Is Steam Down Today 2022 [Updated]

Is Steam Down

Are you having trouble using your Steam account? If you can’t log in to your Steam then it might be because of the server issue that is either down or not working. It will lock you out from accessing your account for a while until the server gets back online. So, how do you identify … Read more

Can you recover deleted Bumble account in 2022 [Fixed]

Can you recover deleted Bumble account?

On Bumble, account deletion works as account deactivation, which means when you delete your account it will be permanently deactivated but when you log in to your account, you can access your account and it will be reactivated. You can recover your deleted bumble account within 28days after the deletion within the Bumble application. If … Read more

How to Share Playlists on Spotify Duo 2022 [Steps]

Share Playlists on Spotify Duo

You can listen to music on Spotify using the free or premium account easily. The premium subscription offers you the ad-free and offline music feature whereas the free version doesn’t have those features. If you keep playing the Spotify music then there will be lots of music stored in your playlist one way or another. … Read more