Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro Specifications and Review 2022

Samsung announced a new Galaxy Watch 5 and Watch 5 Pro on August 10, 2022. While Galaxy 5 is introduced similar to its predecessor but Galaxy 5 Pro offers a completely new design that comes with a fan-liked rotating bezel.

While Galaxy Watch 5 does look similar to last year’s regular Watch 4 as well as compared to features and other specs but Watch 5 Pro provides a completely new thing this year in August.

So, today we are going to talk about the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro specs, features, price, release date, and other more in this article.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro Specifications Review

The new galaxy watch 5 Pro has quite interesting features that could catch the attention of all Samsung fans. There is no denying that Samsung will completely change the overall watch compared to the previous watch 4 or 5 but you will see an updated version with additional features.

So, take a look at the complete Samsung Galaxy watch 5 pro specs in this section.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro Design Review

The overall design of the galaxy watch 5 pro is lightweight but it looks a little bit bigger than the galaxy watch 5 and watches 4. But the thickness of the watch perfectly grabs your wrist without making it huge and bold.

Here are the other design review of the galaxy watch 5 Pro.

  • The watch 5 pro is bold and bigger in shape.
  • You will find a titanium build quality along with sapphire crystal glass on the front.
  • There is a raised bezel all around the watch that will save the display from bigger accidental bumps but have to be careful with sharp objects.
  • Galaxy Watch 5 Pro comes with a new rotating bezel that allows you to quickly interact with its features.
  • Galaxy watch 5 pro has 50m water resistant (IP68).

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro Display Review

The new galaxy watch 5 pro has an OLED display which is just bright as comes from all previous Samsung smartwatches. All the features and elements will pop up on the screen perfectly with a greater contract that is visible in both daylight and night. In other words, you will love using your galaxy watch 5 pro smartwatch on your wrist during sports activities or in regular use.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro Performance and Software Review

The galaxy watch 5 Pro packed with Samsung’s One UI is of Wear OS 3 which is you can already see on the galaxy watch 4 series back then. It runs some of the Google apps such as Google Maps, YouTube Music, and Google Assistant.

In my opinion and use, galaxy Wear OS is great to feel in your smartwatch. However, it offers the same things as the previous 4 series but still, it does a remarkable job.

Moreover, this software helps you to swipe incoming messages easily without any trouble. Even though you use the  40mm size model, you will not feel like you are having trouble to reaching out the messages.

Besides, the phone calls on galaxy watch 5 pro is quite great and clear just like in smartphones. The inbuilt microphone can also easily pick up the voice call and do other things without any disturbance.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro Battery Life Review

Galaxy watch 5 pro packs with a 590mAh battery that will easily give you 80 hours of battery life on a single charge. In other words, there is a bigger battery on the watch 5 Pro compare to the galaxy watch 5 and watch 4 series.

The next best thing about the galaxy watch 5 pro is the charging speed. Samsung state that the galaxy watch 5 Pro will charge the battery 30% faster than the previous watch 4 series. So, if you are a busy person and don’t have time to recharge your smartwatch every time then you will definitely love using the new watch 5 Pro.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro Size Review

The size of the new galaxy watch 5 pro is 45mm which is the only size that Samsung offers. If you have a small wrist then it would be a little bit difficult for you to wear. Besides, if you are buying watch 5 Pro for sports activity then you may not feel comfortable using it.

So, we hope Samsung would offer a 40mm size similar to the watch 4 series for those people who have a small wrist.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro Colors Review

There are only two color options in the new galaxy watch 5 pro that is Black Titanium and Gray Titanium. It looks quite good on your wrist while wearing it during the casual meeting, partying, or sports.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro Features

Galaxy watch 5 pro offers two new features that is sports mode and trackback. You can find more than 90 tracking exercise features on Watch 5 series for swimming, running, elliptical, and more but the new watch 5 pro has an extra new feature called ‘Track Back’.

Basically when you go on a bike ride, cycling, or hike then track back helps you to check back to the starting point route. In other words, if you start from A point and reach your destination at B point then you can locate the same route track that takes you to point A.

So, the track back shows the completed route in blue lines on a map and your current position on the green dot. In this way, you can follow or use the same track to back to your starting point without getting lost. This feature is more convenient if you are exploring new places without knowing the correct path.

Similarly, galaxy watch 5 pro provides you with advanced Bio Active sensors for health tracking that as heart rate, accelerometer, gyro, thermometer (Skin temperature sensor), barometer, blood pressure, and more.

Similarly, galaxy watch 5 pro also detects “Sleep Apnea” which is recurring sleep. You can also find perfect sleeping coaching plans such as sleeping goals, personal checkpoints, milestones, and more.

Other normal features of galaxy watch 5 Pro are voice-assistant, GPS tracker, Samsung Pay, and more.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro Release Date

The official release date of the galaxy watch 5 pro is on August 26, 2022, which is announced on August 10. So, you will soon get a hands-on Samsung new smartwatch for sports and regular casual days.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro Price

The official price for the Samsung Galaxy watch 5 pro is $209.99 and $114.99 for the galaxy watch 5 on the official Samsung website. So, you can pre-order your smartwatch and get it as soon as it hits the market. In this way, you don’t have to wait for a long time after the release of watch 5 Pro because lots of other people will be also buying it.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy Watch 5

Samsung is launching its 2 smartwatches on August 26, 2022, that is Galaxy watch 5 and galaxy watch 5 Pro. They are the new gen smartwatches that offer quite good features, comfort, build quality, and battery life.

The only difference between the galaxy watch 5 and the watch 5 pro is the battery, watch size, and sports mode such as ‘Track Back’. Other than this, you will all the similar features to the new Samsung watch 5 series.

Is It Worth Buying Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro?

Everybody is excited for the new galaxy watch 5 Pro that is soon hitting the market. But is it worth buying the galaxy watch 5 Pro over the Watch 4 series?

If you are looking for a bigger battery, upgraded sport mode, and a new route tracking feature called ‘Track Back’ then you can go after Watch 5 Pro. You will get a perfect watch at good value for money. Besides, you will also get a longer battery life and fast charging option that can charge the smartwatch with more than 30% speed.

But, if you are into a slick compact design and don’t care about the battery life or route tracking feature then you can choose either galaxy watch 5 or other smartwatches that come under the same category like “AppleWatch Series 8”.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is There a New Galaxy Watch Coming Out 2022?

Yes, Samsung is launching new smartwatches on 2022 which is the galaxy watch 5 and watch 5 Pro in August.

Is Samsung Making a Galaxy Watch 5 and Watch 5 Pro?

Yes, Samsung has already announced the release date of the galaxy watch 5 and watch 5 Pro on august 26, 2022.

Is There a Monthly Fee for Galaxy Watch?

You don’t need to pay the monthly fee for the galaxy watch until you go after the LTE version.

Final Word

So, this is the full Samsung galaxy watch 5 pro specifications and review that will be helpful for you whether to buy it or not. The new gen galaxy watch 5 series comes with new features, battery life, and sports mode.

Now, you will have to make a decision by yourself whether to go after Watch 5 series or buy its other competitors’ smartwatches from Apple, Fitbit, and more.

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