Why is Kik Slow 2022 [Top Solutions]

If you are looking for a secret chat messaging app then you can use Kik messenger. It allows you to talk with your friends as well as unknown people from around the world. All you need to do is sign up for a new Kik account and then can start using it. But for some users reported that ‘why Kik is slow’.

If Kik is not loading or freezing then you have to check your device’s internet, clear the Kik cache, update Kik app, free up storage or space for Kik, full scan your device, update your phone OS, restart your device and check Kik server status.

Apart from that, there are also other various reasons why Kik is slow and not working in a proper way along with their fixing guides. Let’s take a look at this article.

What is Kik Messenger?

The general concept of Kik messenger is providing an end-to-end messaging service to the users online. It is just like a messenger that allows you to send and receive a text message. You can also share media files and other things in Kik.

In the recent update, Kik introduces the ‘Live Stream’ feature in the app. You can go live on Kik within your account just like on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, or Bigo. In the Kik live stream, you can make money from the diamonds and coins you receive from the viewers. For that, you have to convert your coins and gifts into real money.

Similarly, there is a ‘Meet New People’ feature in the Kik app that allows you to talk with strangers from around the world for 15 minutes. After the end of that time period then you can search for new strangers and chat with them.

The one con of Kik messenger is its calling feature. You can’t audio call or video call on Kik like on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and more. But you can send and receive media files such as images or videos.

How to Create Kik Account in 3 Steps?

It is easier to make an account on Kik as long as you follow the correct method. You will just need a few personal information and then you can use your account. Now, let’s see how you can use your Kik account.

  1. Download the Kik application on your device.
  2. Open the Kik app.
  3. Tap on the “Sign Up” button.
  4. Enter your personal information such as username, email address, password, birthday, and phone number.
  5. After providing your few personal details then check to mark the terms of Kik.
  6. Finally, tap on the “Sign Up” button to create an account on Kik.

7 Reasons Why Is Kik Slow

There are exactly 7 reasons why you can’t load the image, videos, and text messages in your Kik account. You will also find that Kik is working quite slowly and not loading its features of it properly. So, take a look at the following issue that is causing the question of why is Kik slow.

1. Poor Wi-Fi Connection

The internet connection is the first thing that you will find as the main reason why is Kik slow or not loading. If there is weak internet in your device and you are using the online apps then it won’t work properly.

You should know that Kik needs a reliable Wi-Fi connection so that it can connect your account ot its server. If the Kik server won’t be able to load the database of your account in time then you will feel the app is running slow.

2. Kik Server is Down

Did you know that the Kik server can go down from time to time? The server is the main brain of the Kik app that is handling and passing the connection to all connected accounts. If the server won’t work or malfunction for some reason then all the connected accounts will start to run weirdly.

So, if Kik is slow or loading slowly then you should check out for its server status. There are tons of website out there that allows you to check the server of the website or apps.

3. Your Are Using Outdated Version on Kik

You should remember that Kik will freeze or take a long time to send a message or media files if you are using the outdated version of Kik. The old version will run well until the developer launch the new updated version for the users. If you will stick with the old app then you will start to see the changes in your account such as running way to slow.

4. Your Kik Account is Corrupted

The Kik app can be corrupted if you link your account to a third-party website or tool. When you are using the third-party apps for Kik then they can inject the virus file into your account. This will lead the app to run slow because all the data and files in your account is corrupted.

Besides, Kik won’t send you the notification that your account is corrupted which you have to find by yourself. And the perfect example is to find the feature slow, not loading Kik photos and videos, can’t open Kik chat messages, and more.

5. Bugs in Your Kik Account

If Kik not working or freezing from time to time then you should know that there is a bug in your account. It’s more likely to be the Kik app itself which will be the reason why is Kik slow. If you are using the Kik which you’ve downloaded from the third-party websites then there is a greater chance of downloading bug.

6. Device Issue

Your device where the Kik app is installed and running can also be the cause of running slow Kik app. Kik is the furniture and your device is home for it where it can take its space and start giving service. If there is something wrong with your house such as not working then it can also affect the Kik messenger.

7. Not Having Space in Your Device

There should be enough space in your device for all of your installed apps. Suppose the original size of the Kik messenger is something between 30 to 50. It will start to increase as you start to use your account by sending and receiving messages, media files, going live, meeting new people, and more.

If Kik can’t find enough storage space for its server and database on your device then it will start to load slow.

Top 11 Solutions to Fix When Kik is Slow or Freezing

Just like the various reasons of Why is Kik slow, there are also different methods which you can use to solve Kik not loading slow or working or freezing issue. So, you have followed our best 11 solutions to fix if Kik not showing new chats, so laggy, stuck on ‘S’ and more.

1. Check Your Internet Connection

As is said earlier, you need to examine your Wi-Fi connection if you can’t load the Kik app or finds it slow. When the internet in your device is not good enough to provide the proper connection that Kik requires then it will run slow like a snail.

That’s why you better look after the internet network of your location or place that is connected to your mobile phone. If the Wi-Fi is not working then simply reset it by unplugging in the router’s main wire and re-plug back in.

2. Clear Kik Cache

You should also remember the cache data of Kik which is stored in your account. Though the cache helps to run and load the app faster by using your duplicate data but it can go malfunction if it’s not clear on time.

Saying that, if Kik is slow and not loading the messages or photos or videos then clear Kik cache in your device. There is no feature to delete the cache of Kik within the app so you have to do it from your device settings.

Clear Kik Cache on Android Phone

  1. Go to your device settings by tapping on the “Gear” icon.
  2. Now, scroll down and open the “Apps” option.
  3. After that, search for the “Kik” app in the list.
  4. Now, you need to tap on the “Clear Data” button from the bottom side.
  5. Finally, tap on “Clear Cache” and done.

Clear Kik Cache on iPhone

If you are going to clear the Kik cache on your iPhone then you need to delete the application. There is no feature to clear the app cache on iOS just like on Android device. You need to uninstall the application from your device and then download a fresh version from the App store.

3. Disable VPN Service

When you use the VPN service on your device then it will change your location as well as your IP address. This will slow down the moment of the app that are installed on your device after you open it. So, turn off the VPN in your mobile phone if Kik is slow or not loading the chat message, photos, videos, new chat feature, profile, live stream, and more.

4. Check Your Device Storage

Do you know why is Kik Slow on your phone? It is because of the low space in your phone. Like I said earlier, you will need free space for the Kik app if you are using it every day. The more you use the Kik, the more it will consume the storage. If Kik finds there is a minimum space in your device then it will load slow which is frustrating to see for you.

The best way to free up space in mobile is to clear the cache of the app. If you can’t add additional storage for the Kik then remember to clear its cache.

5. Update Your Kik App

When there is a new update for the app then it will be available in the Google Play Store for Android and App Store for iPhone. You need to update the app on time to prevent from unknown issue and errors in your account.

Update Kik App on Android Phone

  1. Open the “Google Play Store” on your phone.
  2. Tap on your profile image from the upper right corner.
  3. Now, choose the “Manage apps and device” button.
  4. After that, tap on the “Manage” tab on the upper side.
  5. Next, select the “Updates Available” tab.
  6. Now, look after the Kik and update it.

Update Kik App on iPhone Device

  1. Launch the “App Store”.
  2. Tap on your profile icon from the bottom side.
  3. Locate the updates available section and search for the Kik.
  4. Now, tap on an update to install the latest version of Kik for iOS.

6. Scan Your Mobile Device for Virus

You can also scan your phone for any viruses with the help of an antivirus in your phone. If Kik is running slow and not loading then open the antivirus app or tool on your phone and start a full scan of your device. More, you can also custom scan the Kik app so that it can only be scanned not your entire phone.

7. Log out and Log In on Kik Account

Log out and log in from your Kik account to find out the answer of ‘Why is Kik Slow’. You won’t load the photos and videos on Kik if there is an issue with the application. Sometimes, even after the full can and updating the app it will not terminate the patches in the Kik. So, the best option for you is to refresh your account.

  1. Launch the Kik messenger.
  2. Tap on the “Settings Gear’ icon from the top corner.
  3. Tap on the “Your Account” option.
  4. Now, choose the “Log Out” red text at the bottom.
  5. Finally, log out from your account and log back in.

8. Update Your Device Security Patch

You can also update your device security patch after updating your Kik application. When the latest version of Kik won’t be compatible with the current version of your phone OS. So, you need to arrange them in a perfect way with an update. Go to your device settings and there install the latest version of a security patch.

9. Restart Your Mobile Device

Why is Kik slow? Then restart your phone for fixing it. When your device won’t be able to track and manage all your apps in its database then it will start to malfunction. So, the best way is to restart your phone and fix it.

10. Uninstall Kik App

Simply reinstall the Kik app and fix most of the issues you are facing on Kik messenger. This will solve most of the errors and issues in your account. For that, delete the Kik app and download a fresh version from the store.

11. Contact Kik Customer Service

If none of the above-mentioned methods works for you then you can simply contact the Kik customer support team. There tell them what issue you are having in your account and receive a response. Kik will typically send you a response in working business days.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Kik Not Working?

If Kik not working then clear cache, update Kik app, reinstall Kik, check your internet, disable VPN, check Kik server status.

Why Does Kik Take So Long to Send?

If you are connected to an unstable internet connection then Kik will take time to send messages and media files.

What Does the Oops Message Mean on Kik?

If you don’t have an internet connection and use your Kik account then you will see an ‘Oops’ error message.

How Can You Tell If Someone is Online with Kik?

You can’t tell if someone is online on Kik.

Why Is Kik Freezing?

Kik will freeze if you are running out of space on your device.

How Do You Know If Someone Blocked You on Kik?

If someone blocked you on Kik then you can’t send them a message and you can’t find their account in the search result.

Do Inactive Kik Accounts Get Deleted?

Yes, Kik will delete inactive accounts.

Final Word

Till now, you have found your answer regarding ‘Why is Kik slow’ after going through the whole article. So, try out the given methods and solve your issue on time.

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