How to Get Fake Camera App for Kik 2022 [Android and iOS]

Kik is best for chatting, sharing media files, and live streaming. But if someone asks you to send a picture each and every time during the chat then you can use the fake live camera pictures from your camera roll. So, today we will talk about how to get fake camera app for Kik?

To get a fake camera app for Kik you can use Blue Kik or GalleryCam for Android and AppValley for iOS devices. These apps are quite helpful to use your existing gallery images to click pictures using a live Kik camera.

It is just a matter of time to get send live camera pictures on Kik on your devices by following the step-by-step procedures.

What is Fake Camera App for Kik?

The fake camera app is helpful when you want to send fake live images from your device camera roll on Kik. In other words, if you don’t want to use Kik’s real-time camera to click a picture then you can use fake live camera apps to convert your gallery pictures into real-time recently clicked images.

Kik has a ‘Meet New People’ feature that allows you to talk to strangers for 15 minutes. Once your time limit is over then you can send them a friend request and make them your Kik friend. Here, if a person keeps asking you to share your images or video via chat then a fake camera app for Kik will be a lifesaver.

Therefore, Kik fake live camera app basically keeps you away from clicking a real-time picture from Kik live camera.

How to Get Fake Camera App for Kik on Android?

The fake camera app for Kik originally started from Android devices. Previously, you can use the ‘GalleryCam’ or ‘Fake camera Kik app’ on Android but now they are available for download. So, you have to switch to ‘Blue Kik’.

Here, you have to access your Kik account using the Blue Kik application just like on the regular app.

  1. Open your browser on your Android device.
  2. Now, go to the “” website from the upper search bar.
  3. There, tap on the “Blue Kik” button from the screen.
  4. Next, choose the download option to get the Kik application using Blue mods.
  5. After downloading the Blue Kik application on your phone then log in to your account using your username and password.
  6. Access the Blue Kik account and go to the “Settings” area from the top right corner.
  7. Now, select the “Blue Mods” and then the “Media” option.
  8. After that, scroll down and select the “Fake Camera” option from the list.
  9. Next, tick the mark on the “Photos” and “Videos” checkboxes.
  10. Now, exit from the settings and select the user to whom you want to use the fake camera app for Kik.
  11. Thereafter, tap on the “Image” icon and then choose the images from your camera roll and send it.

How to Get Fake Camera App for Kik on iPhone?

There is only one way to use fake live camera videos or images for Kik on iOS using ‘AppValley’. You won’t find the official app from the Apps store so you you have to download it from its official website.

  1. Access your Safari browser on your iPhone.
  2. Now, visit the “AppValley” main website.
  3. When you reach the homepage of the website then get the app on your iPhone or iPad.
  4. After downloading the AppValley, install it.
  5. Now, open the App Valley application on your phone.
  6. After that, you have to download the “Kik” app from AppValley.
  7. When you are about to get Kik on your iPhone then first allow the third-party application permission.
  8. After giving permission for Kik from AppValley then download it.
  9. Once the download it completed then launch the Kik application and sign in to your account.
  10. Select the user or chat of a person and access your gallery from there.
  11. Now, choose the images or video that is already taken and send it.

Why Kik Not Sending Fake Live Camera Pictures?

You have to give permission to your devices before using the fake camera app for Kik. If your device is not allowed to download external third-party apps then you can’t send the fake images even though you successfully manage to get the app.

But if your download is completed and there is nothing issue with the fake camera app for Kik then here are the other things which you should look after.

  • Activate VPN in your Android and iPhone.
  • Check your internet connection.
  • Update your phone OS.
  • Restart your device.
  • Reboot the Kik application.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Someone Know When You Use Fake Camera for Kik?

No, when you send someone a fake live camera pic on Kik then they will never get any notification or glance of gallery images. The sent images or videos will not have a ‘Gallery’ icon at the bottom side of the image instead a person will see ‘Camera’ text.

Is Kik Safe to Send Pictures?

We won’t personally suggest you to get fake camera app for Kik because they are third-party apps. When you use third-party apps from the internet then there is a risk of your personal data being hacked or stolen. So, go after the real-time image using the Kik live camera.

What is Kik Live Used for?

Kik live is used for streaming a live session in your Kik account. It is like broadcasting your live video to all Kik users.

How Do You Add a Picture on Kik?

To add images on Kik select a chat message and tap on the “Image” icon from the bottom corner. Now, pick the images from your camera roll and tap on the “Send” button.

Final Word

So, this is how you can get fake camera app for Kik messenger on your iOS and Android. You have to be careful while downloading such apps on your phone in order to protect your personal data. Therefore, I would recommend you send pictures from Kik live camera and don’t use any fake camera apps.

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