How to Remove Phone Number from Instagram 2022 [Updated]

Are you afraid that someone or your contacts will find you on Instagram through your number? If so then you can remove phone number from Instagram. If you want to make your account private from your family members or who has your mobile number then unlinking your number from your account is the best option that you can choose from.

So how do you remove contacts from Instagram account? If you want to maintain your privacy on Instagram and thinking about deleting your phone number then simply open your Instagram app. Go to your Profile section from the bottom right corner. Select an Edit Profile and tap on Personal information settings. Finally, erase your current number under from Phone number section and save the changes.

Now nobody can find you on Instagram using your mobile number. You can easily surf your Instagram without receiving follow requests from people whom you’ve known already. If somebody who is in your contacts wants to add you on Instagram then they have to search for you by username. More, you also won’t be visible on the “Suggested for you” section on those people profile that has your number.

But how do you delete a phone number from Instagram on PC? How you can disconnect contacts from Instagram if you don’t want to unlink your mobile number from Instagram? And what to do if you can’t able to unlink phone number on Instagram?

Make sure to read the complete article to find out the answers.

How to Unlink Phone Number from Instagram?

To erase a number from your Instagram account you need to go to your account settings and verify your email address. once your email is successfully verified then you can delete the number that is associated with your account.

Now, if you have already linked your email to your Instagram and you are ok to unlink phone number from Instagram then keep reading.

Note: Before moving to delete a mobile number from Instagram, make sure you link your email address to Instagram and verify it. If not, then you can’t unlink the number. Plus, removing your number from your personal Instagram account is the same for your Instagram business account.

Remove Phone Number from Instagram on Android and iOS

Instagram app is officially made for mobile devices.

So, if you are using an Instagram app on your Android and iPhone, iPad devices then you can follow the following steps to delete the phone number from the Instagram business account.

But before that, update your Instagram app to make sure you won’t be stuck in any following steps.

  1. Open Instagram app.
  2. Tap on your Profile icon from the bottom right corner.
    profile icon
  3. Tap on Edit Profile option below your Instagram bio.
    edit profile
  4. Scroll down and select Personal Information Settings.
    remove phone number from instagram
  5. Now, if you still didn’t verify your email then verify it first.
  6. After that, tap on Phone Number.
    phone number
  7. Select your number and erase it from the textbox.
  8. Next, tap on the Next button.
    remove phone number from instagram
  9. Tap on tick mark from the upper right corner to save changes.
    tick mark


This way you can remove phone number from Instagram within few minutes. From now on, your contacts won’t able to find you on Instagram. You make your Instagram private or invisible from your contacts.

Besides, if you change your mind and want to add a phone number on Instagram again then reverse the process. Instead of erasing the number, simply add your number and verify it.

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Remove Phone Number from Instagram on PC

If you are accessing Instagram on your PC then let me ask you one question.

Are you using Android Emulator to access an Instagram app on desktop or a web version of Instagram? If you are going with Android Emulator then you can follow the same steps which I have mentioned above to unlink phone number. That’s because the emulator runs an official version of the Instagram app so all the features will be the same.

However, if you are using Chrome, Firefox, Opera, or other browsers to access your Instagram account then here are the steps to remove mobile number from Instagram.

  1. Open your browser which you are using on your PC.
  2. Go to Instagram site or simply type for direct access.
  3. Login to your account if required.
  4. Click on your Profile icon from the upper right menu.
  5. Next, click on Profile.
    instagram profile
  6. Now, click on Edit Profile.
    edit profile
  7. Scroll down and under the Phone number section, erase your given number.
    remove phone number from instagram
  8. Next, click on Submit button.
    remove phone number from instagram

Now exit from your profile and refresh the Instagram page to see the changes. Once you delete phone number on Instagram through the web version then it also removes your number from an official mobile version of Instagram. Simply, it implies or syncs the server and database.

How to Change Your Phone Number from Instagram?

Another option to remove your current phone number from Instagram is to replace it with a new number. If you don’t want to add your primary number to Instagram then you can use the secondary number which you rarely use.

In this way, your account is still secured and you don’t have to worry about your primary number.

Most of the time, using the secondary number is the best solution because in case your number is used for marketing purposes then you won’t receive any email on your number.

But do active your secondary number in case you lost your login credentials and you need to recover your account back. That’s because you will receive account recovery information or verification on your number.

Now, to change mobile number on Instagram business account or personal account, first

  1. open your Instagram app.
  2. Go to your Profile Page from the bottom right corner. After that you will land on your main Instagram profile page where you can view your posted content, followers, following and manage your profile.
  3. Now, tap on Edit profile in order to access your Instagram overall account editing settings.
    edit profile
  4. Once you are on the editing page, scroll down to the bottom and select Personal information settings.
    remove phone number from instagram
  5. Now, tap on the Phone number option and erase your current number.
    phone number
  6. Next, enter your new number (secondary) in the required field.
  7. After that, tap on the Next button to request Instagram to send a verification code.
    remove phone number from instagram
  8. Next, go back to your device Messaging folder and copy the verification code. If you didn’t receive a code then wait for a few minutes or request once again.
    verification code
  9. Now, paste the verification code in the required field.
  10. Once the number is accepted then tap on the arrow or tick mark.
  11. Finally, tap on the tick mark from the upper right corner to save your new number.
    tick mark

How to Disconnect Contacts from Instagram Account?

If you don’t want to remove phone number from your Instagram account and also don’t want your contacts or friends to find you using your mobile number on Instagram then you can also unlink or disconnect contacts from your Instagram. By doing this, Instagram will stop syncing your device contacts and won’t suggest your profile to your contacts Instagram profile.

Do you want to know how you can remove the contacts link from your Instagram account?

Follow the following few steps down below.

  1. Open Instagram account.
  2. Access to your account using login credentials if required.
  3. Go to your Profile section from the bottom right corner.
    profile icon
  4. Tap on three lines from the upper right corner.
    three lines
  5. Now, select Discover People.
    Disconnect Contacts from Instagram
  6. Select Don’t Allow Access or Not Now option in a pop-up message.
    Disconnect Contacts from Instagram
  7. Now, disable Connect Contacts feature from the upper side.
    Disconnect Contacts from Instagram

This will prevent Instagram from syncing your device contacts which means it won’t suggest your profile to others on Instagram if they have your number.

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What Happens When You Remove Your Phone Number from Instagram?

Deleting your number from Instagram is a straightforward method that you can complete within few minutes. But one should not forget that it can hamper or affect you personally in the future.

You may want to know how?

Well, when you remove mobile number from Instagram then it will break your Instagram security level. Plus, it will be also hard for you to recover your Instagram account back if you forget your password and username. Instagram does usually use your number to secure your account as well as in a time to help you to retrieve your account back in case there is a breach or you can’t remember your login credentials.

But if you have added an email address on your Instagram account then it will cover up all the above issues. However, you still need to verify your email address so that Instagram will have one option to secure your account and will help you out to get back your account login credentials.

How to Remove Phone from Instagram Without Login?

If you want to unlink a number from your Instagram account then you must first log in to your account. The proper login credentials are required before performing any task on your account.

So, if you are thinking about disconnecting your number on Instagram without accessing your account then it’s impossible to do that for you.

How do you expect to drive a car without getting into your vehicle?

It’s quite impossible, isn’t it? So, you have to first sign in to your Instagram account and then delete your number. If you randomly delete your account thinking about it will remove your number then it won’t.

Other than this, you have one option to remove phone number from your Instagram without login which is to contact Instagram customer support. If you can’t remember your login information then you can reach to Instagram help center and request them to remove a contact from your account.

In addition, you can also reach to Instagram’s Twitter page and tweet your issue.

How to Extract Phone Number from Instagram Account?

Users can easily extract contacts of someone on Instagram if it’s a business account or a community account. When someone made their account for public or for business purposes then you can see their contacts (number and email) on their profile.

In this way, you can get someone’s phone number or email address from their Instagram account.

But if it’s a regular Instagram account (personal) then you can’t extract their contacts unless you ask them personally. You can’t see or know someone’s contacts if their Instagram account is public and private.

So, you can only extract contacts of Instagram Business accounts or community account.

Now, let’s see how you can Know the Phone Number of Someone’s Instagram Account with the help of the following steps.

Note: You can only extract a business account or professional account profile on Instagram.

  1. Open the Instagram app.
  2. Search the account (profile) on which you want to extract the contacts from the search bar.
    extract phone number on instagram account
  3. If you can’t remember the person’s name then you can go to your main profile and search the profile either from the “Followers” or “Following” section.
    Know the Phone Number of Someone's Instagram Account
  4. Once you find the account of that person then open that person’s profile.
  5. Now, tap on “Contact” just below their account bio/information. If you can’t see the contact then you will see either the “phone number” or “email address” option.
    find out the phone number on your Instagram account
  6. Finally, save their number or email on your device.
    find the phone number behind an instagram account

In this way, you can easily find out the phone number on your Instagram account. Once you find the contact then you can either make a call or save it on your mobile so that it can be useful in the future.

But remember some people don’t show their contacts on Instagram even it’s a business account. So, if you want to contact them then you can send a message.

How to Disconnect Facebook from Instagram?

You can also unlink Facebook from Instagram so that you won’t get any friend request from your Facebook friends. This way, you can browse both Instagram and Facebook privately without linking each other.

So, how do you disconnect friends from Facebook on your Instagram account?

  1. Open Instagram app.
  2. Tap on your Profile icon.
    profile icon
  3. Tap on three lines from the upper right corner.
    three lines
  4. Now, tap on the Discover people option.
    Disconnect Contacts from Instagram
  5. Finally, disconnect Connect to Facebook option.
    Disconnect Facebook from Instagram

Now, your Facebook friends won’t find you on Instagram and you will also won’t see friends from your Facebook.

How to Remove/Delete Instagram Account Permanently?

If you want to take a break from Instagram or don’t want to use it anymore because of your personal reason then you can delete your Instagram account. When you delete your Instagram account then it will be deactivated for 30 daysAfter the completion of that time then Instagram will automatically delete your account permanently.

Besides, you can’t directly remove your Instagram account from the mobile or Instagram app. You have to go to the web version of Instagram or on the Instagram web.

So, to remove your Instagram account permanently, first,

  1. Visit Instagram web account.
  2. Login to your account if required.
  3. Now you will see a deletion page of Instagram.
    Remove/Delete Instagram Account
  4. Next, state your reason why you want to delete your account.
    Delete Instagram Account
  5. After providing a reason, type your password.
    Delete Instagram Account
  6. Finally, click on Delete account (you will see your username).
    Delete Instagram Account

Now Instagram will provide you exact deletion date of your account. It will be over 30 days time period. If you change your mind and want to continue with Instagram then you have to act within those 30 days time periods.

Why I Can’t Remove Phone Number from Instagram?

Are you not able to remove your phone number from Instagram account? Do you know why you can’t delete a mobile number from your Instagram account?

Well, there are various factors that prevent you from unlinking a number on your Instagram account. Saying that I have mentioned some of the common troubleshooting solutions to fix those issues.

Take a closer look.

  • Verify your Email on Instagram.
  • Check your internet connection.
  • Restart the Instagram app.
  • Check your device performance.
  • Re-try after few minutes.
  • Check Instagram server.
  • Restart your device.
  • Clear Instagram cache.
  • Update Instagram app.
  • Re-install Instagram.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can People See My Phone Number on Instagram?

No, your friend or people can’t see your phone number on your Instagram account.

Can Someone Find Your Instagram with Your Phone Number?

Yes, if you have linked your number on Instagram then people can find you using your mobile number.

Does Instagram Show Your Phone Number?

No, Instagram won’t show your phone number to anyone.

Can Someone Take Your Phone Number from Instagram?

No, you can’t take someone’s phone number from your Instagram account.

Is There a Way to Unlink Your Phone Number from Your Instagram Account?

Yes, you can easily remove phone number from your Instagram account.

Last Word

Linking your phone number on your Instagram account is a good way to protect your login credentials and secure your account. But if you are worried that someone will find you using your number on Instagram then you can remove phone number from Instagram. But don’t forget to verify your email address on Instagram before removing the number as well after removing it.

However, if you don’t feel like deleting your mobile number then do disconnect contacts from your Instagram account.

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If you have any suggestions or queries then will love to hear them out. Also, go to Fixing Guides for more Instagram-related articles.

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