10 Best Free Photo Editing Apps for Android in 2022 [Updated]

Lots of smartphones that you can find on the market these days have an in-build photo editing tool. It allows you to change your normal clicked photo into something special with the editing effects. But when it comes to the full editing feature you have to go with the editing apps. Since there are tons of picture editors out there so we will look after the best free photo editing apps for Android.

You can download the top free photo editor for mobile such as PicsArt, Snapseed, Pixlr, Ribbet, PhotoShop Express, Photo Editor Pro, Photo Director, Adobe Photoshop Camera, Adobe Lightroom, Prisma, and more.

When you choose the best photo editor then you will get options like managing layers, white balance, exposure, color effects, filters, sky replacement, overlay, photo animation, beauty retouching, color correction, and more.

So, let’s check out the popular photo editing apps for Android.

What Are the Benefits of Mobile Photo Editing App?

There are a few important benefits of using the photo editor apps on your mobile device. Take a look.

1. Place Friendly

The first benefit of using the mobile photo editing app is placed friendly. You can download and use the photo editor on your mobile anywhere and anytime you want. It can be in school, public places, family gatherings, parties, and more. Simply select the photo which you want to edit and you are good to go.

2. Save Time for Photo Transfer

If you want to edit multiple photos of the party on a computer then you have to first transfer those photos and start to edit. But if you get the best mobile photo editor app then you don’t have to transfer pictures. You can do it from your phone that will obviously save your time.

3. Fast and Efficient

Mobile photo editing apps are fast to work on and efficient to get results. You only have to know how to edit your picture using various editing tools so that you can achieve the perfect result.

10 Best Free Photo Editing Apps for Android

Choosing the right photo editor app is the difficult part since you have to look after the best effects, stickers, overlays, filters, color effects, and more. Besides, you can find tons of mobile photo editing apps that pretend to have editing tools but in reality, it’s just a fake.

Considering that, we listed the top photo editing apps for Android that you can get it for free without paying money. All of the below-listed editor app has their own editing tools that are different from each other. So, take a closer look.

1. PicsArt

PicsArt is the first best free photo editing apps for Android users. It is simple to use that has all the basic editing tools that users want to have. You can bring your creativity of editing skills to life with the help of PicsArt.

The app helps you to make professional-level editing, collages, design, swap backgrounds, add stickers, and more. You can also choose many effects that will enhance your normal-looking picture into something extraordinary.

Similarly, PicsArt also has a video editing feature to take your IG stories, Tiktok video or Reels to another level. There you can add background music from thousands of music libraries, glitch the video, blend and merge video, make a slideshow video, more.

All you have to do is select the right picture and edit it with your creativity and post it so that other can appreciate you.

Features of PicsArt

  • Powered with AI effects
  • In-build camera app with effects
  • Multiple exposures applying layers and transparency
  • Brush mode for effects

Rating: 4.2

Download PicsArt

2. Snapseed

Snapseed is a professional photo editor app that allows you to edit a normal photo into eye-catching one. It has 100M+ downloads with millions of valid satisfied users that keep them using the app for photo editing.

There are tons of filters and tools for the editing such as RAW develop, stacks brush, tune image, crop, white balance, healing, vignette, curves, lens blur, glamour glow, tonal contrast, HDR scape, drama, Grunge, grainy film, vintage, face enhance, face pose, double exposure, frames and more.

To be said, Snapseed is for the professional photo editor rather than for the casual user. You will get different editing options which you can find on the desktop version of photo editor. So, if you are a photographer who wants to edit the pictures immediately then go after Snapseed.

Features of Snapseed

  • RAW DNG files for exporting as JPG
  • Edit a portion of the image using the brush tool
  • Dark theme mode
  • Save edited filter and apply them later on the picture

Rating: 4.3

Download Snapseed

3. Adobe Photoshop Camera

Adobe Photoshop Camera is another best free photo editing apps for Android users. If you are a beginner photo editor and want to learn more about editing then you can simply choose this app.

There are various types of filters and effects which you can choose such as bloom, pop art, spectrum, food, scenery, natural skies, analog, might shift, double exposure, mixed media, and more. Simply take a picture and apply the effects and customize it according to your needs.

Similarly, you can also use the real time PhotoShop effects which the help of AI-powered technology. It even allows you to choose real-time animation such as shooting stars, blue skies, rocket ships, and more into the photo. There will be a perfect blend of effects and lightning in your picture.

Besides, there is an iPad version of Adobe PhotoShop for iOS users that has a feature like refine brushing, selection of objects, and rotate canvas.

Features of Adobe Photoshop Camera

  • Portraits Controls
  • Content Aware Recommendations
  • Auto tone Photo Effects
  • Real time Photoshop effects

Rating: 4.4

Download Adobe Photoshop Camera

4. Pixlr

Pixlr is formally known as Pixlr Express free photo editor which you can find for Android. You don’t have to create an account to use the Pixlr on your device, simply download the app and you are ready for editing.

You can find tons of free effects, filters, and overlays that help you to unleash a perfect balancing photo. There is a color splash effect that will bring out the color in your picture.

Similarly, you can also adjust the color of your image with the feature of auto-fix. It will examine the overall texture and color of the picture and apply the color that is suitable for you. More, you can use the double exposure to create an array of multiple effects using the adjustable transparency.

Likewise, Pixlr also helps to create photo collages using the different collages, grid-style customized ratio, and background texture and patterns.

After editing your photo in Pixlr, you can directly share it on your social media accounts.

Features of Pixlr

  • On-touch feature
  • Auto fix option for balancing color
  • Create collage taking 25 pictures at once

Rating: 4.1

Download Pixlr

5. PhotoShop Express

PhotoShop Express is also the best free photo editing apps for Android. It is a powerful editing app where you can simply edit one section of your imported image and leave the rest untouched part with selective editing options.

There is an unlimited photography option for instant transformation and quick touch-up effects. You can use a digital studio that is filled with full features which help to deliver full-spectrum filters, themes, and tools on your phone.

Besides, you can instantly fix the crooked pictures and correct the distorted camera angles. The smoothness of your image and the color noise removal are also a part of PhotoShop Express. If you want to hide some portion area in your image then you can use the blur tool. More, you can also use the spot healing option.

Likewise, there are hundreds of effects and filters that you can apply to your image with balancing the lightning, white exposure, contrast, and more.

Features of PhotoShop Express

  • Unlimited Photography
  • Remove Noise
  • Use Blur effect
  • Spot healing
  • Quick fixes

Rating: 4.3

Download PhotoShop Express

6. Pixtica

Pixtixa is the camera app for Android that is designed to take a picture and edit it afterward. It is simply an All-In-One camera app where you can click pictures, edit photos or videos, create meme, scan document, scan QR code, GIF recorders, and more.

The app also offers other features such as portrait mode, panorama mode, HDR mode, slow motion, time-lapse, hyper-lapse, tiny planet, photo booth, magic hours, and more. It is not considered a top photo editing app but offers a huge package where you don’t have to choose other camera app and photo editor.

Therefore, I recommend you to try out Pixtica once and know whether it’s fit for you or not.

Features of Pixtica

  • Manual Controls
  • Portrait Mode
  • Panorama
  • MEME editor
  • QR scanner

Rating: 4.6

Download Pixtica

7. Photo Editor Pro

If you are a beginner photo editor and looking for the best free photo editing apps for Android then go after photo editor pro. The app offers a wide range of editing tools that is enough for you to edit an amazing eye-catching photo.

You will get access to 60+ various filters which you can directly apply to your picture from the device. After adjusting the filters then you can adjust their brightness, contrast saturation, hue, warmth, and more.

Likewise, the photo editor pro also offers DSLR blur effects to make a photo looks like taken from a DSLR camera. In addition, you can add glitch effects along with negative, Swril, pixel, fisheye, neon and more.

Similarly, there is also a body touch option to retouch the picture to make it a slim or fat figure elongate legs, multiple hairstyles, tattoo stickers, muscles, and more.

Once you complete the editing process then you can directly share it on Instagram, Tiktok, Whatsapp, Facebook, and Snapchat.

Features of Photo Editor Pro

  • Photo blender and light FX
  • Glitch effects and Blur background
  • Body retouch
  • Photo Collage maker

Rating: 4.5

Download Photo Editor Pro

8. PhotoDirector

PhotoDirector is probably the best free professional photo editor apps for Android users. If you are already into photo editing but looking for a pro app then PhotoDirector is for you. It is a multi-purpose editing app for stylish, edit and animating your pictures with powerful AI tools.

Like in every photo editor app, you can arrange lightning, color, crop, retouch, add filters and effects, make photo collage,s and more. But besides that, PhotoDirector also let you use options such as animate overlay, animated dispersion, object removal, sky replacement, magic brush, light rays, and face sharper.

Moreover, the app also automatically detects the outlines of object and blend it with your selective editing tools to make a perfect picture.

So, go to Google Play Store and download the app and try it.

Features of PhotoDirector

  • Photo animation tools
  • AI-powered tools
  • Content awareness tool
  • Photo FX

Rating: 4.5

Download PhotoDirector

9. Photo Effects Pro

Photo effects Pro is also a free photo editing apps for Android users. It has tons of special effects to edit your image and looks amazing. If you are not looking for fancy and extreme editing tools but only want to apply filters and effects then go for Photo effects Pro.

The app is designed for full deep effects, filters, backgrounds, stickers, and photo frames. Using these options, you will have balanced and extraordinary outcomes. Apart from that, you can also remove the background from an image to look more professional.

So, the app is simple and easy to use for everyone who are also not in photo editing but wants to post something special on their social media.

Features of Photo Effects Pro

  • Deep effects
  • Photo collage
  • Photo overlay
  • Background removal

Rating: 4.3

Download Photo Effects Pro

10. VSCO

VSCO is probably the oldest photo editing apps that you can find on Android devices. It has an inbuilt camera feature that allows you to take a picture and edit it afterward. In fact, you can also use the real time effects and filter while taking a picture rather than applying them afterward.

There are various selective editing options and special effects to make one perfect photo. The app is simple to use and extract the result from it. All the features are easy to understand which makes VSCO one of the best photo editors in Google Play Store.

Besides, if you want to access the additional editing tools then you can go after the premium version while paying $19.99 a year.

Features of VSCO

  • Video editor
  • Image overlay
  • Customize colors

Rating: 4

Download VSCO

How to Select the Best Photo Editing App?

Choosing the best photo editor apps for you is determined based on your requirements. In other words, if you are looking for a simple design that is just perfect to add effects, filters, and balance the color of an image then you don’t have to go after a professional photo editor has a monthly fee.

On the other side, if you are already in photo editing and want to grab more features that the desktop version of photo editor apps offers then choose a top-rated photo editor. They will offer more features that is good enough to make the best-looking picture. Besides, you also may have to pay monthly or annual charges for top photo editor.

But at last, the best photo editing app should have features like color correction, AI-powered tools, effects, filters, beauty retouching, color effects, image overlay, background removal, and more.

How to Test the Best Photo Editing Apps?

If you are looking for the best photo editing apps then there are certain things that you need to test at first. In this way, you can determine whether the app is suitable for you or not to edit the pictures.

So, here’s the thing we look after to test the best photo editing apps for users.

  • User-friendly
  • Quality interface
  • Number and quality of editing options
  • Versatility of sharing
  • The versatility of effects, filters, color correction, brightness, contrast, lightning.
  • Photo editing accuracy
  • Edited results

How Photo Editing Apps are Different Compared to Desktop Photo Editing Software?

The mobile version of photo editing apps allows you to edit your picture in your hand. It is simple and brings out the best outcomes. But when we compare it to the desktop photo editing software then there’s a huge difference between them.

1. Size of Display

The mobile display size of a lot smaller than the laptop or desktop. When you are editing or retouching the picture then you have to zoom in on the areas where you want to edit. But in a PC photo editing program, you will get a bigger screen size that is a lot easier to edit.

2. Controls Methods

The main difference between the mobile photo editor app and the desktop photo editor app is the control methods. If you want to edit the image on mobile then you have to use your fingers and do the editing. But on a PC, you can simply use the drawing digital pen or pencil, mouse or trackpad, and keyboard for the editing.

3. Complexity of Features

The mobile version of photo editors are good enough to provide your filters, effects, and other features. But if you want to do the image overlay or blend two images together then you have to go after the desktop version of a photo editor like Adobe photoshop. So, the features are the same but the customization and editing options are different

4. Cost

If you are looking for a top photo editing apps then you have to pay monthly or yearly charges for that. The free version of photo editors has limited editing tools compared to the desktop version of photo editing software.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I Pay For a Photo Editing App?

If you only want to do simple editing to post a picture on your social media then do purchase any photo editing apps. But if you want to edit a photo for business purposes then you may look after the premium photo editor app.

What is the Best Free Photo Editing App for Windows?

The best free photo editing apps for Windows are,

  1. PhotoDirector Essential
  2. Movavi Photo Editor
  3. Pixlr
  4. GIMP Photo Editor
  5. BeFunky

What is the Best Free Photo Editing App for Mac?

The best free photo editing apps for Mac are,

  1. PhotoDirector Essential
  2. Photoscape X
  3. Fotor Photo Editor
  4. GIMP Photo Editor
  5. Pixelmator

Final Word

As you can see there are tons of top and popular free photo editing apps for Android that you get on your device. All the above-listed editing apps do the job to make your normal photo into something extraordinary. But for that, you have to know the perfect balance of lightning, brightness, effects color, contrast, saturation, hue, and more. Once you know all these things then you can consider yourself a perfect photo editor.

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