Why WhatsApp Status Not Loading 2022 [Fixed]

If you make WhatsApp your default online messaging app then you can talk with anyone from your contacts list. Simply sync your device contacts then it will be added to your WhatsApp contacts. Later on, you can receive their text message, and calls, and also view their status. But some users reported that ‘WhatsApp status not loading’ properly.

If your WhatsApp status are not loading then you need to clear your WhatsApp cache, check whether your contacts have blocked you, restart the synchronization of your contacts, restart your device, reboot your mobile data, and update the WhatsApp.

There are also other solutions that you can try out to fix the WhatsApp status problem on your device. So, make sure to read the full article.

What Is WhatsApp Status?

The WhatsApp Status is like stories of Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat. The status which you post in your account will be available for 24 hrs only until it disappears. All your WhatsApp contacts can be able to view your status if they are your friends.

If you don’t have any contacts on your list then adding the status is just a waste of time. But if you’ve synced your device contacts and you talk to them on a daily basis either for fun or business purpose then you can add a WhatsApp status.

Besides, you have a right to watch someone’s status or block it so that it won’t be visible in your ‘Status’ section. If you have a contact that keeps uploading the status of its business products and similar to that then you can block their status from showing.

Why WhatsApp Status Not Loading?

There are various reasons why you can’t see someone’s WhatsApp status in your account. When your contacts upload their status then it will be available in the ‘Status’ section next to the calls. But if you can’t view it for some reason then here are the possible reasons for that.

1. Outdated Version of WhatsApp

If you are still using the outdated version of WhatsApp then it will be trouble for you to see your friend’s status. WhatsApp being the new update from time to time to eliminate the old patches and bugs in the system.

When there is a new update and you still won’t update it then this might be the reason why WhatsApp status not loading.

2. Contacts List Issue

If you don’t have your number on their WhatsApp but you do have of their then you can’t see their status. There is a simple thing on WhatsApp is that as long as you are connected with someone and you both have each other number then you can call, message, and view each other status.

So, check whether the other part does have your mobile number in their account contacts list or not.

3. Mobile Connection Issue

WhatsApp not only uses the internet connection to work but also uses some of your device networks. If you have a poor network connection on your phone then it would be difficult for you to view the status of your contacts. In other words, WhatsApp won’t display the status of someone if your phone network is broken, damaged, and more.

4. Contacts is Not Fully Synchronize

Did WhatsApp successfully sync your device contacts? You can only call someone on WhatsApp if you have their phone number. You can use WhatsApp like Facebook messenger or Instagram where you add people or users and call them online. You will require proper contact details to call someone on WhatsApp.

Therefore, if your account is not fully synced with your phone contacts and it won’t be able to load someone’s number then you can load their status.

5. You Are Blocked By User

If your WhatsApp status not loading or working then a person might have blocked you. When someone blocks you on WhatsApp then you won’t be able to view their posted status. Other than this, you also can’t make a call or start a conversation with them if you are blocked on WhatsApp by someone.

6. You Are Not Friend With a Person

Did you check your WhatsApp contact list and check that person whether they belong there or not? If you don’t have a friend on WhatsApp and you are looking for their status then it won’t be visible. So, double-check whether you have a person’s number in your WhatsApp contact list.

How to Fix WhatsApp Status Not Loading?

The status of WhatsApp won’t load if you are having an issue with your account or on your device. You always have to remember to check for the internal problem on your phone as well as in the app.

However, if you can’t find out the exact solutions for the issue then I will cover you up. In this section, I have listed some of the best troubleshooting methods to fix WhatsApp status not loading, working, or freezing issue on Android and iPhone.

1. Check Your Internet Connection

The first thing which you need to do when you can’t load someone’s WhatsApp status is to check your internet. If there is an unstable or poor internet connection that is passing then it will take time to load the status. You have to wait for a few seconds and let the status load completely.

In the meantime, you can fix your Wi-Fi router by restarting it. This will somehow reboot the internet and can help you to give a reliable connection.

2. Clear WhatsApp Cache

It is necessary to clear the cache of WhatsApp if its status is not opening. When you try to watch someone’s status but it won’t open no matter how many times you click on it then delete WhatsApp cache data.

Here’s how you can clear the WhatsApp cache file.

  1. Open your device settings.
  2. Tap on the “Apps” and “Manage Apps” options from the settings list.
  3. Now, look after the “WhatsApp” in the list of all installed apps.
  4. There, go to the bottom side and tap on the “Clear Data” button.
  5. Finally, tap on the “Clear Cache” option and done.

3. Active Your Device Data Connection

If the Wi-Fi is not working on your device then you can also use your device data. You need to enable your device data connection so that it can use the SIM and give you the internet from it. In this way, you will immediately know whether you are having he issue with the internet or not.

  1. Go to your device settings.
  2. Tap on the “Sim cards & mobile networks” option to open it.
  3. Now, scroll down and tap on “Mobile Data” to enable it.

4. Reload the WhatsApp Account

Have you tried reloading the WhatsApp application on your device when you can view your contact’s status? If not then do it right now and check whether it’s loading or not. Refreshing the app will fix all common internal issues in the app such as freezing, server loading time, and more. If some of the features of the app suddenly start to unload then remember to restart the app.

5. Restart Your Mobile Phone

Most of the time when you can’t have the issue in your installed apps then it is because of your device. If you have linked your mobile phone to third-party software or you have downloaded the third-party unknown apps then it will inject the bugs and viruses into your phone. This will malfunction the apps on your device and doesn’t work properly.

6. Enable Network Automatically

You have to let your device SIM network to provide the service automatically rather than manually. Like I said earlier, WhatsApp also uses your phone network to perform its function and work. If you don’t have a SIM card in your device then it will be difficult for you to use WhatsApp.

  1. Access your mobile settings.
  2. Select the “SIM cards & mobile networks” option.
  3. Now, choose your SIM card.
  4. Thereafter choose the “Mobile Networks” option at the bottom side.
  5. Toggle on the “Automatically select network” button.

7. Disable VPN Service

You don’t have to use the VPN service on your device if you can’t load the WhatsApp status. When you use the VPN then it will change your IP address and also your location. So, if WhatsApp won’t handle the VPN service then you also don’t have to use it.

8. Restart Access Point Names

Every device has its own access point names in the SIM network. It will help give you a proper public internet whenever you use the data and Wi-Fi. But if there is something wrong with the access point then you have to restart it.

  1. In your device settings, open the “SIM card” settings.
  2. Now, you need to choose the SIM that you have on your deivce.
  3. After that, tap on the “Access Point Names” option.
  4. Now, tap on the “Reset” button at the bottom side.
  5. Next, reboot your mobile phone and check WhatsApp.

9. Update WhatsApp Application

You must need the latest version of WhatsApp on your device if you are having trouble with your internet. When there is a new update available but you still use the old version then it will be difficult for you to load the status. So, if WhatsApp status not loading do update the app.

10. Reinstall WhatsApp

If none of the above-mentioned methods works then simply delete the app from your device and then download a fresh one. Maybe there is some internal issue in the app that won’t be solved with the above-listed methods. In that case, you have to reinstall WhatsApp.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can Someone Who Didn’t Save My Number See My WhatsApp Status?

No, if a person doesn’t have your contacts in their WhatsApp then they won’t be able t see your status.

How to See Status of All Contacts on WhatsApp?

To see the status of all WhatsApp contacts you need to open the WhatsApp app and then tap on the “Status” option at the middle side.

Why WhatsApp Status Suddenly Disappeared Before 24 Hours?

If WhatsApp status disappears suddenly before 24 hrs then a creator might have deleted or removed it from their account.

How Can I See My Friend’s WhatsApp Status?

To see your friend’s WhatsApp status you first need to add their phone number to your WhatsApp contacts list and then go to the “Status” option.

Why My WhatsApp is Not Opening?

If WhatsApp does not open clear the app cache, update the app, check the WhatsApp server, disable the VPN network, restart your phone, uninstall WhatsApp and contact WhatsApp customer service.

I Can’t Upload Status on WhatsApp on Android and iPhone

If you can’t upload status on your WhatsApp then you need to update the app and clear its cache.

Final Word

There are various methods to solve WhatsApp status not loading or working issues on mobile phones. One issue can be different from others so you also have to try out all the possible solutions for it. If you only stick with a single solution then it won’t help you out.

Do you like the WhatsApp application?

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