How to Make Your Profile Name Invisible on Instagram 2022 [Updated]

Looking to make your Instagram profile look cooler? Then let’s find out how to make your profile name invisible on Instagram.

There are around 1.22 billion monthly users of Instagram. This makes this photo-centric social media the 5th most used in the world today. But, with great numbers comes greater competitiveness. That’s why Instagram users and influencers employ various tactics to stand out.

One such tactic is using an invisible name alongside many others. While this can also be a matter of privacy, it can certainly serve a user by standing out in a crowded Instagram list. Most of this wonder surrounds people pondering, “How did he do that?”!”

So, suppose you’re looking for the “IT” factor in your Instagram profile. In that case, you can be thinking about making your name invisible too. So, let’s dive right into it and find out how:

3 Things You Need To Know About Instagram

Instagram is one of the leading social media platforms around the globe. By the end of 2021, it became the most downloaded application on either Google or Apple’s application stores. That’s’ why it’s also one of the first platforms marketers turn to.

However, using Instagram may not sound like much, but you need to know some key essentials. Its policies have many intricacies, and we suggest reading it all here. However, to help summarize it for you, here are three things you need to know about it:

Privacy Policy

Instagram doesn’t sell your personal information to anyone. They say they “never will.” That’s why it’s one of the most trusted platforms around the globe.

However, in the same writing, they say they collect content, communication, and other information you provide to the platform. It helps them keep their algorithms according to your taste.

So, if you’re wondering about sudden appearances of pages or images in your feed, then don’t worry. It’s just Instagram customizing your feed according to your liking.

Safety & Security

You need to understand this part since you wish to turn your name invisible on Instagram. The platform only refers to you by your username, not the title/name that you wish to change.

That’s why, when you turn your name invisible, you’re not conflicting with their safety & security policy. However, suppose you connect your Instagram account to a third-party platform. In that case, it will request you to use your name instead of the invisible name.

Ideal for Affiliate Marketing

With the help of community guidelines, usage methods, and other key essentials, Instagram has become the most-used affiliate marketing platform. That’s why many deem it as the ideal platform for affiliate or any other sort of marketing.

Why Make Your Profile Name Invisible?

The reasons behind making a profile name invisible can be beyond just aesthetic appeal. Sometimes, they have more dire requirements, such as security or safety. Since around 21% of Americans have experience doing, it can be a crucial tool to avoid that.

However, to help you understand why here are three major reasons anyone makes their name invisible on Instagram.

For Better Security

Security and safety are two of the major things that social media networks can compromise. Since Instagram handles or usernames tend to be real names of people, some just don’t like this factor. So, to avoid any security risks, they vanish their names.

For Privacy

Privacy is yet another factor that counts into it. As mentioned above, many Americans and other social media users around the globe face Doxxing. Many people remove their usernames or use a pseudo name to avoid that. Those who can’t remove it entirely and use an invisible name.

To Look Cool

The aesthetic appeal of an Instagram profile without a name is undeniable. Many influencers, businesses, and brands use this tactic to look cool on social media. That’s one of the leading reasons many do it, and that might be one of the reasons you are looking for it too.

Steps To Make Your Profile Name Invisible on Instagram

Now, let’s go through the six steps you need to make your name on Instagram invisible. Here’s how:

Step 1: Find an Invisible Character Generator

When you change your name on Instagram, it’s necessary to input a character that machines recognize. That’s why we need the invisible character generator by Here’s how to use it:‎‎

The first step to take is to copy the invisible character to the clipboard. Or, you can manually select the text then press CTRL+V to copy it. After that, you can simply test it in the editor below.

Step 2: Sign In To Your Instagram Account

The second step is to make sure you sign in to your Instagram account. Once done, make sure there aren’t any email verifications remaining whatsoever. This will ensure that you continue without any hassle.

Step 3: Head To “Edit Your Profile”

Once ready, head to the top corner of your screen and click on the profile picture, as this drop-down menu will appear:

From here, click on Settings, and you’ll move on to the next step.

Step 4: Edit Name (Not Username)

This is the screen you will see, but you need to be careful with the field that you edit. For your convenience, here’s what you need to do:

The field you see marked in Green is where your Instagram name appears.

Step 5: Paste the Invisible Character

Now that you’re in settings, it’s time to past the invisible character we copied from Editpad’s generator. Then, make sure no other information remains unchecked, just like the screenshot above.

Step 6: Submit/Done

Once you paste it, submit your profile, and voila! You’re done. This is how you change your name to an invisible character, turning it invisible to the eyes of your followers.

So these are the easy steps to make your profile name invisible on Instagram

4 Benefits of Turning Your Name Invisible On Instagram

Now that the intricacies are out of the way, let’s talk about the benefits you gain from turning your name invisible. As mentioned before, safety and security are two of the major reasons. However, here are four additional benefits:

Turn the Focus on Bio

If you are sharing links or other information in your bio, then you need it to be your target audience’s focus. When you turn your name invisible, the focus turns on your bio and the information or links that you provide there. Such as this:

As you can notice, MuscleTech’s Instagram only uses their username as the primary title instead of adding an additional name. This turns our focus directly on the bio.

Make Username Your Primary Title

As seen above, when you remove the name, the focus turns on your primary username. That’s why many people turn their names invisible, as they wish for their username to be their primary title.

Add A Sense Of Brand Around Your Profile

When you turn your name invisible, it makes your profile look more professional and well-handled. Therefore, it adds an influencer-like sense of brand to your profile

Turn the Focus on PFP (Profile Picture)

Besides your bio, you can also turn your target audience’s focus on your PFP or profile picture.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I get a blank username?

To get a blank username on Instagram go to the profile edit section, change the username, insert your username as black space or you can also copy and paste this Unicode between quotation “ㅤ” and tap on the Save button to change your name to a blank username.

Is it better to use your real name on Instagram?

It depends on you, whether to add your real username or fake username on Instagram. However, using your real name is better than using a fake name because users can find you easily and you help to increase your followers.

Last Word

There you have it, folks. All you need to know about turning your name invisible on Instagram. So, follow these steps thoroughly and make sure you don’t miss out on anything.

Besides if you have any questions regarding this article on how to make your profile name invisible on Instagram then you can leave us a comment in the comment section below.

For more guidance and tips on Instagram, you can go to the Instagram Guide from our official website Fixing Guides.

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