At last, once your CV is ready to go then simply download it in PDF format and send it to the job recruiter.


  • Professional CV templates
  • Custom CV sections
  • Language Selection
  • Dark mode
  • Editing tools for fonts, design, size, margins

Rating: 4.1

Download CV Engineer

3. Free Resume Builder

Free resume builder is another best free CV maker apps for Android. It will help you to make professional resumes for the fresher as well as for the experienced. The app is designed in such a way that it will provide the best templates to support your career ambitions goals by making you describe your skills and qualification in your resume.

To be said, you will find a complete package of templates that has a perfect design for your resume. You don’t have to run your mind thinking about what to include in your CV and what to exclude. Simply look after the templates and you will know what to do next.

When you start building a resume then you can options to add various sections such as the objective, academic information, work experience, industrial exposures, projects, photographs, skills, strength, references, and declaration.

Other than this, you will have to watch in order to download your resume in PDF format. But if you don’t want to watch ads then simply pay $1.49 for an in-app purchase.


  • Fully customized resume sections
  • Professional CV templates
  • Editing feature
  • Edit, modify, duplicate, share options

Rating: 4.8

Download Resume Builder

4. Professional Resume Builder

If you are looking for the best free resume builder apps for Android yet simple to use then go after a professional resume builder. It has simple-looking designs that don’t offer fancy templates compared to other CV maker apps. If you want a neat and clean CV that confuses the reader where are your skills, qualifications, talent, and educational background then this app is for you.

Likewise, you can add educational details, projects you worked on, skillset, work experience, publication and achievements, interest, pictures, and signature.

Other than this, you can also choose various languages to create a perfect CV for your job vacancy. Some of the time, you may have to apply for within your county that speaks in your native language. So, in that case, multiple selections of languages in resume maker is the best for you.

Just like the above-mentioned CV maker apps, you can also save your resume in PDF and share it on your social media and on online platforms.


  • Hide, unhide and Preview option
  • Editing tools
  • Signature option

Rating: 4.6

Download Professional Resume Builder

5. Microsoft Word

We all know Microsoft which is a popular Windows server provider. If you have a Windows PC then you can use Microsoft word for to create documentation or any types. So, Microsoft word is the original CV maker platform or app for mobile devices where you can build your own resume from scratch.

You can create your own version of a resume that can be acceptable in any job vacancy. But if you don’t know to create one then use the Microsoft word app on Android and choose the templates.

Like I already said, Microsoft word has a neat and clean format that is what every job recruiter wants to see in your CV. If you play around while making a resume then it won’t impress them. So, simply download Microsoft word and choose the resume templates and start adding the information.


  • Document creation
  • Collaborate and share with friends
  • Microsoft 365

Rating: 4.2

Download Microsoft Word

6. Resumaker

You can choose Resumaker for the best free resume builder apps for Android. The app is user-friendly that helps you to make a perfect CV within a few minutes. It has a simple design that won’t confuse you about what to include and what to exclude. Simply choose the 75+ templates and you are good to go.

Likewise, you can also edit and customize each letter in your CV and make it colorful. But this is only applicable if you are doing an online job or require or seek a good resume. But if you are applying for a job in a big company then don’t color your CV, make it simple and easy or understand.

Besides, you can choose various formats of your background education level. It will help you even more to build an eye-catching resume.


  • Various color selection option
  • Fully customization
  • Attach someone CV
  • 75+ resume templates

Rating: 4.7

Download Resumaker

7. LinkedIn

You may have used the Linkedln one time or another while finding a new job. It is the largest platform for searching for jobs and hiring professional freelancers or contractors. When you create a new profile on Linkedln then it will be basically your resume/CV. You add everything that a perfect resume has to your LinkedIn profile.

LinkedIn is built in such a way that you don’t have to add your resume additionally. Like I already said, when you build your profile then it will automatically consider as your resume. When someone wants to hire you through LinkedIn or you have applied for a job then they will view your profile which is your resume.

Therefore, you will have an option to provide your every background detail such as education level, qualification, skills, hobby, last work experience, expected salary, and more. So, fill out the required information carefully and start getting a job.


  • Search jobs
  • Freelancer or contractor selection
  • Job alert
  • Resume maker

Rating: 4.4

Download Linkedln

8. Resume Builder App

Resume builder app is another best portfolio maker apps that you can find on Android devices. The app is completely free to download and use to create a smart resume that every job manager likes to see.

You can find 500+ professional templates for both resume and CV. It does all the basic things that you need in your resume and wants to impress the job hiring manager. It allows you to add your biography including the photo.

Besides, the app can also adapt the resume designs of any resume format you choose like functional, combination curriculum vitae, reverse-chronological, one or two pages resume biodata format, and more.


  • 500+ professional templates
  • CV building examples
  • Editing tools
  • Customize paragraph, text, fonts size, color, margins

Rating: 4.4

Download Resume Builder App

9. Canva

Canvais basically the free photo and video editor or graphic designing tool that allow to you to design photos and videos. Simply take Canva as a Photoshop but it has additional features such as resume builder too.

You can choose the resume maker templates directly in Canva and design your CV as per your requirements. You can add images, graphic pictures, various colors, abstract objects, and more. Simply pick the right templates and edit them according to your needs.

Similarly, you can also make a logo in Canva for your website, business, and other online platforms. The only drawback of Canva is that it doesn’t provide that much quality when you use the free version. But if you go with a premium then you will get a quality just like Photoshop.


  • Photo editor
  • Video editor
  • Download resume without watermark
  • Huge stock library
  • Thousand of templates

Rating: 4.8

Download Canva

10. Top Resume

Another CV maker apps for Android is top resume. It is not the best or most popular CV builder app in the Google Play Store but it does a decent thing. The app is simple and easy to use for fresher where you can have a various selection of templates.

You can create an amazing resume within a few minutes while working, studying in college, or during a party. All you have to do is fill out the information and you are good to go. The best thing of the top resume app is that you can download your converted CV even without the internet.


  • Preview option
  • Email sending option
  • Downloading resume without internet

Download Top Resume

11. Google Slider

Google Slider is just like Canva where you can create a decent resume. As long as you are creative then you can make your own CV templates and send it while applying for a job.

Most of all, Google Slider is for the presentation just like the PowerPoint. You can use it in your school, college, or office to give a presentation live from it. But it can also do well for an excellent resume by adding a biography, qualification, skills, education, and more.


  • Create presentation
  • Automatic save
  • Edit powerpoint files
  • Make resume/CV/Portfolio

Rating: 4.2

Download Google Slider

12. Resume PDF Maker

You can choose the resume PDF maker to create the best CV for your job. It has a simple user interface that is good enough for you to have a resume. Simply download the app and start making a resume.

The app has all the basic features that you can find in other CV maker apps for mobile. So, list out what you want to include in your resume and start building.


  • Multiple languages
  • Signature option
  • Customization option

Rating: 4.5

Download Resume PDF Maker

How to Select a Best Resume Builder App?

Choosing the best resume builder app depends on your requirements and needs. What you are looking for and what you like to include in your CV is the main thing. If you are a beginner and applying for a new job then you have to include your past education level and everything you have that is good enough for you to get into selection.

But if you have already done jobs in different companies and applying for a new one then simply include your education level, precious work info, and skills. You don’t need to add extra things besides your skills and what you are capable of.

Therefore, look after the features of the resume at first instead of downloading each and everyone to check whether this has this or not. At last, you will get free resume builder apps for Android.

How We Choose the Best Resume Maker Apps?

Making a good resume for your job is essential things when it’s your first ever job of your life. Considering that thing, we researched all the possible resume builder apps in Android and pick the best one for you.

So, what we look after and choose while finding the best resume maker apps.

Free of Cost

The first thing which we look after while selecting the best CV maker apps is the cost. If you are looking for a resume builder app then it should be free of cost so that even fresher can make a resume without purchasing it. If an app requires money then it won’t be a good impression for the users to use it anymore.

Simple User-Interface

After deterring the cost then we look after for the user interface. When you open the app then it should be clear and simple enough for you to where to go and what to do next. If you get confused and stuck on the same page for a long time finding out where to find that option that it’s just a waste of your time.

Basic Resume Making Options

At last, there should be all the options available that are required for a basic resume. If you can’t make a basic CV either then the app is not good for you to keep on your device.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is There a Completely Free Resume Builder?

Resume.com is the free resume builder where you can make a perfect CV for your job.

Should You Pay for Resume Builder App?

No, you don’t have to pay for the resume builder app because it won’t be worth it to purchase the CV maker where you can do it in the free version.

What is the Best Resume Builder App for PC?

The best resume builder apps for PC are Zety, LiveCareer, Resumer Genius, MyPerfectResume, ResumeLab, ResumeNow, EnhanCV, and ResumeHelp.

Final Word

You have to make a minimal effort of making a CV if you choose the top free resume builder apps for Android. You don’t have to think about what to write or include in your resume when you will get all the available options right in front of your screen. So, do check the above-listed free CV maker apps and let us know which you like the most.

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