How to Hide your ‘Last Seen’ Active Status on Instagram 2022

How to Hide your Last Seen Active Status on Instagram

Instagram has been adding a new feature in every update of the application. Recently Instagram has introduced the new feature”Active Status.” Now, you can see all online users on your Instagram account similar to Facebook messenger. Are you just worried because your friends and family can see you when you are online? Then don’t worry … Read more

9 Tips to Make your Instagram Videos More Fun and Engaging

9 Tips to Make your Instagram Videos More Fun and Engaging

It’s about time the world realizes the power of Instagram videos. They work wonders when it comes to improving page engagement, promoting your product/service, and growing your social media presence. Assuming you have decided to take Instagram videos seriously for your business, you must be looking for tips to set your videos apart. Before we … Read more

How to Use TikTok Voice Effect and Voice Over in 2022 [101 Tips]

Use Tiktok Voice Effect and Voice Over

TikTok is the most popular apps in the world right now. It allows you to create short videos or slideshow photos using various effects, filters, music, and more. You may have heard people using robotic, female, shake voices on TikTok videos. It’s all because of TikTok voice effects. So, how do people add voice effects to TikTok … Read more

How to Make 3D Zoom Video on Tiktok in 2022 [Step by Step]

Make 3D Zoom Effect Video on Tiktok

Are you wondering how Tiktokers are creating zoom-in and zoom-out videos or 3d zoom videos? If so then it is all because of the Zoom effect. You can find in-build zoom transition on the Tiktok app which you can apply in your video after recording. But nowadays there is a trend of 3d zoom video … Read more