What Does ‘Pending’ Mean on Snapchat [Fixed] 2022

Snapchat is a quite fun app to use with your friend to send and receive messages using filters and lenses. It can be your first option besides other chat messaging apps available on the market. However, some user has reported that they see a ‘Pending’ status in the chat when they send a message to someone. So, what does pending mean on Snapchat?

If there is a pending status on your Snapchat chat message then it means your message is not delivered yet. Snapchat will hold your sent text message until the receiver will accept it manually when you are not friends with that person.

Other than this, there are also other things that lead to ‘Pending’ status even though you are friends with someone. So, today you will learn to fix ‘Pending’ on Snapchat so that you can continue your conversation with your friend.

What Does ‘Pending’ Mean on Snapchat Message?

There are various reasons behind the ‘Pending’ status on Snapchat chat messages. Some of the issues can be with your Snapchat app and others can be with your device itself.

Since there is no exact reason so take the following things that cause ‘Pending’ on Snapchat.

1. You’re Not Friends on Snapchat

The most common reason when you sees a ‘pending’ on Snapchat is that you are not friend with that person. When you send a friend request to someone and they didn’t have accepted your request then you will see pending while sending a message to them.

The Snapchat policy is quite simple that will block any incoming message from a person that is not your friend. So, first, you have to check whether you are friends with a person or not.

However, if you are a friend on Snapchat but still there is a pending status then make sure that a person hasn’t un-friend you. When you are friends with someone but they are not then your message will not deliver successfully.

2. Snapchat Server is Down

The second answer to ‘what does pending mean on Snapchat’ is the down in Snapchat server. There is a chance that the server of Snapchat is not functioning properly which is causing the issue. If you are sure about having friends on your Snapchat account but can’t send a  new text message anymore then look after the app server.

3. You’ve Been Blocked on Snapchat

Snapchat won’t send any notification when someone blocks you on Snapchat. You will never know the blocking status on your account from your friend until you send them a message. So, if you see a ‘pending’ status on the chat message of your friend then there is a chance that they have blocked you.

Another method to check whether you’ve been blocked on Snapchat is to search for your friend’s username in the search bar. If you can see the username or display name of a person then a person has unfriended you not blocked. However, if a username didn’t pop up then you’ve been blocked by that user.

4. A Person Has Deleted their Account

The third answer to ‘What does pending mean on Snapchat’ is that a person has deleted their Snapchat account. When someone deletes or removes their account then you won’t be able to talk with them anymore.

In other words, you can try to send them a text message and if there is a ‘pending’ status then a person has deleted their account. When your friend deleted his/her account then Snapchat will wipe out everything from their account database like friends, chat messages, login credentials, Snapchat score, streaks, data, and more.

5. Snapchat Has Restricted Your Account

When there is a policy breach on your Snapchat account for sending harassing, misleading, violent messages to someone then Snapchat will restrict your account. It is possible when a receiver reports your account for such content.

But if you didn’t do such activity to that person on Snapchat then maybe your account is restricted for violating some other policies. You always should stay under the guidelines and policy of Snapchat.

6. Your Internet Connection is Not Stable

If there is a slow internet connection on your device then your message will not be delivered properly. You must know that your device is connected to a stable Wi-Fi connection and working on Snapchat to send and receive the chat messages.

7. Glitch on Snapchat App

There can be a glitch in your Snapchat app for not having enough storage or an updated version of the app. Once a glitch starts to happen then it will cause trouble for a long time until fixing it properly and completely.

One of the most perfect solutions to fix the glitch on the Snapchat app is to clear its cache data. When the cache data is cleared completely then it will restart the server of your database which will fix the glitching issue on Snapchat.

How to Fix Pending Message on Snapchat?

After knowing the major reasons for the pending message on Snapchat, now you have to eliminate it completely. We have listed some of the best troubleshooting solutions to fix Snapchat pending issues on Android and iPhone devices.

Note: You don’t have to rely on only one method for fixing a ‘pending’ issue. Simply try out every below-listed method and check which one works for you.

So, let’s get started.

1. Check Your Internet Connection

The first solution to fix the ‘pending’ on Snapchat is to examine your internet connection. Maybe your router is throwing the slow and unstable Wi-Fi signal so that your device won’t be able to catch it properly.

If that happens then it will take a lot of time for Snapchat to deliver your text message to your friend. You will see the ‘pending’ status until your device receives a proper internet connection.

Therefore, do check your router and if it’s not working properly then restart it. For that, unplug the router main wire for 15 seconds and once again re-plug it back in. This will restart the main server of your router which may help to fix the internet issue.

If restarting your router won’t solve the issue then switch to your mobile data. Simply use the data package that will be cheaper instead of using the direct data of your device.

2. Check Whether You are Friends With a Person

Like I said earlier, you are friends with that person doesn’t mean that a person is also friends with you. In other words, Snapchat won’t send any notification when someone unfriends you from their account. The process only works from their account, not in yours which is one-sided. You can still see that person in your Snapchat friend list but they have already unfriended you.

So, the best way to check whether someone has unfriended you or not on Snapchat is to check their profile. Go to their profile from your friend’s list and look after the ‘Save in Chat’ and ‘Chat Attachments’ sections. If you can find these two sections on their profile then they are still friends with you.

However, if you can’t find them then you are only friends with that person but they are not.

3. Restart the Snapchat App

To fix your Snapchat pending status, you can restart your Snapchat app. Sometimes there can be an internal issue with the app that is causing the error. Even though you send a new message to your friends then it can be on the ‘Pending’ state for a long time that even won’t go away.

That’s why close the Snapchat app and open it from the beginning. I won’t say that this will solve the issue completely but there is a chance it can work in your case.

4. Clear Snapchat Cache Data

If you want to know ‘what does pending mean on Snapchat and how to fix it’ then you have to clear the Snapchat cache data. The cache will simply store everything you do on your account. So, if there was a ‘pending’ issue in your account before then the cache will call the same data over and over again.

In this case, you have to wipe out the cache data of Snapchat to load the fresh data in the database. Don’t worry, clearing the Snapchat cache will only delete the duplicate data and files that are stored in your account. It won’t touch your main data which helps to load and run your account properly.

Here are the methods to clear Snapchat cache data on Android and iPhone.

  1. Launch the Snapchat app on your device.
  2. Go to your profile section by tapping on your ‘Avatar’ icon.
  3. Now, tap on the ‘Settings Gear’ icon to access your account settings section.
  4. Under the Accounts Actions section, you have to tap on the “Clear Cache” option.
  5. Finally, tap on the “Continue” button that removes the Snapchat cache.
  6. Now, you can restart your Snapchat app.

5. Send Snapchat Message to Another Friend

You can also check whether a person has unfriended you on Snapchat or not by sending a message to your other friends. Sometimes you can find the issue ‘pending’ issue only with limited friends on Snapchat.

So, you can send a text message to your other friends and check whether your message will deliver or not. If you can see the delivered message then either a person has unfriended you or there is cache data in your Snapchat.

6. Restart Your Device

If restarting the Snapchat app won’t solve the issue then you can simply restart your device. There can be an internal issue that is causing the error on your Snapchat app because of your device issue.

For example, I can’t able to use the microphone on any installed apps on my device whether it’s on Snapchat, Tiktok, or Instagram. But when I restart the device then the microphone starts to work.

So, restarting your phone can also solve the Snapchat pending issue in your case if the issue was from your device side. Simply hold your phone power button and restart your Android and iPhone phones.

7. Check Snapchat Server Status

The server plays a vital role in whether Snapchat will work or not. If there is a server issue on Snapchat then it will freeze some of the features on the app. You may be able to send text messages, take a snap or make a call (audio and video) on Snapchat.

Now, you can check the Snapchat server status from the ‘DownDetector’ tool that shows the real-time server status of the app. If there you can find the error then you have to wait until Snapchat will fix their server issue.

You have to know that the server issue won’t last for a long time. It can be fixed within a few minutes or hours. So, you can check the server of Snapchat from time to time.

8. Update Your Snapchat App

If you are still using the older version of Snapchat then it won’t be good for you to use it. You can find tons of minor issues in the app just because of the outdated version of the app. So, make sure that Snapchat is up-to-date and working properly.

You can check the update of Snapchat on Android devices from the following steps.

  1. Launch Google Play Store.
  2. Tap on your profile icon that is located on the upper right side of the home screen.
  3. Now, tap on the “Manage apps and device” option after following the second step.
  4. Next, tap on the “Manage’ tab from the upper left side.
  5. After that, tap on the “Update Available” tab on the top left side.
  6. Here you can find the list of app that needs an update.

You can check the update of Snapchat on your iPhone device from the following steps.

  1. Go to the Apps Store on your iPhone.
  2. Tap on your profile icon.
  3. Scroll down and look after the ‘pending updates and release notes’ section.
  4. Now, check the Snapchat new update.

9. Re-install Snapchat App

If updating the Snapchat app didn’t solve the pending status on the Snapchat message issue then uninstall the app. Later on, you can download the fresh version from the Google play store for Android devices and the Apps store for iPhone.

When you delete your Snapchat account from your device then it won’t delete everything unless you do it permanently from the Snapchat. You can again use your login credentials to use your account later on.

10. Use Other Messaging Platforms

If none of the above-mentioned methods works in your case then you have no other choice but to use other messaging platforms. When there is an urgent for you to send an important message to your friend then you can do it by phone call, SMS, and using other social media messaging apps like Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram, and more.

How Long Do the Pending Messages on Snapchat Last?

The pending message on Snapchat depends on the receiver side. If your friend accepts your new message request or adds you as a friend then you won’t see any ‘pending’ status. But if a person doesn’t want to talk to your or doesn’t know you then it can last forever.

Besides, if the issue was on Snapchat when you both are friends then you can easily fix it from the above-listed solutions. So, don’t give up and try to fix the issue for wait for some days until a person accepts your friend request.

When Will the Pending Snapchat Notification Go Away?

The pending Snapchat notification on message will go away when a person will accept your friend request and adds you to their friend list. If you are friends with that person then fix the low internet connection, clear cache, update the Snapchat app, and restart your device to fix pending messages on Snapchat.

Why Does My Snapchat Say Pending, but We Are Still Friends?

If you are friends with a person on Snapchat and you see a ‘Pending’ status on the chat message then maybe a person has unfriended you. It is possible on Snapchat to make someone a friend from your side but you are not friended with them on their side.

Other than this, there can be also an issue with your internet connection, Snapchat cache, glitches on Snapchat, server down, an outdated version of the Snapchat app.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Blue Mean Pending on Snapchat?

The blue icon on a Snapchat message means that you’ve successfully delivered the message but a person hasn’t still open your sent message.

Can I Send Message to Someone on Snapchat When It is on Pending?

Yes, you can easily send multiple messages on Snapchat when it’s in a pending state.

Why Snapchat Pending Won’t Go Away?

Snapchat pending will go away when you fix the issue such as accepting your friend request, checking the Snapchat server, examining the Wi-Fi connection, restarting your device, clearing Snapchat cache, updating Snapchat, and unrestricting your account.

Does Pending on Snapchat Mean Blocked?

Yes, pending on Snapchat can be the blocked status from your friend on Snapchat.

What Does it Mean When Snapchat Says Pending in Grey?

When you see the grey pending status on a Snapchat message then you are friends with that person to whom you’ve sent the text messages.

Final Word

It is never too late to know ‘what does pending mean on Snapchat and how to fix it properly. The issue can be temporary as well as permanently based on the main error that is occurring in your account. So, follow the above-mentioned troubleshooting methods to fix the pending Snapchat issue.

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