How to Disable TikTok Amplify or Ad Authorization 2022 [Step by Step]

Are looking for a way to disable TikTok amplify or Ad authorization on TikTok? When you enable Tiktok amplify on your account then Tiktok or advertiser can use your content for their advertisement or campaign program for free. You don’t have any control over your video nor you can choose where you want to advertise your Tiktok videos.

So, to turn off Tiktok amplify or ad authorization you have to open your Tiktok app and go to your “profile” section. After that, go to the “Tiktok settings” and tap on the “creator tools” option under Account section. At last, toggle off the “Ad settings” option in order to disable Tiktok ad authorization permanently.

From this moment your Tiktok video won’t be used for any advertisement program without your permission. If you find such activity then you can easily report Tiktok for their action.

Now, let’s see the step-by-step process to disable Tiktok amplification on Android and iPhone devices. We will also talk about other necessary things about ad authorization on Tiktok.

What is Ad Amplify Program on TikTok?

Tiktok Ad amplify or authorization is a feature that allows Tiktok or other advertisers to use your video for their advertisement and campaign. In other words, advertisers have full right to your published content and they can use it for their benefits (that is earning money from it).

Suppose you are famous on Tiktok and your videos get tons of likes and views. When you turn on the Ad authorization feature on your Tiktok account then you are giving permission to Tiktok they can use any videos for their advertisement for free. It’s like giving access to your content for a campaign program.

So, there are both advantages as well as disadvantages of turning on Ad authorization or amplify on Tiktok. It depends on you which side you are focusing on and whether you are looking for benefits or not.

What Happens When You Turn on TikTok Amplify?

If you are thinking about enabling Tiktok amplify or ad authorization on your account then you will have no rights in your content if someone uses it for their ads campaign. Tiktok will already know that you are giving permission to them to use your videos.

Second thing is that you can’t even use copyright on your content if it is used by high-profile companies or for offensive things. You will have no right to sue them or tell them to remove your content.

However, your content will be even more visible to people which will help to increase the visibility in your Tiktok profile and other videos. But remember you won’t earn any money from the Tiktok ad authorization program no matter how famous you are on Tiktok.

How to Disable TikTok Amplify?

Disabling the Tiktok amplify or ad authorization is a simple process as long as you know the correct steps. You only need your personal Tiktok account that is running and not shadowbanned or violated any policies of Tiktok.

In case your Tiktok account is locked or disabled or blocked then you may not join Tiktok amplify nor disable it.

Now, let’s see the simple steps to turn off Tiktok ad authorization on mobile devices.

Note: You have to update your Tiktok app before moving to the following steps. That’s because Tiktok has changed some of the steps to access Tiktok amplify or ad authorization feature.

Steps to Disable TikTok Amplify in Android Phone

If you are using an Android device then here are the steps to disable Tiktok amplify.

Step 1: Open Tiktok app

First, of all, open the Tiktok app on your Android device. If you still haven’t downloaded the Tiktok then get it from the Google play store.

Step 2: Login to Your Aaccount

Next login to your Tiktok account using username and password if you are using it after a long time. If you regularly use Tiktok then you don’t have to log in.

Step 3: Tap on Your Profile Icon

After accessing your account simply tap on your “Profile” icon from the bottom right corner of the screen. This is where you can find your entire published Tiktok content and its settings section.

Step 4: Tap on Three Lines

Now, tap on “Three Lines” from the upper right corner of the screen so that you can access your account settings. From there, you can control and customize your Tiktok just the way you like.

Step 5: Tap on Creator Tools Option

Next, tap on the “Creator Tools” option under account section. In the older version of Tiktok app you can directly find the “Tiktok Amplify” option when you scroll down from the settings. Besides, you can also access it from the “Privacy and Safety” option.

Step 6: Disable Ad Settings Option

When you access your account creator tools then simply toggle off the “Ad Settings” option under the settings section. This is also known as “Ad authorization” or “Tiktok amplify”.

Step 7: Tap on Turn off and Continue Option

Finally, it will pop up a dialog box that asks you whether you want to disable Tiktok ad authorization or not. So, tap on the “Turn off and Continue” option to save the changes.

In this way, you will not allow advertisers to use your post in their ads.

Steps to Disable TikTok Amplify in iPhone Device

If you are using an iOS device then here are the steps to disable Tiktok amplify.

Step 1: Open Tiktok App

The first step is to open your iPhone device and log in to your Tiktok account using your username and password.

Step 2: Go to Your Profile

After that, tap on your “Profile” icon from the bottom right corner of the screen to locate your content. In the older version, you may find the “Me” icon to access your Tiktok profile section.

Step 3: Go to Settings

Now, go to your account settings by tapping on “Three Lines” from the upper right corner.

Step 4: Tap on Privacy and Safety Option

Next, select the “Privacy and Safety” option in order to access Tiktok amplify feature on iPhone.

Step 5: Toggle off Ad Authorization or Tiktok Amplify

At last, turn off the “Ad Authorization” or “Tiktok Amplify” option and you are good to go. From this moment, your content are safe within yourself and nobody can use it without your authorization.

Is TikTok Amplify Safe to Use?

Yes, Tiktok amplify is completely safe to use. But there are good parts as well as the bad part about using ad authorization on Tiktok. It depends on what you looking for and what are your objectives. So, take a closer look at the benefits and negative things about Tiktok amplify.

What Are the Benefits of TikTok Amplify?

If you make a plan to enable Tiktok amplify or ad authorization feature on your account then how do you get to benefit from it?

Well, there is a limited number of advantages to joining Tiktok amplify that helps you somehow to get popular. But remember, it depends on the advertiser and where they put your content.

So, here are some benefits of Tiktok amplify.

Increase in Tiktok Profile Visibility

If someone uses your posts for their ad campaign in popular places or platforms then you will obviously get more visibility in your Tiktok profile. When people saw you in different advertisements then they will search for your Tiktok account which will increase in popularity.

Increase in Tiktok Videos Likes and Followers

After increasing your profile visibility then people will view your other posts that will also increase likes and followers on Tiktok. Just think, if advertiser uses your content for their ads then maybe you have quality videos.

Opportunity for Paid Promotion

For the first time, a different advertiser will use your content in their campaign. But if you keep posting top-notch quality videos then maybe they can offer you for sponsorship or paid promotion. In this way, you can also earn extra money from ads in your videos. But you have to turn off Tiktok amplify otherwise they can still use your videos for free.

What Are the Disadvantage of TikTok Amplify?

Like the advantages of Tiktok ad authorization or amplify, there are also some disadvantages of using it in your account. You have to think twice before using Tiktok amplify otherwise it may cost you real bad.

Take a look.

No Rights Over Your Content

The first main disadvantage of Tiktok amplify is you don’t have any right over your content. When you enable ad authorization on Tiktok and someone uses your post then you have no rights on it. You can’t say that “Hey you are using my videos”.

So once you give permission then you can’t undo it unless you disable Tiktok amplify on your account.

Can’t Place Copyright

The second disadvantage of using Tiktok amplify is you can’t place copyright over your videos. Suppose if your Tiktok videos are all about a “Vegan” and a healthy diet. When an advertiser uses your content for “Meat slaughter” or in some popular business then you sue them or place copyright. They can use your content wherever they want and whenever they want.

Poor Impression in Your Profile

The third disadvantage is you may have a bad impression on your profile. If the advertiser uses your Tiktok content in some illegal things or sensitive programs or mature posts then everybody will view your videos. In this way, it will place really negative impression on your personal life as well as your Tiktok account.

Can’t Earn Money

The last negative things about Tiktok amplify is that you won’t earn a penny from it. Yes, you can’t earn money from Tiktok ad authorization at all. It’s just doing social work or giving charity. So, don’t expect anything from Tiktok amplify.

Should You Join Tiktok Amplify?

Now, you already have understood the advantage and disadvantages of Tiktok amplify.

So, should you join Tiktok amplify or not?

If you are new on Tiktok and looking for a way to boost your profile and get more views in your videos then this is a great idea. You can increase the visibility of your profile faster than you think. You are just a rookie so it won’t matter to you.

But, if you already have a well-established Tiktok account and you are somehow popular then I won’t recommend you to use Tiktok ad authorization. This is a bad idea that won’t pay you a penny and also uses your entire content for free in ad campaign.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Enable Ad Authorization on TikTok?

If you want to turn on ad authorization on Tiktok then go to your Tiktok profile section and access the Settings. After that, tap on the “creator tools” feature and finally enable ad authorization.

What is TikTok Ad Authorization?

Tiktok ad authorization is similar to Tiktok amplify which has the same goal and also works similarly. It allows the advertiser and Tiktok to use your content in ad campaign for free without any copyrights.

Is There Tiktok Ad Authorization Code?

No, there is not any Tiktok ad authorization code in order to enable it.

Final Word

The entire process of Tiktok amplify whether to enable or disable depends on you. If you want to grow your account and get more likes or followers then you can turn it on. Otherwise, disable Tiktok amplify in your account, and don’t let anyone to use your videos without your permission.

If you have any queries or suggestions related to the article then don’t hesitate to ask in the comment section.

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