Why Steam Download Stuck at 0 Bytes and How to Fix it in 2022

Did your download stop while downloading steam on your Mac or Windows? There are many reasons why steam download is stuck at 0 bytes. First of all, you have to find out the reason why you can’t download steam on your PC or Laptop after that you can fix the stream stuck at 0 bytes problem.

The main reason behind steam download is stuck at 0 bytes are

  • Due to the Internet Connection.
  • Firewall is blocking to download the steam software.
  • Disk full on your PC or Laptop.
  • Due to Download Settings.
  • Due to your country “Region”
  • Bugs and glitches on your Web browser.
  • Downloading the steam from other website.

So these are some of the major reasons why you can’t download steam on your desktop and download stuck in 0 bytes. Here in this article, we have mentioned all the problems and issues related to steam stuck while downloading and how to fix the issue quickly.

So stay with us and read the full article stated below.

Why did Steam Download stuck at 0 Bytes?

If the steam download is stuck at 0 bytes, in most people’s cases due to not working internet connection, server facing a technical issue & Bugs, or overloaded by high traffic.

Besides, there can be different reasons and issues like Cache, DNS, Firewall, Web Browser Settings, Third party block behind steam stuck while downloading.

So, if you have identified the problem you can fix it by yourself, and if you are unknown about the issue or problem behind couldn’t download steam on your device then below we have stated the reason and solution to fix the steam software won’t download games or it’s stuck at 0 Bytes/sec.

Fix Steam Download Stuck at 0 Bytes – 6 Methods

Here are the reasons and 16 Methods to fix steam software won’t download games or it’s stuck at 0 Bytes/sec, you can follow the methods to solve your problem of couldn’t download steam or games on your Mac or Windows.

Method 1: Clear the Steam Download Cache

While downloading steam on your PC or Laptop did it stuck in 0 bytes and you close and try to download again on your device?  If you have tried to download steam multiple times even after being stuck in 0 bytes then you have to clear the steam download cache.

When you try to download steam but fail to download it on your device, it creates a folder on your download list and when you try to download it for the second time you will see the steam(1) due to the copy.

So clear the steam download cache.

To clear the steam download cache on your device

  • Go to the Settings
  • Now, Choose Downloads
  • After that, click Clear Download Cache
  • Finally, click the Ok button.

Method 2: Flush the Steam Configuration

If even after clearing the download cache you are not able to fix the problem then flush the steam configuration. You can reset the steam software installation from your device.

To flush the steam configuration

  • Press Windows + R from your device Keyboard for the RUN box
  • Now, tap the Run box text field.
  • After that, paste steam://flushconfig
  • And click the Ok button.
  • Finally, relaunch and install with your Steam user account credentials.

 Method 3: Flush the DNS (Domain Name Service) Cache

Sometimes due to the DNS cache also you won’t be able to download from the steam so you can clear the DNS ‘Domain Name Service’ cache from your device if your download is stuck.

To flush the DNS cache

  • Go to the Start Button from your device.
  • Now, choose Windows PowerShell (Admin)
  • After that, run the command
  • And paste the command ” ipconfig /flushdns”
  • Finally, close the command box and start the steam download.

Method 4: Change DNS Servers for Network Connection

Most of the time Internet connection and DNS servers for network connection on your device result in stuck in downloading files. So you have to change the DNS servers for network connection to download the stuck files and data.

To change the DNS servers for network connection

  • Go to the Start button.
  • Now, open Settings.
  • After that, Go to Network and Internet.
  • Now, choose your connection.
  • After that, click the Edit button.
  • Finally, change the DNS servers for network connection.

Method 5: Disable Connected User Experiences and Telemetry

If you are not able to download steam and steam download is stuck in 0bytes then disable the connected user’s experiences and telemetry from your device and try to download it.

To disable connected user’s experiences and telemetry

  • Open the Run box
  • Now, enter the command “services.msc”
  • After that, select Connected User Experiences and Telemetry
  • And open Properties.
  • Finally, choose Disable from the box of Startup Type.

Method 6: Add Steam to the Windows Firewall

If you have activated the Windows firewall on your device then due to the windows firewall you won’t be able to download software on your device unless to stop the firewall or add software to a firewall.

So add steam to the Windows firewall to start downloading.

To add Steam to the Windows Firewall, go to the Windows Firewall from the Run section and allow you to download software on your device.

Method 7: Change Steam’s Download Region

Due to the game or software development company or country rules and policy, the software and apps are not available in your country or region. So before you download the steam or steam games on your device make sure it is available in your country and it works in your region.

Method 8: Modify Download Settings & Restrictions

When you download software on your laptop or PC, you have to download the software from your web browser or you can copy and paste the software and game from your Pendrive by transferring from other devices.

If you are using the web browser to download the software on your device, your browser settings will also block the downloads on your device. So first of all, check the download settings and restrictions, and if you need to do some changes modify the download settings and restrictions before you start downloading steam or games on your device.

Fix Steam won’t Download Games – 5 Methods

Here are the 5 methods to fix steam won’t download games or not working games on steam.

Method 1: Check Your Internet Connection

The most important reason while downloading games on steam you should check your internet connection and internet speed on your device because if your internet is not working or running slow on your device then it might take a long time to download the file or it gets stuck in the 0 or in the middle of the download.

So, check your internet connection and connect to the fast working internet connection. You can switch the internet connection if your current internet connection is slow.

Method 2: Pause & Resume Steam Download

If you are downloading the file for the first time then you can pause the download and resume the steam download again because sometimes due to your device issue and internet issue it keeps stucking at the beginning or the middle, so you can pause and resume to continue downloading the files for steam.

Method 3:  Check Steam’s Disk Usage

Before downloading steam or games on steam, you should check steam’s disk usage because if the disk usage on steam is full then you won’t be able to download the games and its file. Somehow you can clear or free up space on your disk usage to download the steam and games on it.

Method 4: Update the Steam Client

If your steam is lagging or has some issues and bugs within the software then also you won’t be able to download the steam or steam games, you have to update the steam client before you download the steam games. So, the best way is to check for the update for the steam client and update the steam client.

To update the steam client

  • Open Steam on your device.
  • Now, go to Steam from the top navigation bar.
  • After that, go to the Check for steam client updates…
  • Finally, update the steam client.

Method 5: Restart the Steam Client

If you are not able to download steam games or something on steam then the best way is to close the steam client software from your device and restart the steam client on your device because sometimes small errors and issues can be fixed when you restart the Steam client software.

So, restart the Steam client software on your device and try to download the games on steam.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

How do I fix disk usage on Steam?

To fix disk usage on steam, clear the games and storage from steam or change the bandwidth limit.

Why is my Steam download not using the network?

If your steam download not using the network then it might be because of your country, so change the region and try to connect to the network and download the games on Steam.

What does disk mean on Steam download?

The disk is the storage that steam use on Steam. While downloading the game download uses the storage from the disk to download and install the game on steam.

How do I change my default download drive on Steam?

To change your default download drive on steam, you can open steam, go to the steam menu, navigate to Steam Library Folders, click the Downloads tab, choose the path, change the download path, and save the download path.

Final Words

Here in this article, you will find complete methods and steps to fix steam downloads stuck on 0 bytes, and games on steam are not downloading. We hope you will be able to fix your problem following this article stated above.

For more helpful guidance and fixes on the Steam Software Application, you can go to the Steam category from our website Fixingguides.com

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